Saturday, 28 May 2011

Oh hello Death...

Oh hello Death...
what are you doing here?
you are always here?
I guess I just haven't noticed
or Ive forgotten or something...
that happens a lot you know

So you're just hanging around
like an old picture...
Guess Ive gotten used to you over the years
I don't even notice you anymore

Everyone else just ignores you
"That's just the way it is" some say
Guess I just have to accept you
Even though I don't really know you
no, you don't...

I mean, I know you, as in
I know that there's nothing I can do about you
And nobody else seems to care
So whats the point...
The point is...
Anyway I have tonnes of stuff to do

I'm so busy!
I'm having so much fun!
I'm going to enjoy my life
I'm entitled to that you know...
Its my life, I do what I want

Im not hurting anyone
And if I am well, too bad for them I guess
Survival of the fittest!
I'll deal with you when I have to
can't wait...

Why are you bothering me anyway
Always in the back of my mind...
Would you just buzz off or something

You are getting so annoying
I wish you would just go away and die!

I have lots of people who love me you know
And love is forever...
you sure about that?
Yes I'm sure!

Im bored, whats on TV...
I'm hungry...
me too...
blah blah nothing better to do

My body is so sore...
And I'm getting tired
I need to get some sleep
So tired...

So why are you bothering me anyway?
You're like some kind of lost puppy or something...

Are you listening to me...?

Many people live their lives with this perspective. Never understanding the meaning of Death, why it is here, and what is its purpose. There are many, many beliefs about Death, but the beliefs do not change the fact that everyone must face Death, and see what it really is for themselves first-hand.

Some have faith that a god will be there waiting for them. Others think they can be re-incarnated. Some just accept it as an end. Then there are those who, out of pure spite, ignore the existence of death, to the extent that they are willing live their lives in total ignorance of it. Many even abuse and harm the lives of others. Little do they know, the end of all spitefulness is at hand. Therefore it is the end of them as well. This is your last life. If you do not stop your selfish, spiteful behavior, you will cease to exist.

One must be aware of death as our own creation. It is a manifestation, a reflection of our dishonesty towards ourselves. Now is the window of opportunity, for all to face Death in this life, and understand why it exists.

Join the Desteni i process at so we can face ourselves in what we have created, and re-create ourselves, in full responsibility to life. Till here no further, we say. Till we stop Death as what it exists as, within us.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A World Without Trust

Everyone knows the feeling of having trusted someone, and then being let down. This can be a very eye opening experience. Especially when it happens multiple times, with someone you thought you could trust. When we really look at how many times in our lives we have been let down or deceived, one can easily become disheartened. I would like to consider trust here.

Why do people let us down?

We can break it down to a few primary reasons.

1. Self-Deception - We trusted a person and we weren't responsible in our own assesment of the persons character and or motives. We may not have known them for very long, or we were lead astray by our emotions and feelings and let them override our common sense judgement. Sometimes we think we are 'in love' with a person, yet they may not be totally honest with themselves. Perhaps it is just that we did not know ourselves.

2. Money - The foremost reason why people deceive, use and abuse others trust is for money. It is the nature of the system as being based on fear of survival. This is where fear is allowed to contribute to the dealings and relationships of people, thus undermining peoples ability to trust others.

3. Sex - Sexual expression is very suppressed in our society, and sex is often depicted as 'bad' or 'immoral'. This is very damaging to a persons psyche, especially young people. Sexual desire can be in many different forms according to whatever ideas or morals one has regarding sex, typically based on individual upbringing etc. So it can be total abuse, as in rape, or it can be simply desire for affection. Nonetheless it is certainly a factor in undermining trust, as it is given permission 'by free choice' to override our trust.

4. Personal escape - Sometimes people just want to be free from it all, so they allow themselves to undermine someones trust through abandonment of responsibility.

5. Apathy - Some people have become cold, possibly due to failed expectations or other issues within their lives. Frequently people become very disillusioned with their world because it does not turn out the way they thought it would, thus leading to feelings of delusion.

6. Miss Communication - Sometimes it is just a matter of mis-interpreting someone or not hearing correctly, or not explaining something clear enough. All can lead to misunderstandings that can then lead to broken trust.

Understanding these points, and observing my life in particular, many many times have I been let down. I can remember experiences from my childhood, and there were many in my teens and twenties as well. This shaped my character tremendously, as the fear of deception arose, my guard was constantly up, and I was literally not able to trust anyone in my life. Everyone was lying.

And then I began noticing the worst possible thing... I was lying too! And even to myself. Upon realizing this, without really understanding the reason, it caused me to become very angry and sad inside. I contemplated suicide many times, as many teens do. If you are wondering why someone has committed suicide in your life. I can assure you, this is the reason. There is no trust in our world. It is a world without trust.

How have we allowed our world to become so absolutely untrustworthy, to the point that many become deceivers, apathetic, or even choose suicide?

This fundamental sociological failure of humanity is not something that should be taken lightly. It is an extreme, catastrophic disgrace. It is us lying to ourselves. Why are we doing this... Why don't we just stop lying? Answer: We have deceived ourselves into thinking that we need to accumulate fame and fortune to be happy in this world, when in actuality, that is not the case whatsoever. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

So what is the solution?

It is rather simple, although it does require some work, and the courage to face ourselves in what we have allowed. We must become self-honest. We must understand that if we do not change who we are, we do not deserve to exist, because we have not honored life.

How do we do this?

Again simple solution. Equal Money For All. This will allow each person to take responsibility in our world instead of having it run by a few greedy dictators. There is great, great reward in standing up and honoring life. It is to give up all that you thought you were as a pre-programmed personality, and become equal to all life as the physical reality. That is our path. And it is the only way. There is no other way.

So, now you understand that you are responsible, because you are here, part of this world. You must stand up and join us in changing ourselves, so that we may create a trust that will stand into eternity. A Self-trust that cannot be broken. A trust that is Equal in all ways always. That is the only trust that is trustworthy.

Join us, in the greatest adventure mankind has ever known!

It is the journey to Self-Trust...

Monday, 23 May 2011

The word Fuck

The only reason Fuck is a fun word is because people have reactions to it. Fascinating. Its just a word... composed of four letters F,U,C and K - which individually cause no reactions in people. However when you put them together, it is apparently a 'bad word'.

So who the 'fuck' decided this rule in the first place? And more importantly, why do you support the rule? And when I say support, I mean, if you don't clearly stand in opposition to this moralistic idea that fuck is a bad word, and should only be uttered in secret, among friends, or by accident. If it exists in your world, you are aware of it and allow it to exist, that is supporting the rule. Just like having a leach on your leg. You see it there, if you do not remove it, you are allowing it to suck your blood, thus you are supporting the leach.

If you allow this 'fuck is a bad word' morality rule (rules are the basis for laws btw) anywhere in your world - on the news, tv shows, dinner parties, when around children, at important business meetings or anywhere in your reality, you are now subject to that morality rule. Meaning. You have created a false belief system within yourself, whereas you JUDGE yourself as 'better than' - if you abide by the rule - or 'less than' - if you fuck up. You then also JUDGE others who may or may not have this same belief system. You may have aquired it through parents, or school, or friends, or tv or whatever. Doesn't matter. It's your baby now. It's your leach. Your responsibility. Judge not lest ye be judged...

You're either the fuck up, or the king of fucking France. You are fucked either way. You have made yourself less than your words by your own judgement. Your now living in total fear of not only your own morality rules, but the countless morality rules others may have to judge you with! Now you have to 'watch what you say', because you can't even trust yourself! What a fucking joke. You are subconsciously so afraid to 'say the wrong thing' that it has limited you to what people you socialize with. You don't feel comfortable around people who may seem 'of lesser upbringing' or let the odd swear word slip. You are afraid they will influence you and that will cause you to lose favor with your elite friends and co-workers.

The reality of the situation is the 'fuck word morality rule' is just the very top layer of the icing on a very very large cake. If you are not even able to grasp this simple point, well then, you are fucked. I could go on and on about this point. Deeper into the nature of how we enslaved ourselves to words instead of being equal and one with our words. No wonder nobody can be trusted in this world. Its a goddam lie fest and a panic.

Imagine a world where anyone can say whatever they want whenever they want and no-one would be judged for it. That's called unconditional self-expression. It is not only possible, but its coming. The Equal Money System will be the start of this new world. It is inevitable and unstoppable. So you best get cracking on deconstructing your fuck'dness. I would drop everything and start right now if I were you. Because unless you actually make a whole-hearted effort to investigate and resolve this mess you have created for yourself, you are in for one hell of a nasty surprise. You have really fucked yourself. There is no escape, so might as well face it and fix it while you still have a chance, because there will come a time, where you have no more chances.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Heaven Camping?

I was a Christian for about 15 years. I remember all the feelings and emotions that went with it. The being born again, praising God and all the music and everything. What did I know? For all I knew this is what God wanted me to do! So I just did it. Why? Because I felt terrible inside about how I had mistreated others. I felt horrible that I wasn't myself in life, I was double-minded. So I was easily manipulated by religion because I felt so broken inside.

When I discovered Desteni, I had somewhat recovered from the brokenness, but not completely of course. I had figured out quite a few things through personal introspection and observing others within Christianity. I had broadened my research of what was going on in the universe and on earth as opposed to just accepting the limited view the bible (christian interpretation) presented.

A couple of major points came up from that. Firstly, I could never figure out why the bible had mentioned 2x in the NT that we were PRE-DESTINED. How could that be? How could God have figured out every eventuality in all its complex infinite possibilities? That I could not understand, yet there it was. We were pre-programmed. So that was explained by Desteni and made sense when I heard it from them.

The next point I came to ultimately consider was that - if this world was so completely messed up, full of liars, then who's the biggest liar of all? HIM!!!!!

That was the big realization. Yes. God the big F***'ing liar. How could it be any other way? He who creates liars is thus a liar... no better. So I figured it out. Equality was the answer and I was bent on fixing all the crap I had allowed in my life. It was extensive.

Now I look back and just shake my head. I'm thankful all that is over, because it wasn't real. There may have been some good feelings and happy feelings, some emotional feelings. But it wasn't real, because the big fat lie of existence had been exposed for what it was. A lie.

So this rapture that's supposed to come. I know what they all feel like. Praying and hoping. Waiting for a savior... that's not coming. Sad. But I'm not sad for them and I don't pity them. Sorry, there's hell on earth that has to be fixed. That's the agenda according to the principle of loving thy neighbor as thyself. I stand by that as equal with me as my words as who I am.

I don't fully understand why I was able to figure it out to this point where I see the big lie, but I know that I had to have looked within myself considerably to do it. There's no other way. Authentic self-honesty. Killer self-honesty. That's what it takes. And it has to be effective and powerful enough to kill your own giant ego... and I mean giant... its massive. So best get busy sorting yourself out. Because if you don't, well then you don't matter to existence. Bye.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


All your life you have been Afraid. Afraid of the dark. Afraid of monsters. Afraid of the boogeyman. Afraid of pain. Afraid of death. Afraid of living. Afraid of dying. Afraid of the unknown. Afraid of suffocation. Afraid of elevators. Afraid of embarrassment. Afraid of not getting what you want. Afraid of getting what you want. Afraid of failing. Afraid of not being good enough. Afraid no-one will want you. Maybe you're Afraid of going to hell.

Maybe you are Afraid you will condemn yourself the same way you have condemned others? Then that creates more fear because now you are Afraid you will go into depression, or Afraid you will want to kill yourself, or do something harmful to yourself. God dammit hurry up and make up another fear so you don't do anything stupid like that. Now you need to create another really big ass fear so that nobody sees that you're Afraid that someone might find out you are Afraid!!!

So now remember... an extra heavy layer of fear that makes you look all happy all the time is a good disguise to all this fear. Kinda like icing on a big fat fear cake. Hmmm.. This is kinda becoming a problem.

Have you ever considered wearing a disguise? Lets see... Maybe you would like the funny man disguise. Thats a real good one. Everyone likes a funny man. This is how that one goes. You ALWAYS have a hilarious joke ready. Its a bit tricky cuz you ALWAYS have to be ready with a joke. Takes a lot of practice, but its ok, cuz you're Afraid anyway, so all this fear energy helps you be ready with a good joke. And the best part is... people will laugh at your joke, and you don't have to talk about anything that may expose your fears!!! Cuz its so freakin HILARIOUS!!! WAAAAHAHAHAHAAAA... !!!!

Maybe you like the serious, educated man disguise. That's a good one too. All you have to do is constantly think that 'you're the best' and talk all serious about important things. Almost everyone uses this one, so you really have to work at it to win. Helps to get some kind of higher education so you have a paper to show people how smart you are. Then you can use the disguise to get friends that can help you get money, so you can make your disguise even more awesome looking!! The more money you get, the better the disguise will be!

Here's a real clever disguise for you. Oh this one is sooo good you even fool yourself! No-one will ever know... Its the ultimate ... its the 'I'm so humble and caring' disguise. Haaaaaahaha Ya its awesome! You can wear it a number of different ways. You can pretend to be caring about something like uhhh.. the earth, just say a few things here and there... or recycle some stuff and you're in... really, simple eh.

Or you can act like you care about the animals, just join a club or something, may have to give a couple bucks to a charity or something like that... no biggy. Or you can pretend that you just live a simple life, you're so humble, and you know you cant do much..., so you just do what you can... little acts of kindness... to help someone... here and there, because you are so humble and wise. Its kinda like a double-layer disguise. Many people use this one, I'd say its by far the most used disguise of all. So good for hiding that one, like a total camouflage!

Oh and of course there's the religious disguise. That's an old one, but a goody. Ol' faithful, just throw it on and head out to church on Sunday once in a while. Toss in a few prayers here and there and you're good to go. The best part about this one is, you can make yourself believe you're special! So you get to go to heaven in your head sometimes!! Bon-us!

There's tonnes of other disguises... all kinds of belief disguises, career disguises, family disguises, addiction disguises, group disguises, beautiful and ugly disguises, talented disguises, strong and weak disguises... you name it, their out there.

So just F***The World and choose your favorite disguise!!!! Everybody's doin it!!

I mean, I don't think there's any problem with it. Ya ya, I know bout the billion starvin people, an the plastic garbage in the ocean, an the corruption, an wars an animal abuse, an chemicals, an factory farms, an slave labor an all that stuff... I dont worry bout that... that's not my problem. I didn't do it!! Its not me!!! Its not like 'Total Annihilation' or something lol. Someone will figure it out... some day.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Construction - All for Appearances...

In my work as a general contractor/handyman, I assist people wanting to renovate their homes. I enjoy building things which is why I got into construction. However, there are some realities in this trade which I have become more aware of over the past few years. I would like to post about this to share my perspective.

Firstly, I would like to say, that I don't have a lot of money at this point, and I would really like to stop what I am doing, but I need money to support myself in this world. The enjoyment of construction has become less and less, due to the nature of this business. That being of renovating peoples homes for the sake of appearances.

What do I mean by 'appearances'. Not helping people for practical living, but helping people look 'good' as in, making the mask look better. To give an example, a lady asked me to demolish some tile - perfectly good floor tile - so she could replace it with a different color. This kind of thing amazes me. To me, this is evidence that our lives are so pathetic, that we are actually concerned with the color of our floors. There is so much to explore and experience within ourselves, yet, we are worried about the color of our floors. Many people dont even have homes, yet we are adamant about our renovations to make ourselves appear better. God for bid your floor is dirty. Seriously.

Others ask me to demolish and/or trash perfectly good and useful materials such as lights, sinks, toilets, counters, accessories etc. Why? Because it doesn't visually appeal to them. Or sometimes they would like to sell their house for a higher price.

This reflects how separated we are from ourselves as the physical reality. We have become so self-centered, wasteful and blind in our world, that we don't even realize what we are doing and the effects we are having.

There is a solution that will solve everything fortunately that will be implemented soon. That is Equal Money for All. That will solve everything from war, to cancer, to starvation, to poverty, to pollution to child abuse to child trafficking to slave labor - you name it. In an Equal Money System everyone has equal responsibility in the world to do what is best for all.

Im sure we are all sick of this corporate run, capitalistic, diabolical, pollution ridden and war ravaged world on the verge of annihilating humanity. Equal Money is the manifestation of heaven on earth. This is our only home so its time to stand up and support a system that actually supports life. No more ego. No more excuses. Lets just get it done.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Alcohol is Abuse - My Experience and How I stopped

I remember when I was young I would have sips of my Dads beer. I loved the taste of it. My parents thought that was strange. I thought it was strange that they thought that was strange. My parents drank occasionally, nothing excessive.

Once the door was open at around age 16 at high school parties people were bringing alcohol. I was able to get it at the time as I looked above the legal age. So me, not knowing what to expect, just went along with the crowd and began drinking. My tolerance wasn't high, and I would drink really fast, and end up hugging the toilet bowl "praying to god to stop the awful feeling" and telling myself "I'm NEVER going to drink again for the rest of my life.

Reflecting on those experiences now (that scenario happened quite a few times) I see that my body was reacting to the poison of the alcohol, and telling me that it did not like the experience. Even now just writing about it I feel a little nauseous. Yet, I did not listen to my body, I listened to my friends say "lets go get some beer" or "lets party" or whatever. Why was I so stupid as to listen to them over my own body??

Eventually my tolerance became higher, and I could drink a 6 pack without puking my guts out. Then a 12 pack, and then a 24 in a day. My father did tell me once "why do people drink so much beer, imagine drinking 24 Pepsi's." But that didn't really help me to understand the whole thing much, as-in what was the big fascination with alcohol. I mean, really after all the puking I did.. I really did hate it... But I was doing it anyway.. wth??

Upon looking back I see that I was doing it for a few reasons.

1. To be and appear more "Adult"
2. To hang out and have fun with my friends
3. It seemed like the only thing to do at the time

Looking at these points, I see that they are totally based on bogus starting points

1. I didnt feel accepted as who I am as a teenager, therefore I had to "prove" myself as being "as good/strong/macho/tolerant/experienced as" an adult. Therefore the responsibility lies with me for not standing as this point. As if everyone stood in this point, then society would not have the problem of teenagers not feeling accepted.

I forgive myself for not accepting myself and defining myself as weak, bad, and inexperienced.

2. Again, me needing to feel accepted by my friends and do what they do. Why didnt I explore the option of just being myself? Why did I give in so easily? Why didnt I stop when I had the awful experiences I did? Answer - feeling less than others, thus the need to attain some form of acceptance. What I really needed to do was accept myself unconditionally for who I am here and learn how to express myself.

I forgive myself for not allowing myself to explore my own expression

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think of myself as less than others

I forgive myself for not listening to my body when it was telling me that it didn't like alcohol.

3. Why did I not explore my options? My options are infinite!!! Why did I just "fall in line with the crowd?" I think there was a fear construct going on there. I was afraid a little of losing my friends whom I really associated with myself as buddies. People that were like me and I liked being around. I did like being around others as well, but the friends I had seemed to be accepting of me somewhat, at least tolerant anyway. One thing I have really begun to understand is exploring my options... there are always options and you don't have to do the first thing that comes to mind.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to just follow the crowd without exploring the options available to me which are infinite

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear losing my friends

I see now in my 40's that people are still within the same old constructs with alcohol. Its pretty sad really. Still needing to be accepted. Now its more of a self-interested addiction thing. A way to try and escape, meanwhile supressing yourself from what really needs to be done. Theres tonnes of things that need to be done within the process of self-realization. A lot of people think that they arent any good at anything. Thats a really bad excuse if I ever heard one. The whole point of the process is to "find" your expression, like going on a treasure hunt. It takes time to develop self trust within this. Self-honesty=Self-trust=Self-expression. Thats the formula.

It was pretty easy for me to quit alcohol. I didnt really like it lol. I saw that it was abusive. Not to mention I hated the hangovers... blaaah. When you really see what you are doing to yourself from that perspective, the addiction just falls away.

So until everyone is able to prove by living, that we are equally able to take responsibility for ourselves as life... until that time, alcolol is meerely a false escape route that leads to disaster.
Therefore there is only one common sense solution that is best for all.

Ban Alcohol


William Cuff

Monday, 2 May 2011

Canada Votes

So we are having an election here in Canada. People say if you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain. Well, that seems to be a flawed system when none of the parties represented in the election support a system whereby all are treated equally, with dignity and respect. All parties in Canada currently represent an ABUSIVE, hierarchical money system. It is a system that actually rewards and feeds greed, ignorance, suppression, pollution, and all kinds of deceitfulness for profit and power.

I am not complaining. I am simply stating the facts. Look at the world around you... really look.. in the streets, in the dark corners... in peoples eyes, and you will find more than enough examples of how we have failed to take responsibility to honor life. It is a complete and utter disgrace, a disgusting hell-hole with a clever veneer. The consequences of our dishonesty are going to be severe, terrifying and unavoidable. There is no escaping ourselves.

I am using my opportunity here, to use my voice, my writing, whatever I manifest a system that supports ALL life, whereby everyone is treated equally, a system where everyone has equal opportunity. A system that has the potential to solve ALL... get that ALL the worlds problems when implemented. I am ONE VOICE. I am ONE VOTE for an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM.

I'm sick of struggling to survive when there is more than enough resources to feed everyone on the planet many times over. I'm sick of living in a corrupt system of enslavement. I'm sick of the mistreatment of people and animals in this world because no-one has the guts to stand up and stand for life. Sick of a fake and cowardly world. Its time to stop the b.s. and stand for what really matters. Equality is the only way, so lets get it done.