Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What is Insanity

In Equality, supporting others is also supporting yourself, as you share perspective, you see points come up within yourself. I understand that people think I am crazy or brainwashed or belong in an insane asylum... I really have no problem with that. In fact, I rather enjoy being an Equality whore.

Take a moment to look at the world we live in. Do we not all belong in an insane asylum? Are we not all together insane? We are killing eachother for no reason, selling children as sex and labor slaves, torturing animals through factory farming, hoarding and stealing money from eachother, polluting our planet, making animals extinct, believing in an invisible man/god that will come and save us all, pretending to be that which we are not, meanwhile abdicating that which we are. I can think of countless more examples....

Is it any wonder it is considered insane to stand for life?

All the while, the most profoundly simple solution to it all is here right in front of us, that being equal money for all. How simple is that? Yet we are unable at this point to collectively stand and support such a system, because of our separation and beliefs. We are programmed to believe that this is "just the way it is" and we follow that belief like lost puppy dogs. Pathetic.

Who has the guts to stand for life and be considered insane by all their friends and family? Who has the guts to tell it like it is amidst the total denial and criticism of virtually everyone? Is it guts? Or is it through research, self-honesty and self-introspection that one truly grasps and realizes the dire state that we are all in.

What is the real evil in this world? Denial. Fear of facing self as who we really are.

The fascinating thing is that there really is nothing to fear, and actually facing ourselves would bring heaven on earth. Yet who wants that?

The span of our lifetime is virtually irrelevant upon taking into account eternity. Are we prepared to face that? Obviously no, we are not prepared.

This does not excuse us from our responsibility here... this is our opportunity to stop the systems and become life. I am taking up the challenge. There is really no alternative as this life is a virtual hell... claiming to be heaven for the few. Unacceptable.

There is only one option, Equality and life, or the system and hell.

It's time to wake the fuck up

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Physical and The Mind

Look at the universe in two separate categories...

The physical - things you can touch

The mind/ego/persona - Thoughts, ideas, beliefs, desires, knowledge, information, symbols, conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious, dimensions, densities, imaginations etc. - things we cannot physically touch

This is how we have created separation, through creation of the mind, because we feared and did not understand who we are. We all currently exist within our separated bubbles of consciousness.

We as individual beings are existing within a physical body, but we also have created a mind/ego/false persona through which we process knowledge and information - the mind being that which is not real in that it separates us, by way of deluding us from seeing the physical as it truly is. Example - You look at a tree and say - "Thats an elm tree" labeling it with a definition as something separate from yourself so that you may process the information and gain knowledge and perceived power over it. This as opposed to seeing the tree as equal to who you are without the limitation of definition.

Observe within your own mind you can do virtually anything... fly, travel, entertain yourself in various ways.. anything is possible. Yet it is not real, because it is not expressed or experienced equally in the physical, but in a separate reality, and thus not shared with all. Everything real in the universe - that which exist as actual tangible outflows, is physical.

Many people believe they can ascend to a higher density or different reality attempting to transcend or bypass the physical. To transcend the physical is to spite the physical. Its like saying " fuck you - I don't want to deal with all this bullshit I created... I'm leaving for a better place". That is irresponsible. There is no "better place" as all the physical is equal. If we look at what is actually happening in our world, its no wonder that people want to "leave" or "ascend" to some "higher place" but there is no excuse as we all collectively allowed this world to exist as it is now. Here is what we have accepted and allowed in our reality and it must be changed by us, here and now through a process of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, common sense, and practical application.

It is the mind of dimensions that must be transcended and stopped, so that we stand equal and one with what we create in the physical here. It is to be present in every moment in the breath, taking responsibility for who we are and what we allow. Why must one go to another density to do this? Where are you going to go? What are you hoping to find? Why can we not take responsibility for ourselves here and bring about equality and heaven on earth?

When we are truly self-honest with ourselves, not being enslaved to fears or systems or false perceptions of who we are, we will then be able to express and share ourselves unconditionally and equally with all.

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Don't Underestimate Equality

When I first got myself involved in and understood Equality, I was so excited and intrigued. I found it so fascinating and captivating all I wanted to do all day was watch Desteni videos. I was also equally excited to share what I understood with other people in person and help them understand it. For me, it answered so many questions, and it was an absolutely solid foundation for which I could base my life, it was a principal I could live by that was completely undeniable.

So I began showing the videos to some people and sharing with friends and family. I very enthusiastically shared with everyone I knew about it. I knew there would be lots of questions and resistances, but I truly thought that everyone would love it and become excited as I was. This however was not the case, and I found it quite strange.

Why don't people get it? It really is so simple. Why arent people begging for more information about Equality and how and why we exist as we do? Why don't people want to LIVE instead of being enslaved to a system of absolute cruelty and spitefulness? WTH???

looking at the point, I see that there is much more to grasping equality than what I had thought. The reason I had understood it and was so overtaken by it was because I had done my own personal research into myself and "why things exist as they do". I had studied most religions in depth for myself because I wanted to know the real truth of my existence for myself. But to try and show or explain that to someone else is somewhat futile.

There is also the point of being able to trust oneself in realization of the cold and hard reality. People dont want to understand equality for a few primary reasons.

1. They are afraid of what people will think of them - Seriously people. That is a lame and pathetic excuse for not wanting to understand yourself. Isn't knowing yourself for real more important than that? Come on... are you really that selfish that you cant even change your 'image' of yourself, because you are afraid of what others will think? If you cant get over than then you truly dont deserve life.

2. People think they know it all already. - I would suggest that becoming very aware of what you don't understand and having the humility to admit that fact to yourself. Many are so full of themselves they automatically assume equality is just some kind of new gimmik like all the other gimmiks in this world. The question is what price are you willing to pay based on this assumption?

3. People think equality is a cult. - How can equality be a cult? The very word equality suggests just that - no hidden agenda, no secrets, no hierarchy, but simply accepting who we are and changing ourselves into something that honors life. Is that so bad? No! Its awesome!

4. People dont want to have to take responsibility for themselves. - Many people enjoy being controlled and told what to do and who to be and how to act and what to say. Why would you choose that instead of youself allowing yourself to express yourself in whatever way you really wanted to express yourself?? Seems ridiculous to want anything else.

5. People think they will have to give up their lives or their ideas or their dreams or their idea of love. You are not losing those things but realizing equality, you actually gain them in a far more profound way!! People don't ever consider their misplaced starting point. That those things which they think are real, are not. They are based in spitefulness, and thus only exist within their minds, temporarily as a passive comfort in their reality to keep them enslaved. Those are the things which will actually lead one to losing oneself. Hefty price for not taking the time to understand.

6. People actually fear equality because they do realize it is the truth of who we are. - If this is the case, then why let a fear stop you from at least understanding it? Fear is not real. Within this fear, people think that they will not be able to do it. That is lack of self-trust, and there is no excuse for that because you are here, aware of yourself. Learn to trust yourself that you will not be 'mind controlled' if you learn about something and you will actually be quite surprised at what you find.

7. People think they understand, but they dont. Do not underestimate equality. Do not assume that you get it until you are actually standing as life, here, as the breath. If you understand equality, then you will be standing with Desteni, assisting everyone unconditionally in standing for life and stopping abuse within our world.

There are other reasons, all of which are based on pre-programming by parents and teachers and friends in the early stages of ones life.

Interestingly enough, my efforts have largely gone in vain, as not one person has come to understand equality since I began. People have to understand. I am no better than any of you because I understand and walk equality. I want to assist you as I would like to be assisted equally. That is the whole point of equality. There is no better than/less than. We have to stop our egos and learn to walk as equals assisting eachother in doing what is best for all. Common sense.

Once you grasp equality, there is no turning back. It is very profound and actually quite simple really. However, people let things like ideas, fears and personal desires stand in the way of life. This cannot continue like this. Either you will stand for equality or you and all your falseness will fall.

I see that many people are very moved by money as money is a big fear... I myself had much fear of money in the past, but no longer. An opportunity has arisen for me to make money. Will this allow me to get the point across more profoundly? Whatever works... I will use it, and we shall see.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Opportunity For Expansion

Interesting day. Went to a meeting for a group

involved in multi-level marketing. I see the point

of myself no longer being enslaved to the idea that

I must not make money for myself so that I can

remain poor, so that I can believe that I am

"better than" those who earn money because I

believe myself to be 'more humble' - defining

them as self-interested and egotistical. Now

I accept my responsibility to earn a significant

income so that I may support myself and the

equal life foundation.

My primary focus is to network myself so that

I may expand myself and desteni I process in
expanding equality. I see this as an opportunity
for me to direct myself and move myself in
meeting people and sharing my process of
self-realization. Sharing the concept of equal
money for all, in that ALL can be 'wealthy'
through an equal money system.

I see this as an opportunity for all Destonians
to do this as a business. Assuming it is available
in your country, (currently available in roughly
60 countries) this can be a very effective tool
for spreading the message of equality, in assisting
ourselves to make others aware of what we are
accepting and allowing within our world, and to
stop all abuse of life.

Equality is the only solution.

There is no other way.

It is quite simple. I will be dealing with
people who's motivation is that of 'fear of being
poor' or 'success and personal power'. It is clear
that many will not hear or want to hear, as they
are so locked within the system of their minds.
Yet I will persevere nonetheless.. I am certainly
going to have fun putting myself out there, in
the face of those who think they are special.
I will not waste my breath with those who will
not look at themselves honestly. There will be
some who listen. And to those I will make my
points clear and specific, in the breath, not
moved by emotion or feeling when I speak.

In this I will be taking on more responsibility
for myself, therefore It is critical and necessary
that I be more specific and direct with myself,
as more severe consequences could come into
play if I allow myself to participate in the mind.
My starting point is clear. Equality is inevitable..

So lets get it done.