Thursday, 31 January 2013

168 - The Evil Trinity of Beliefs Hopes and Desires

Something has been haunting me for a long time now, only to finally reveal itself while contemplating early this morning.

The infamous quote 'Know Your Role' on the surface it would appear to be an obvious slander. For myself it has been a bit of an issue, representing the submission and acceptance of oppression in hierarchical society.  From a different perspective however, this is something that I can see as being practical support.  In order to 'know my role', it is first important that I first 'know myself'.

Due to the extensive programming over my entire lifetime, I have allowed myself to fall into the many pitfalls of Desire, Hope, and Belief.  The combination of these three evils has formed the basis for repeated and extensive cycles of depression and disillusionment - for which I never saw how the pattern played out entirely.  I will attempt to outline the pattern to assist myself in this.

1.  Belief - The entry point for this whole programmed pattern is Belief.  That is to say many Beliefs are formed and accepted as 'the way it is' with the excuse that 'this is the way everyone exists', therefore I must exist in this same way – as holding Beliefs (borrowed and concocted opinions) of who I am in comparison with others, rather than accepting as who I actually am, as a physical being and an Equal in my reality.

2.  Desire – Through the existence of Beliefs, many selfish Desires begin to creep their way into the mind, and then they are accepted as 'natural' and 'normal', with the justification that everyone else is doing it – and it is even somehow acceptable to have 'secret' Desires.

3.  Hope – Hopes are consequently created through Desires, as Hope and Desire are inseparable - all three together form the Holy Trinity of Delusion.  Hope is the carrot on the stick that constantly leads into self-deception.  Through the Beliefs and Desires we create images of ourselves in our minds that are not real.  These images are the manifestation of us seeking to escape all of the (at times extreme) unpleasant consequences we have created for ourselves through denial.  We create alternate realities - personalities and characters in our mind to suite all of our false Hopes.

We then take these images as personalities and characters and act them out in order to try and get the experience that would match the desired outcome of how we would 'like' to experience ourselves, rather than accepting who we are here.  Then when we inevitably face the real consequences of what our delusional personalities (Hopes and Desires) created – which are unpleasant, or what we would classify as 'negative' energy experiences, we go into all kinds of reactions of frustration, anger, denial, depression etc etc.  All this without realizing that we accepted all the programmed false Beliefs, Hopes and Desires in the first place.

I am seeing this whole pattern with regards to a specific situation, and how it has played out in my life, and consequently lead to many disastrous situations.  Compounding the consequences is the continued denial through grasping for additional Beliefs, Hopes, and Desires - in addition to those already existing, hoping to find the right pattern for happiness and fulfillment.

This constant feedback loop takes us out of alignment with ourselves... thus 'Know Your Role', is really about knowing ourselves for who we really are, and so I am (we are) denying responsibility to ourselves and all, through chasing Beliefs, Hopes, and Desires. This eventually leads to blame and recreating the whole infinite pattern again.

Beliefs, Hopes and Desires ought to have no place in reality as they are actually neglect of who I am here, and what I have created for myself through past acceptances and allowances – this includes every aspect of my environment.  According to the images of my mind, my life would appear to be a disastrous failure - as not having achieved my grandest Hopes and Desires, thus judging myself and defining myself as a failure for not choosing the correct patterns of Beliefs, Hopes, and Desires, which were all deception from the start.

The lesson being – no matter how awful the situation appears to be, we really have no choice but to accept it and embrace who we are here, as that is the only way we can change to deprogram ourselves - to stop chasing selfish Desires, and so create the best possible situation for ourselves and everyone through living what is best for all.

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

167 - Introspection pt 2

Walking myself back from the point in which I allowed myself to miss a cause of diversion of myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to miss a point within myself and so compound the issue within myself through going into irritation, frustration, aversion, denial, neglect, resentment and spite.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give up on myself and go into my mind, allowing my mind to use the projection of fear so that I would not see the simplicity of being here as breath and stopping myself from participating in thoughts and self-judgment.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to allow my mind to divert my attention away from breathing and concentrating on being here in the moment of breath where I can see myself and notice points which begin to take control of me through conscious thoughts.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to consider alternatives when I see a point coming up within myself – as to how I can deal with the point, breathing, writing, walking, speaking, directing myself to do something practical such as work etc.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be directed and controlled by the fear of loss, and so project the image of me losing everything and how I would handle myself within given situations – imagining scenarios where my survival instinct would kick in and I would do whatever would be necessary for me to survive.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am able to transcend all my systems, and so make myself feel better within thinking I am better and thus creating a personality within myself - without actually walking the points out one by one as what is here as me as my mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself extensively and so desire to give up on myself, not realizing that by me giving up on myself I am giving up on everyone as myself. 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

166 - Introspection

What am I good at?  What is my talent or skill?  Well I would not really say anything in particular, I would say that I have allowed myself to be balanced in a number of different skills, not limiting myself to just one or two.  I enjoy a large variety of things, however some of the things that I would say that I enjoy are - hiking, biking, animals, nature etc... I don't see any opportunity to actually earn any money from doing these things.  Its not that I like these things so much, but that due to the FUBAR design of society - these are the few things that on occasion I actually have opportunity to do.

The problem in the past has been me existing within hope - desiring to experience more than what I am able to with just one physical body.  In addition to that, I have feared being stuck in any one particular situation or skill, fearing that I am missing something 'better' somewhere else.  What I did not understand about this point is the starting point of myself here - instead, I saw other people were experiencing things without me, and I felt left out or abandoned/excluded.  This caused me to feel sad, as the experience of me missing my own existence - I could not come to terms or understand this within myself, that all experiences were passing me by, and I was powerless to do anything about it, so I became anxious and tried to get as much out of experiences as I could, often bouncing from one group of people to the next. Kind of like flipping channels on the tv every time there is a commercial - I was very good at this, especially during sports.  I don't watch tv anymore  however.

So from listening to the Eqafe interview 'Missing out - Life Review'  I was able to realize how I had been doing this in the past, and so now I see that this 'searching' for a better experience or to get more experiences of myself is grasping in vain and not being here fully as myself experiencing every moment with the fullness of myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear that I was missing out on experiences of myself.   I realize that I have only one body with which to experience myself, therefore to try and split myself up, or hurry from experience to experience is 'grasping' after an image in my mind in the fear of losing myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear losing experiences of myself and others, in the fear that these experiences could not ever be experienced again - which I realize is correct - however what I did not realize within this was that I was projecting my own fear of death, as me not knowing or understanding who I am here, and that I must accept and embrace myself here so that I can stand equal to life in living what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear focusing on one subject or skill or practice so that I can become proficient in being able to master something that would support me and that I would enjoy doing.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to learn how to discipline myself and commit myself to learn how to do something that I must do to support myself and others.

Friday, 25 January 2013

165 - Personalities to Blame You With

Yesterday I had missed a point within myself.  The starting point I see is me acting out a point of self interest, rather than doing what is necessary to be done to support myself, and in so allowing my mind to use that as justification as to why I must rebel against myself in resentment.  It lead to me getting frustrated, as I was projecting fears into the future about what could possibly happen or 'go wrong' within looking at the current pattern of how things have been shaping up in the past.

Since I did not take notice of this point developing, it compounded itself into more of an issue in a number of levels in the great multi-layered lasagna of my mind.  I became lethargic, upset with myself, and my whole 'being' shifted to embody this point in desire to escape myself in not wanting to face the point - but rather to blame and get revenge on myself for allowing this to happen... thus making things even worse for myself, at which point my neglect and denial programs kick in, as with the desire to escape myself / give up.

In order to stop this blame and self-judgement, I have to forgive myself, and in so forgive all the alternate personalities and characters in my head as memories of people from my past in whom I wish to attribute blame and judgement - so that I can take responsibility for myself and no longer project it onto entities of my imagination.  This way, I create myself as living, walking, and breathing, self-forgiveness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to miss a point within myself through living in self-interest and not doing what is best for all as what is necessary to be done to support myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to forget my capacity and ability to forgive myself, and so use that point of judgement against myself as a justification as to why I must rebel against myself and resent myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to get frustrated with myself and project fears into the future about what could possibly happen, as me creating the future in my imagination - projecting the fear of facing myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be frustrated and angry with myself because I did not realize or want to face this point of self-interest within myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to escape myself rather than face the point within breath and self-forgiveness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame myself and others of my past as personalities and characters within my mind which I have stored as memories.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to get revenge on myself for allowing consequence to get to such a point.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to automatically run the programs of neglect and denial within the desire to give up.   I realize I created this situation - no matter how fucked it seems to be - through my acceptances and allowances, therefore I am responsible for it and within this there are opportunities for me to realize points within myself - even though it seems as though the situation is here for no other reason but to rub my shame in my face.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all family members past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all friends past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all relatives past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all co-workers past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all x-girlfriends past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all acquaintances past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all imaginary reflections of myself past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all friends past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all teachers past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all role models past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all leaders past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create the alternate personality as the memory of all people I hate past and present - in which I use in my mind to attribute blame - I take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed to transpire and accumulate here.

I commit myself to stop separating myself into alternate personalities and characters which work in my mind to sabotage me and compound my process, making more problems for myself.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

164 - Here

Time it has come to reap what we've sewn,
This beauty-filled circus, flesh'd bare to the bone.

Smog-toxic filled air, sun scorches the hotter,
Poison laced food, fed of foul treated water.

The plight of the beast, baring much of the brink,
Locked 'way in dark places, one shudders to think.

Even tho in plain sight, oft the horror is shared,
Few of us humans, who have truly cared.

In fantastical places, found I my delight,
Conspiring in mind, oh how I reveled in spite.

Naught could I see what such consequence bare,
Nor did I conceive, t'explore my own lair.

Far aloft was I, with the dreams of my youth,
In hope I'd waylay, my own inner truth.

But how could it be, that I was amiss?
So seduced by the sounds, deep hypnotical bliss.

Thought I of life's purpose, t'which ougt make me whole,
In mercy believed I, t'unravel my soul.

Yet there was no answer, of all which I sought,
To unlock all this deception, into which I had so bought.

One day in my search, were the answers unraveled,
As the Portal had opened, all dimensions had traveled.

The message was bitter, and there was no yeast,
This pill was quite jagged, to say the least.

As Bernard hath thus said, 'ye are not life',
Thus am I Death, existing in strife?

When suddenly shattering, realization of Self,
There is no escape, no use hiding oneself.

What price of redemption, thus far hath I strayed?
What cost for solution t' this body's decay?

For Life ye must be, as that ye are not,
Thine breath must thou wed, while ye are here caught.

This maze of the mind, contrived by a thought
Let's lay aside fear, find that which we've sought...

That which has always been...



Tuesday, 22 January 2013

163 - Miss Breath and Miss Opportunity

Today I had to do an estimate.  During negotiations, I realized that I would not be able to do the job due to an outlet being in the wrong place.  For some reason, perhaps I figured it would take too long with the electrical work that needed to be relocated.  I quickly assumed that I would not be able to do the job, explained this to the client and closed negotiations saying I could come back when he had that issue fixed himself.

While I was driving home, it occurred to me that I probably could have done the relocation myself and charged the customer a little more for the time involved.  Why had I not seen that opportunity?  My assumption was quick, as the customer and I had been bartering over price - which was already very low, and this was causing me some frustration as I had already taken the time to drive all the way out there, which has already cost me 1/5th of the total job price in gas.

I see that I had already begun to become negative about the job, and when I realized that the plug had to be moved, I entertained a good feeling of not having to do the work with the excuse that I could not do it now.  The happy feeling was compounded by the negative feeling that I was not going to make any money, and I had in fact lost money by doing the estimate.  Within all of these feelings, I did not stop myself to assess the situation here as breath, trusting myself and the physical.  I was going by the emotion of how events like this had played out in the past - so I was in fear that the worst would happen.

The other point I realized is that, had I seen the opportunity to relocate the electrical myself and negotiated with the client for it, I may well have been upset with myself for undertaking the job, especially if there were any surprises as there always are in this line of work.  So it is a situation where I would judge myself either way.  The only solution to this is to remain here in breath, and not go into self-judgement for any reason.  Stop living my past and to live every moment as me, as breath.  I was aware of my breath the whole way to the clients house, however when I got there and the stress of the job kicked in, I lost all awareness and went on autopilot.

Business is more competitive in the winter here, and I had not prepared enough advertising for myself in the fall.  I had a job lined up which did not work out, and then expected to be able to get a job somewhere but that has not panned out either.  I will be exploring my options over the next little while to see where I can place myself to be effective and to support myself.   Besides that, process wise, things seem to be going well.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to - when I encounter a stressful situation where I am in the vicinity of people - go on autopilot and forget my breath awareness causing me to make rash decisions and choices based in fear and how things have played out in the past.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be directed and controlled by systems as the projection of fear that the worst would happen.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to judge myself for not realizing the opportunity to do the extra work and make some extra money from the situation.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to forget my newly learned skills of persuasion when dealing with clients - reciprocity, authority, scarcity, consistency, liking and consensus.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fail to direct myself in the most effective manner so that I am able to support myself and change my world to a world worth living in with Equality of Life as the principle we all live by.

I commit myself to pushing myself to remain in breath awareness when involved in stressful situations where other people are around.

I commit myself to stop living in past definitions and begin to take responsibility for me in all situations through breathing and living from the starting point of here - as seeing every situation as a completely new experience of myself here, equal to the physical reality.

I commit myself to the realization that, to walk this process of awareness in each moment is... to bring myself back from the state of absolute self-devaluation, where my existence hangs by a single strand of knowledge of myself, in the understanding that the whole universe has in fact betrayed me, as the reflection of my own self-betrayal.... to align myself with the actual starting point of myself here, as breath, so that I may create myself as Equal to all things, as the final end of all enslavement and beginning of Life without limitation or judgement, where the value of All is Equally precious as Life.

Monday, 21 January 2013

162 - Parental Cloning - Part 3

Throughout my years of being cloned - and cloning myself - I developed an affinity towards a particular pattern.  Although it was clearly spiteful and self-destructive in hind-sight, it is quite fascinating to now realize how I am able to use this pattern of 'giving-up' or 'self-rejection' to easily spot behavior patterns of the past which I directly need to face.  This provides keys to working my way out of my shell, or removing the bricks in the wall I constructed for myself.    

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into a reaction of 'giving up' and or 'sulking' - withdrawing my participation in an attempt to sabotage myself and so make everyone feel bad, through the belief that the problem is impossible, or there is no solution but self-defeat.  I realize that I must take responsibility to stop my thoughts of self-judgment, and the corresponding emotional reactions of blame and self-pity, so that I can stand as the solution to myself and all, in bringing about a world that is Best for All in Equality.  

I also realize within this, that I must not judge or blame myself for not being able to do everything all by myself, and that I will always be more effective with the help of others.  I also realize that others may be more inclined or adept at certain tasks than I am, and in so it is not to be offended by the skills of another, but to find what skills I have to offer, as everyone has an equal and essential part to play as the whole of existence learns how to cooperate and use what is here. 

When and as I see myself going into a state of 'withdrawal', 'giving-up' or 'emotional reactions of blame or judgment' - I stop and clear my starting point to here within breath.  I recognize the pattern and change myself within the realization that I must take responsibility to direct myself in living and doing what is best for all in each moment. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to differ blame onto my parents - for labeling and defining me as 'sulking', or 'suck-hole' or 'having a fit' or 'temper tantrum' in which I had the reaction of extreme inner anger at being teased, defined, belittled, and diminished - thus preventing me from actually seeing and realizing the point I actually needed to face, of what I was allowing in withdrawing myself from situations – was not helping myself or anyone, only compromising myself in anger, blame, resentment, and selfishness because things did not turn out the way I expected them to, I felt less than, and I did not understand myself as Equal to All.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react to words that my parents used – seeing the words as threatening, while it was my own self-judgment that allowed me to compromise myself through me resisting change and wanting to blame others.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the coping mechanism of withdrawing myself - as a way of me trying to manipulate my reality, rather than actually expressing how I feel about a situation - such as me feeling left out, and so searching for, and working towards a solution where everyone and all are included.

Resistance is my assistance to dissolve the limitations of my existence.

I commit myself to investigate all confrontations where I experience a resistance or reaction within me to words someone is using to define me, and within that to clear all reactions within myself - so that I can observe myself from a non-judgmental and non-reactive state, to see if there are any points of self-dishonesty within myself that need to be addressed and aligned to change myself to living what is best for all.

I commit myself to within breath awareness, push myself to face all points of denial, judgement, or fear of facing myself so that I can learn what it is to stand for Life and change myself to become Life. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

161 - Parental Cloning Part 2

Continuing from yesterdays post -

As children, we are dragged in all directions, attempting to keep a balance between our personal drive for fun and exploring our expression, while trying to understand and keep out of trouble with our parents and various other relationships.  I recall my parents constantly saying to me "Why don't you listen!?".  I never really understood or tried to answer that question actually, until they had repeated it about 15 times or so, then one day I decided to ask myself,... the only answer I could come up with was 'because I don't want to'.

I found it very odd that they actually expected me to enthusiastically obey and carry out their every wish - so I could be just like them?  All clean and proper all the time so I could appear presentable and in-style to others?  Looking back now, it is apparent that they thought of me as a lesser object, of which I owed them my worship and devotion. I recall being instructed to tell them 'I loved them' - how disgusting.  Whats just as disgusting is that I was too afraid to tell them what I actually thought.  Yet I had already been punished for stating how I truly felt in the past, and I deemed myself too young to fend for myself on the streets.

There were the frequent guilt trips which were mostly spoken out of frustration about total insignificant issues like shoes lying in the wrong place... Parent A "I bust my ass all day so I can put food on the table, the least you can do is..." - as if to make a person feel guilty just for being alive!  Eventually I did get a paper route of my own when I was 11 yrs old, at which time the constant nagging began to wear off for the most part.

What my parents never understood is that they were trying to impose a form of 'love' which, in their imagination was real to them, yet to the recipient of this 'love' - it is quite repulsive.  It was clear that they expected me to repay this same 'love' by having children of my own some day "Just wait till you have kids of your own... you'll see" they said, expecting I would play the same 'guilt and frustration' song and dance.  No, but thanks for all the training.  I had already taken in enough programming from them, school, church and friends to lay significant guilt trips on myself, punishing myself for reasons I didn't even understand.  This lead to many problems within self-suppression and not understanding myself, and so extensively compromising myself out of low self-esteem and a rebellious personality construct.  

I was very happy to finally move out on my own at 17, although I was facing a world which I did not understand.  I was full of dissonance within myself and without, casting myself to the mercy of the system to see if I could survive.

There is much I could rant about how much I despised my parents, however I see that they were just participants in the system I was also participating in, and had also created through my acceptances and allowances.  There is no point in blaming them, as I see how the whole system works now - one big guilt trip, disguised as 'love' so people punish themselves and others within the belief and excuse that they are 'doing it for love' and so the lucky ones remains in the semi-comfortable arms of a programmed system of  love/hate.

The real problem is that it's all fear - Fear of Self - Fear of Self-honesty - Fear of the Truth of who we are.  Its funny really... how we fear ourselves.  It would seem like that would be such an easy thing to see and transcend?  Its just me... you... here... how long will we endure this cruel game of hide and seek?

Everyone has fallen for the big delusion, so its not like anyone has to continue to feel guilty for it, especially now that we understand the solution - Self forgiveness and 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'... seeing ourselves as Equals in a shared physical reality - now there is no excuse, because once one is faced with the absolute truth of themselves, it is apparent, and inescapable, the big lie of who we are is completely exposed.  Interestingly we can deny it through a belief system, however, no belief holds water -  it is composed of an imaginary, second-hand opinion, grasped in hope that someone will verify its authenticity and make us feel better so we don't have to face our self-dishonesty and take responsibility to change ourselves.  This trap will take considerable work to get out of.

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

161 - Decision Making Process

How did we get here?  Here being the terrible situation we are all faced with on this planet - Where the way the world functions, is decided by vicious and cruel systems who care nothing for the value of Life, as Equality.   In our collective acceptance, we allowed the creation of the idea and illusion of 'free choice' – despite the fact that 'free choice' is actually the spiteful desire to be separate from existence, obviously leading to self-diminishment, death, and non-existence.  All this so that we could fulfill our selfish dreams and desires for mere energetic experiences of ourselves – sadly, not realizing the consequences as inseparable from these desires,  we separated ourselves from physical reality and enslaved ourselves to the mind of energy, falling into our own self-created trap.  

So, this is really how we forfeited our decision making power, in the belief that we would become free, yet it was self-deception, because the desire to be free from self, is in spite of self, as all of existence.  So the power of decision making fell into the hands of those who developed 'decision making systems' in the ultimate desire to have power over and enslave Life itself.   

The key here is the decision making process.  We have confounded ourselves with so many systems and compounded those systems with fears, judgments, guilt, beliefs, opinions, ideas etc. etc., decision making has become a very complex process full of anxiety and stress.  So the solution to this problem would then be to first simplify and understand the decision making process, and then to take our power back through becoming Decisive.  

Being decisive is self-movement and taking self-responsibility to make the decision to be decisive in each moment, and stand by those decisions – and/or if necessary, make a new decision.  The key is to practice actually making decisions directly, as soon as possible - not fearing any outcome, or fearing to make the wrong decision, because there is no wrong decision, as wrong is a judgment.  If our decision making process is always based in creating what is best for all, then nothing we do is ever wrong, it is simply self applying self in learning to take responsibility for self as all.  Any decision that is made can at any point be cross referenced to test its effectiveness, and so if another possibility is realized that would be best for all, a new decision is simply made.

Whenever we find we are stagnant, it is because we have not made (or tried to escape making) a decision, and not making a decision is the desire to be free from the decision making process – yet to become life is a decision that must be walked continually until all stands equal as Life.  Tough and easy decisions alike, all can be simplified to the equality equation of 1+1=2 as a series of decisions followed by a final decision.    

Decision Making Process

1. Make a Decision

2. Investigate other possibilities
3. Write it out if necessary
4. Consider all dimensions in Common Sense Best for All
5. Remove fears, judgments, beliefs, opinions etc through Self Forgiveness (past/future etc)
6. Consider consequences for and against, both (multiple) sides of the decision
7. Cross reference if necessary
8. Reaffirm and commit to self and the decision (or make a new decision)
9. Create a time-line for self to walk out the decision
10. Develop self-trust in always making the decision to live what is Best for All

Self Forgiveness on Fears in Decision Making

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to abdicate my responsibility to myself in refraining from the decision making process, in attempt to escape or be free from the responsibility of making decisions. I realize that to desire to be free from decision making is the desire to be enslaved to others, and allowing them to take responsibility to make decisions for me - yet I am responsible to make the decisions myself in the best interest of all. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hesitate in making decisions in fear of making the wrong decision based on past experiences where I still hold the belief that I made the wrong decisions in self-judgment.  In so, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make poor decisions in the past based in self-interest rather than making decisions in the best interest of all life. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hesitate in making decisions in fear of failure.  I realize that failure only exists as a mechanism of opportunity for me to realize myself, forgive myself, and correct myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear making a decision because I fear losing something.  I realize that fearing to lose something is actually creating/projecting for myself the experience of losing something.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear that I will become egotistical if I become effectively decisive.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear allowing myself to get out of control or possessed if I become decisive. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear of being seen as someone who is rich and therefore an abuser, should I become consistently decisive. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear of being stuck in a decision and not being able to change my decision.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear of being defined as 'the decision maker'.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear the responsibility of being a decision maker.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear of not having free time for myself if I become consistently decisive in each moment. 

I commit myself to take my decision making power back through constant and consistent decision making

I commit myself to stand by my decisions as my commitment to myself, until I make a new decision that is best for all - in which case I stand by that decision as it is best for all life. 

I commit myself to realize my responsibility to myself in becoming decisive, and in so develop constant self-movement and self trust through consistent and effective decision making. 

Friday, 18 January 2013

160 - Parental Cloning Part 1

We grow up thinking life will be fun.   I recall my parents yelling at my siblings and I, condescendingly saying  'Do you think life is a big joke..?'

As a child, it soon becomes apparent that we are constantly dealing with a constant barrage of problems with friends, family, school and inside ourselves.  It's like we are being dragged in all directions as if to be drawn and quartered - one horse attached to each limb by a rope.  Some would refer to this as growing pains, however that is a gentle cover-up for the real story.

Due to the accepted and allowed nature of how society functions in our world - as being based in self-interest - there is a great deal of confusion and 'mixed messages' being communicated to children and teenagers.  This can make it extremely difficult, for any child or teen to decide which, or how much moral principle should be attributed to a given situation when uncertainty presents itself.  What choice should be allotted the highest value?..  and at what time?.. depending on who one is with?.. and where?

Children are instilled with moral guidelines from a very early age, as their parents train them how to 'react' when they speak, or want them to do/not do something.  Some of these moral guidelines are common sense in order to prevent the child from hurting themselves or others.  Often however, these moral guidelines are based on cultural beliefs or opinions of behavioral idealism's of the parents which are not common to everyone in society, but often based on a 'class' system, for example manners.  This presents a problem.  As the child learns these patterns of behavior, later on in their lives they act out these patterns for themselves, thinking they are 'right' as their parents taught them to believe so - only to find out that they have either offended someone, or made a 'mistake' by using the patterned behavior at an inappropriate way, time, or place.  

This is just a small fraction of the problem, as the entire sociological makeup of the child is absolutely inundated with all kinds of patterns of behavior inherited from the parents.   Everything from feelings, emotions, reactions, coping mechanisms, vices, excuses, habitual patterns, opinions, judgments, classifications, beliefs, personalities, etc etc.  In fact, the entire makeup of the parents character is imprinted on the child literally from birth, making every 'parented' child susceptible to, and a clone of their parents.

I will continue in the next post discussing the inherent problems and solutions of parental cloning.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

159 - Unemployment - Equal Money Capitalism Solutions & Rewards

Problem : 

Capitalism High Unemployment Rates

Causes :

Profit Based Labor and Education Systems

- No profit potential for existent jobs required to be done that benefit society as a whole.
- Inefficient and expensive training programs (most often) at considerable expense of the trainee/student which fuels a system of debt and enslavement
- Often these programs are ineffective due to poor training techniques such as too much focus on theory as opposed to actual practical job-site experience.
- Education systems are limited and bound by those same principles of profit, thus reducing overall efficiency and effectiveness
- Responsibility to society is easily abdicated in favor of self-interest and profit to the detriment of society as a whole
- Lack of actual growth, systemic incongruencies lead to fewer job openings and potential
- Oppressed populations increasingly willing to work for lower wages in order to just survive within the system
- Irresponsible family planning leading to abuse, neglect and general overpopulation
- Over exploitation of finite resources for unnecessary consumption/profit
- Wasteful government departments and corporations draining and filtering economic resources into superfluous products and services
- Robotic systems and machinery given higher value than life due to their ability to work longer and harder with less cost and downtime.

Solution : 

Equal Money Capitalism

- Jobs that benefit society as a whole are given Equal consideration and thus performed and taken care of for the benefit of everyone
- On the job training will be more readily accepted as a common sense solution to jobs that are inherently practical and simple to perform
- Education will be considered a basic human right and thus free
- Efficiency and effectiveness overall will increase due to immense stress reduction and therefore increased employee teamwork, co-operation, satisfaction and overall well being of all involved
- Increased participation leads to exponential growth through frequently proposed solutions for overall improvement
- Exponential growth of all through expansion, inclusion, innovation, responsibility, realization and self-enjoyment
- Increased freedoms and relief of the suffering and oppressed - humans, animals, and plants alike
- More effective and specific educational programs leading to realizations of responsibility to life and an improved lifestyle for everyone.
- Responsible, practical and sustainable use of finite resources
- Wasteful systems eliminated in favor of practical functions which improve the well being of all
- Only systems which facilitate and support life as a whole will be considered and constructed in a way that is built to last and easily repaired.

Rewards :

- Increased social interaction especially among those excluded by the current system
- Considerable increase in free time as wasteful and counter-productive systems are eliminated, and efficient and effective systems are put in place
- Early retirement will provide everyone with an opportunity to enjoy life, share and express themselves in a way that they enjoy.
- Exponential increase in overall enjoyment of everyday life
- A clean, pollution free planet will become a distinct possibility, thus increasing the well being of all life - animal plant and human
- Wonderful and amazing new inventions and innovations will be created continuously through increased co-operation and freedom of expression as well as knowledge and information sharing
- Vast increases in the understanding of existence and the universe
- New exploration and travel potential and possibilities through increased cooperation
-  Profound new realizations about life itself through knowledge and information sharing
- Exceeding previous limitations and belief systems
- Transcending fears, and embracing a new era of unconditional self-expression
- End of all undesirable consequences stemming from ignorance and self-interested living

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

158 - Questioning the Universe

Caught myself pondering the vast mysteries of the Universe this evening.  I was going to blog about something 'er other but of course, someone had to go and fiddle with my kaleidoscope again, messing up the perfect little image I had of everything... OK.  Looking at this whole thing from a new perspective now.  I was watching a documentary on the universe narrated by Morgan Freeman, sitting in my chair I dosed off in the first 5 minutes, only to awake to catch the last 3 minutes or so.  At the end he was speaking about scientists definition of life, and what parameters they put on weather or not something is actually considered life or not, (for those unaware, as the scientists, everything has awareness lol)  ex. Does it replicate itself? - In which case many things such as machines or even cars may do so in a factory, where robots carry out instructions rather like DNA would be used as the blueprint.... this is somewhat besides the point.

So having all of my background understanding from the Desteni material, as well as perspectives of beings  brought through the inter-dimensional portal whom have done interviews from the afterlife, I began to consider the fact (as I had heard) that a 'being' can span multiple bodies.  This I find interesting, yet somewhat awkward to grasp, as how can a body, or cell, or organism... be itself as an individual, as well as part of other bodies, cells, or organisms at the same time as if to comprise itself of 2 or more 'life' embodiment's/beings?

This seemed strange to me... I have no doubt that there are more than likely perspectives and answers to this that I have not yet been privy to, in which case I remain content with the fact that I will understand more in time.  It was then that I considered something that I have already 'known' from a certain perspective, yet perhaps not entirely.

Until several years ago, I had been living my whole life within the assumption that I am a separate being.  So looking back at my childhood, my whole starting point of who I am - as who I understood and believed myself to be - was based on this assumption that -- I am separate from reality.  Rather Frightening.  This 'idea' or belief that 'I am separate' from my reality induces a tremendous amount of fear, if one perceive and consider the actuality that - I am subject to death - Death, as the untimely, untamed, and unknown monster, more evil and sinister than my greatest known fear.  The fact that it is not talked about or discussed by my parents, whom are the living representation of God to me, only re-enforces this great fear I have of death within me.  It is apparent to me that no one can actually save me from a potentially random terrifying experience, in which case I would have to face God knows what... the indoctrinated idea of hell, or my worst fear of all, non-existence.

This experience of fear, now deeply suppressed, becomes a driving force which impacts and creates my experiences of myself.  It also causes me to question who I am, but it is clear that I do not even know myself, and can only guess and 'make-believe' answers, which children frequently do. Is it any wonder that we grasp after definitions, labels, personalities, opinions and classifications of ourselves, desperately seeking to answer the question we are unable to even formulate?  Although we cannot calculate precisely, we can certainly observe the consequences in our world, of our collective irresponsibility as parents - deliberately neglecting to address this fear of death within children and themselves, rather preferring to focus on achieving egotistical goals of morality, education, and financial success. In so, many of us have yet to realize the full impact of this indescribable shame, yet we will all see soon enough, as the time has come to reap what we have sewn.  This, besides the fact that this world is already living hell for millions.

Who I am, as this 'Belief of myself' as a separate being - is really just another bubble, which eventually has to burst.  As long as I am here, I am a participant in this shared physical reality. I could say from a certain perspective that 'Who I am', as this experience of myself, is actually the Universe in totality, indirectly experiencing itself as me, through this physical body.  So I must abolish that part of me that is an illusion - the parasite - which is the belief I have always selfishly believed myself to be - so that I can be here in existence solely to share and express myself in the best interest of all life, in so creating myself as Equal to Life.  As Jesus said... I am the way - funny I always assumed that meant 'He' was the way, not understanding that Life can only exist in Equality, as standing Equal to All things.

Join The Journey to Life Group on Facebook and check out the Free Course provided by Desteni which is great Self Support.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

157 - One Word Invalidates Every Religion

One word invalidates every single Religion that has ever existed or been conceived, including atheism, agnosticism, and the classic 'I'm not religious...' religion.  Any belief is a religion.  It is a mind created idea, perception, or opinion of yourself or a belief in something outside of yourself.  Everyone on this planet is, in a way religious, because we all are forced to live within the principles of religion as it exists here as the money system - and this has been allowed to exist by us - through our collective acceptance and allowance of self-interest and the delusion of free choice.

The one word that invalidates all Religions is - Responsibility.  Every religion and or belief is the abdication of Responsibility, as the Responsibility to live what is Best for All Life.  To live what is best for All Life, one would inevitably realize that Religion is absolutely not what is Best for All, because it is subject to interpretation, therefore delusion, and conflict.  Religions and beliefs are just grandiose justifications and excuses, none of which are valid or acceptable in any way whatsoever, as the bigger the lie, the harder it falls, or the harder it hits you in the face when you face yourself in self-honesty.    

Many believe that Religion is a matter of faith, yet faith is self-deception, as placing trust (and therefore responsibility) outside of self. Anyone can see this for themselves, as the only reason a person would follow a religion is for the sake of fear or self-interest.  All the love of God is make believe, because it is not here for everyone Equally!  Is God a bigot then?  Jesus suggested to 'love thy neighbor as thyself' and 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' - not to join a religious belief system where you are enslaved to fear and self-doubt.

Is Religion the path to freedom, as the Buddha would claim?  How can anyone believe they are free, while we exist in a physical reality where at any moment, you could encounter any host of tragic circumstances which could change your entire life and make it absolutely miserable, or you could even lose your life altogether!?  So many then exist in Hope, but hope too is another useless religion... an excuse in the desire that someone else will take responsibility to solve all the problems in our world and make you happy, again selfishness.  The very existence of ignorance, greed, and irresponsibility should be proof enough to anyone that freedom is an illusion in this world.

The only real answer is that none are free until All is free.

If your version/opinion of freedom is to be free to be randomly robbed, maimed, or killed at any moment...  Ask yourself this - What value is that freedom, if it can be gone in an instant, without even your own will or consent?  It is worthless!.., as is your whole life, because you allowed yourself to believe in an idea of yourself and/or freedom that was separate from yourself, and therefore never real!

The fact is that we have feared being honest with ourselves, and so we have created BeLIEfs in which we RE-LIED on RE-LIEgion, pRE-tending to be REal we REELed ourselves into our own trap of self-dishonesty, and self-delusion.  All it ever was, was a RE-cycled RE-enACTment of the past...the constant RE-PLAYcement for Self-honesty and Self-responsibility, to live What is Best for All.  What fools we have all been.

Join the Journey to Life and see for yourself, that you are the one that decides to stop this Obsessive Compulsive desire to hide from yourself.  Lets get real for once, and for All.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 156 - Monkey On My Back

For many years I have been my own monkey on my back, dragging myself down with the extra weight of guilt and self-judgments, catering to memories of the past in attempt to right the massive wrong I experienced within and as myself - That I could not deny, only hide inside myself.

I could clearly see the disappointment I was becoming to myself, yet I attributed it to Gods will, Gods divine plan...  Gods purpose..., Gods problem... the fault of everyone, and so Gods fault.  I acted out on the revenge I sought within myself by sabotaging myself, sacrificing myself at the alter of my belief in God to try and get a reaction from God.  See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil.  Although I did learn some things along the way, the problem only got worse and worse, as I clung with desperate hope to the idea that someday, somehow it would all be accounted for, people would pay for this neglect, and so it would all be made right again.  Here is my shit thrown in my face... for not trusting myself, and for placing my trust in an idea that someone told me to believe.  Eventually I was able to forgive myself for this, but I was too messed up inside to fix myself or realize the extent of the problem.

I can understand that this may have been necessary for me to realize myself here, so it's all I can do now to walk this process of self-honesty.  Yet the question remains - Who the fuck am I now ? I don't even really know myself, I mean... I believe I know myself, as the idea in my head of who I should or could be, but that is not me, it is illusion.  My egotistical mind still wanting to play the hero character.  That is how I got into shit in the first place, trying to be the hero rather than realizing myself as an Equal in my reality.  I have never actually lived absolutely as myself, as Equal to myself, as Equal to the physical and all of existence.  

Thankfully I was able to realize the Desteni message, and I mean exceedingly thankful, as I would not trade this understanding of myself for anything in the world, literally.  To now have the opportunity to establish an honest relationship with myself is a rather humbling experience, yet the reward of self-honesty is beyond all compare... it is never fully realized, as it always continues to give, and continues to grow beyond the capacity of our limited minds to understand.  If we imagine heaven as blissful experience, well then certainly the greatest bliss to be found in this world full of suffering, is to stop the cause of suffering at the source, and so prevent the abuse of Life.

Join the Journey to Life as we Dump the Monkeys off our backs and walk the Process of extracting the Parasite that Leeches off our existence, and prevents us from Creating Heaven on Earth, as it should be for Everyone.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 155 - I Do Not Respect Your Beliefs!

Why should anyone have Secret Beliefs?  If someone has a Personal Belief about something, then there should be no fear in allowing open debate on the topic so that we can come to an agreement and remove the exact point of delusion.  This is Common Sense.  If I 'Respect your Beliefs', that is like me saying "I don't care what you think!".   The point is I do care - I care about All Life - That is why I Do Not Respect Anyone's Personal Secret Mind Beliefs, Opinions or Interpretations About physical Life - I Respect Life, as the Equal force that is in All things represented within and as the Physical Reality we all Share.  This can, and must be cross referenced so that we can Agree on what is real and what is not real.

Example being, the Ego/Mind, it is not real in the sense that it does not exist as a physical object that can be touched.  It is composed of made up ideas placed as limitations and definitions of the physical reality so that people may create pictures in their head of all kinds of deluded beliefs and opinions - and use such beliefs to spitefully seek to gain control or take advantage of others through manipulation.  This spitefulness is no longer acceptable, and will not stand as Life.

Why should I place Value as Respect, on your Beliefs?  That is exactly what one is asking when they say - "Please Respect My Beliefs" - Please Value my Secret Ego Mind.

Why should Your 'Beliefs' or 'Opinions' hold any Value?  What is the value anyway, in terms of money, I mean it must be worth something to you?  I'm certain if I offered enough money, anyone would eventually succumb to the temptation and 'spill the beans' for cash.  It happens all the time, as that is how Family and Religion functions, by conquering an individual mind through labeling the 'secret mind' as 'sinful', and then force-feeding a person the fear of Hell.  Then of course comes the Prozac, as the polarized Love of God, or the Parent, that apparently saves the child from their new fear of Hell Belief, so that they can in turn create many other positive beliefs in their mind about heaven, and God, and how they will imagine a perfect, happily-ever-after Life... Just keep the faith by your offering plate donation and continuing to support the family delusion.  Completely Mind fucked, and unable to realize the Equality of Life in the Physical reality.

What exactly makes you Believe you have the 'right' to hold Secret Beliefs about others and the universe in your head - when you exist in a shared physical reality, where thoughts, as energy, produce shared consequences?

I can understand a person not being ready to expose every detail of their life in a short period of time, but it must be dealt with sooner or later, as there is a deadline. It is especially curious when it comes to matters of economics and social policy, strange indeed that one would choose to refrain from open discussion. Why would anyone fear having your Beliefs exposed? What is the point? If they aren't real, then simply drop them and find out what is real.

Interesting how this line is handed out anytime someone feels that their 'beliefs' are being threatened, or they are unable to confront or assess what you are saying, never mind properly formulate an accurate response to what it is you are suggesting.  People, here's a tip... No one is more wise or intelligent than anyone else, so just be honest.  Just say "I don't understand, can you explain in simple terms for me?"

What is overlooked and condescendingly insinuated by someone who claims (in the typical manner) "I Respect your Beliefs...  I wish that you would please Respect mine." ???  As if one were to offer a trade of compromises... lol.

What is a person implying when they say 'Respect my beliefs'?

Respect - 'Stay away' 'do not go there' 'do not challenge my intelligence' or 'how dare you suggest that my beliefs are selfish fantasies of my mind!'

That is exactly what beliefs are - fantasies.  So un-garde, show yourself, and expose your Beliefs so they can all be shattered for the illusions that they are, because we all know that ill-usions, or BeLIEfs, do not serve the Best interest of All Life.

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 154 – Internet Accountability

Internet Accountability

Consider all the needless suffering that exists on earth, can be virtually narrowed down to one source – Lack of Understanding.

If people actually understood who they really are in this shared physical reality, surely they would not be so quick to destroy life and the planet, as they would realize that they are destroying themselves and their own ability to experience and express life here. 

If people really understood that this is humanity’s last opportunity to ‘get it right’ in this lifetime, and the consequences of putting off the decision to support all life Equally, it’s very likely that they would consider and welcome the prospect of changing themselves and supporting an Equal Money System.

If people only understood that inflicting pain or death on another being does not solve a problem, but only exacerbates it, then we could easily stop all wars within the realization that war is useless, senseless killing for power and control.

The problem with understanding is that a person must either want to understand, or, be forced to understand by means of a re-education system and accountability.  We have the solution, and the revised education system, so how can we actually get people to understand so we can implement the obvious common sense solution?   Simple…

Internet Accountability

Consider we have the perfect tool right in our lap that can be used to assist humans to become accountable and responsible.  Within that, not only assisting us to actually understand our reality, but to participate within how it functions.  The internet is our voice, so we must use it to make sure our voice is heard.  How do we do that?  Simple…

Internet Voting System

I’m certain there are already systems like this in the works, it’s just a matter of time to full implementation.  How simple would it be to actually require, by law, that each individual register a formal account on a worldwide networking site - such as Facebook as it already exists - under their given birth name, so as to show support for which political party/system/principle they would like to see operating and administering society and how it functions.  

Virtually instant accountability, tracking, results, awareness and responsibility all within the one required regulation, which is virtually already in place.  Not to mention, that if any party or system was not widely accepted by the masses, it would be instantly recognized, and rather than have a political leader decide when or if ‘they would like to call an election’. Election consideration would be immediately apparent, and thus change of leadership called for if necessary through the application of the Internet Voting System. 

One Man, One Vote.

Come to think of it, why do we still have humans representing the law makers of society?  Is Obama, or the queen, some kind of gods that deserve to decide the fate of many and rule over everyone?… because they are somehow ‘more intelligent’?  Definately not the case.  Why not have one Principle dictate our behaviour, and everyone live according to that Principle – as a standard of conduct, put more simply –  the Principle of That which is Best for All Life.  That way we live a sustainable, responsible existence.  Common Sense.  Seems rather silly to still have ‘humans’ running around playing god nowadays… with the help of computers, in fact, it is quite asinine.

Join the Journey to Life and support the Equal Money System

Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 153 – Personality Systems


Working on changing some personality systems within myself today.  Thus far, I have been able to oddly enjoy the frequent resistances, and direct myself (though there may be many contributing variables).  First - breathing and stabilizing myself in the moment.  Its interesting because the moment changes so quickly, its as if a desire comes up, and then as I breathe and focus on what I am doing, the desire is gone in a few seconds, as if it never existed… yet likely to return at a later time to test me multi-dimensionally, my self-preparedness, my self-directive principle, sticking to my commitment to myself, thoughts, triggers, reactions, emotions and feelings, coping mechanisms, etc. etc. .

Another point in reference to personality systems is how I perceive myself during a particular moment – as having already transcended the point - and then I feel ‘good’ about myself.  Clearly this is not supporting me, as I inevitably deal with the ‘bad’ feeling as fear of not transcending the point. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel good about myself in the idea that I have already transcended a personality system in my mind, as opposed to walking it here within moment by moment application as myself. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project myself into the future into an alternate reality, experiencing what I would do, what new decisions I would make, how I am going to live differently because I believe myself to have now transcended a personality system, making myself my own ass-ended master, by not being here directing myself as breath.   I consider the implications in full awareness of myself here, walking the point to completion.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear walking out of a personality system, as walking it out reflects me to myself.  In so, I can see my effectiveness and my ability to process the system within myself, as directing the knowledge and information.  This includes my understanding of – to a certain extent, although all consequential outflows are exponential - what the apparent consequences will be, should I allow this system to execute itself within me.  Realizing and considering the potential consequences, I realize I do not want to participate in this system, as it will allow other sabotaging or self-compromising systems to trigger energetic reactions/emotions/feelings within myself.    

At the same time, I am starting to realize the previous unrealized potential for change, as when I make the decision to stand absolute within myself, how that can change many other things, as of course I am changing myself, so my inner world should eventually be reflected in my outer world.

I commit myself to walking through these two personality systems and using this opportunity to direct myself in each moment.  Through the frequent mind ‘reminder’ requesting my permission/decision to participate in a system of self-interest, as a thought or feeling, I breathe, and stop the personality system at the established check-point within myself.

See Eqafe for great self support

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 152 – The Official Zombie Questionnaire

Dear Zombies

My Dear Zombies,

I write this for you.   It is my heartfelt desire that you read this letter, so that perhaps you may finally come to realize yourself, to understand who you really are in this world.  In so doing, may you realize that you are capable of changing yourself, to become a being who truly cares, so that together we may work to free all the other zombies, and create a world that is best for all life. 

If, upon reading this list of questions I have prepared you, you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to one or more, you must realize that you my friend, are mind controlled.   Not to panic, there are many just like you in this world, unaware of themselves… all living in self-interest.  Much work has already been done to provide support specifically for cases like yours.  May you take hold of this crucial opportunity… while you have the chance.  

In All Sincerity,

Dear Zombies 2

The Official Zombie Questionnaire

Do you believe in the boogie man?

Do you believe that some being is going to save you?

Do you think you are special?

Are you afraid of who you would be if you were absolutely honest with yourself always?

Do you ever find yourself, not being yourself?

Do you ever hide behind a false personality?

Do you believe you are superior or inferior to any other beings?

Do you hear voices in your head?

Do you fear losing any personal possessions?

Do you ever wonder, or get concerned about what other people think about you?

Do you ever compare yourself to others, or judge anyone in any way?

Do you ever judge yourself?

Do you ever have secret thoughts about another person?

Do you have any personal beliefs or opinions?

Do you hold value in memories of past experiences?

Do you blame anyone for bad experiences in your life?

Do you ever get angry, upset, depressed, worried or lonely?

Do you think Love and Happiness are the primary goals in life?

Do you believe you will ascend to a higher realm when you die?

Do you allow your body to breathe for you, without your active participation in each breath?

Do you believe you can never change yourself?

Do you believe the world is just fine the way it is?

If you have answered yes to any of the preceding questions and suspect that you yourself may be a mind controlled Zombie, DO NOT PANIC!  There is plenty of help and support available for you at

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day 151 – Android


I Watched the movie Prometheus tonight.  I here reflect on the character that played the robot/android.  I see how this character conducted himself to a strict regimen, taking speaking lessons upon waking up, and efficiently, at the same time eating breakfast.  This character expressed no feelings or emotions, as it had no capacity to do so given its internal programming, feeling and emotion was irrelevant and not necessary.  The function of the robot was to support the mission, and support human beings.

It is interesting, because this process (journey to life) would be interpreted by my mind as me ‘becoming a robot’ to no longer be subject to feelings and emotional programming. At the same time living within the primary function/principle of supporting all life in Equality.  

This fear, where my mind creates the idea that if I were to give up my mind as the program, I would become a robot, is deception.  The opposite is actually true – I already am a robot - if I am controlled by programs (thoughts/beliefs/opinions etc.) which trigger feelings and emotions which control me and cause me to act in self-interest and irresponsibility to life. 

So my responsibility, is not to stop all my feelings and emotions, but to stop judging them and being controlled by them.  In doing so, I learn to direct myself (and my feelings and emotions) in what is best for everyone, and my feelings and emotions are re-aligned, to no longer be based in self-interest, but are expressed in self-honesty and consideration for others – thus extended outward to include everything and everyone in existence, so that life can be supported, as without life, there would be no expression in or of existence.

I realize I have the power and responsibility to change and re-program myself using self-forgiveness as the tool of self-realization and self-correction.  In that, I am able to make the decision to live what is best for all, as Equality… equalizing myself with what is here, as my physical body, so I myself can be supported as an Equal, and all abuse of life can stop. 

So the point is to stop being a robot slave.

Join the Journey to Life

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 150 – Prioritizing




I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear facing consequences of what I have accepted and allowed in the past.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be directed and controlled by discouragement, as the desire to give up on myself based on future projections of consequences.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to avoid facing tasks that need to be completed as rebellion against myself as the systems within myself in the self-righteous self-judgement that the systems are evil and I am good.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear begin trapped in my current situation, as the fear of blaming and judging myself for the consequences of what I accepted and allowed.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear embarrassment and humiliation as the fear of change and fear of loss.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a pattern within my living as always changing priorities based on fear of facing a specific task that needs to be completed, switching to something I would prefer to do in fear that I will not be able to complete the task, because I constantly switch and change priorities and cannot seem to remain focused on one objective.


I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to fully realize and understand this pattern within myself of not focusing and sticking to prioritization due to fear it will not work out, or me simply not wanting to do it.


I commit myself to prioritization each day and sticking to those priorities


I commit myself to work on self discipline within my daily participation


I commit myself realize that fearing the outcome before it transpires only creates undesirable consequences.