Saturday, 26 November 2011

No More Anxiety Attacks in an Equal Money System

Anxiety is the number 1 illness in Canada and the U.S. The amount of people suffering from some form of anxiety disorder in Canada is estimated at an astonishing 12-13%. The actual number is likely much higher than that.

It is I have personally suffered from acute anxiety attacks at various stages in my life. I was very stressed by a host of problems in my life from money, to relationships, to school etc. I began noticing strange feelings of tightness, light pain and 'electrical charges' within my body at times, often after or during experiences of getting high. Its interesting that looking back now, I can see that I did not understand my body and how it worked whatsoever.

This makes me question our education system, social system and parental upbringing. Why was I not educated about the most basic, and most important factor in my life - my body? Really... all those years of education and I had no real idea how my body functions? Extreme oversight... or negligence?

I cannot place blame, as I did not even take it upon myself to understand my body either. This will be a central theme of education in an Equal Money System from a very early age. We should be supporting children in how the body works and how to pay attention to signs our bodies give us.

As anxiety progressed in me, I became so anxious I could not sleep for hours. I had shortness of breath, pain in my limbs and feelings of terror that I cannot describe. I thought I was having a heart attack, as that is what it felt like, but I really didn't know. It was utterly horrible, like a feeling that you are being crushed on the inside. My heart would begin palpitating and I would become very frightened, leading to panic attacks.

I visited a number of doctors who offered virtually no help whatsoever. At one point my heart was racing in my chest in the middle of the night (after too much caffeine) and I was very scared and taken to hospital. An hour drive at the time.. sigh. The doctor told me I was fine and sent me back to work the next day!? Then the very same thing happened the next day. Quite a startling realization that most doctors have very little consideration or understanding of how the body works as well.

This continued for roughly two years until I was prescribed some medication to assist me and the attacks eventually subsided. The doctor informed me not to take the medication for too long or it would harm me in the long run.

With so much high anxiety in our society its no wonder large pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars every year off of anxiety. These drugs only cover up the problem as opposed to getting to the root of the issue and resolving it. The issue is stress, and what is single biggest cause of stress in our society? Money.

If we simply implement an Equal Money System, it would reduce 90% of the stress in our lives and eliminate anxiety disorder completely! It is the complete cure! Big pharmaceutical companies don't want to hear that though, they are making huge profit from anxiety, so having it built into the system is good news for them.

Do we not want to live free from anxiety? Wouldn't that be fantastic to solve the number 1 illness in Canada and the U.S. and then watch all the pharmaceutical corporations disappear?

The Equal Money System is the ultimate solution to end all greed, corruption, war, abuse manipulation, slavery, and utter nonsense we are living as. Only an elitist, or a complete fool would disagree. Support Equal Money for All for a dignified life.

Shocking anxiety disorder statistics;

- 40 million people in the U.S. will experience an impairment because of an anxiety condition this year.

- Those who experience anxiety and stress have a very high propensity for drug abuse and addictions.

- There were over 3.3 Billion prescriptions filled in America in 2002 (12 times the U.S’s population - that’s 12 prescriptions for every man, woman, and child in the U.S. that year).

Descriptions of different types of anxiety as well as symptoms

Why are you not usingT.V and the newspapers as your main source to give this important message across.. all will listen to the ultimate solution

Looking at this point within myself I see that I must take responsibility to post more perspective regarding news stories. Our media, though claiming to offer an unbiased investigation, news production is precisely scripted to give a narrow view of the problems in our world, thereby providing a very one-dimensional picture to news stories. News media is very limited and impractical as it never offers the ultimate solution.

The solution they do offer is always channeled through either our senseless justice system, our corrupt political systems, our inept medical system, or our bullying, abusive military and police systems. All of which pay tribute to the ultimate god of this world... Money. That which reflects to us the extent of our abusive and irresponsible disregard for life. We seem to prefer our selfish bubbles of illusion and fake love to make us feel comfortable in a world full of deception.

Narrator puppets find all their glory in promoting self-righteous morality as a means for us to justify in our mind why we are powerless to do anything. This is outright deception, as we have a voice and we now have internet where we can investigate, blog, vlog, and post our perspective on issues. Not only that, but we have the ULTIMATE SOLUTION on a golden platter right before us....


If this ultimate solution is right here for us... why don't we all stand up and support it? Two primary answers.

1. NEGLECT - Not questioning ourselves deeply enough or willing to investigate what is REALLY going on. Therefore we prefer to blame others as the evil ones so that we don't have to take responsibility for our world. We even take it to the extent that we want to see others suffer horribly as an outflow of our desire for revenge. The extent of evil and self-deception that we allow to continue within ourselves and our world is far beyond description. How easily to just 'change the channel' in the T.V. in our minds... Do we need Death, Hell and Destruction knocking at our door to stop this? They are all here.

2. FEAR - We clearly see ourselves for who we really are within our daily participation. So our minds work feverishly to compartmentalize our experience of ourselves within alternate personality structures so that we (THINK!!!)we can evade ourselves. Quite simply, if you hide from yourself for long enough, the consequences become more extreme for yourself, as the reflection of you as your world attempts to reflect to you who you really are so you may realize yourself. Many choose to spite themselves out of existence entirely through cycles of self-condemnation, unable to forgive themselves as they are too afraid to accept and embrace themselves and change to support all life equally.

And if you think god is the answer... please, we have been enchanted with the stories and illusion of the invisible man for long enough. If he did exist, he is cruel beyond measure, as we currently exist as absolute cruelty, in his image. That would make heaven a living hell indeed. But who needs that when we are already living in pure hell. Maybe you haven't experienced it yet... just look around a little bit, you will.

Its time to stand up and expose the deception in the system and in the news so we can change our world through taking self-responsibility. If we do this, we will create an Equal Money System! And ultimately, a heaven on earth, where it should be... not out there somewhere, but here, as us, as the living expression of life in self-honesty, supporting all life equally with dignity and respect.

Lets face ourselves, and forgive ourselves, so that we do not ever let this happen again.

Will food be varied and available for all? What about rare and presently expensive foods only presently available for the rich?

Within our current greed and profit driven money system, food production and consumption is abused to the extreme. Billions of tonnes of food every year is completely wasted reflecting our selfish greed and failure to take responsibility for ourselves and our bodies.

The Equal Money System is the only solution that would make food available to everyone in a far more practical, efficient, healthy and trustworthy manner, that will virtually eliminate all this waste.

It has been estimated that up to 40-50% of food is wasted. Appalling considering there are approximately 1 BILLION people starving in our world today. I personally estimate the percentage to be quite higher around 60-70%.

Why should anyone starve if we produce enough food to feed our planet 12 times over? Is starvation then not murder? We are ALL murderers, because we allow it to exist in our world.

Take the example of how large corporations such as Monsanto have created a monopoly (abuse through manipulation of the legal system) on seeds within the farming industry. Seeds are now genetically engineered to expire. Ridiculous.

In an EMS, deceptive soda corporations will no longer be able to seduce consumers through mass advertising and selling products that are toxic poisons to our bodies. Food will be prepared in a way that will assist ones body, thus removing much of the harmful sugar, salt and other chemicals.

Factory farms are a living hell. Why do we allow this??? It is an appalling nightmare that we have refused to consider. Animals stuck in cages, unable to see sunlight for their entire lives and frequently tortured and abused by their keepers. Day and night they suffer EXTREME abuse because of a profit driven money system. Factory farming will be totally changed to a responsible respectful way of treating animals in an EMS.

The EMS will inevitably create much far more efficient ways of distributing food so that it is available to all equally. As we look at some of the practical points, example shipping foods to other countries when the foods can be grown and consumed locally is simple common sense. Removing the competition for profit factor will allow this to naturally occur, thus making distribution far more efficient. We can eliminate the marketing of food, so that it become a practical means of supporting what the body needs, thus further reducing unnecessary vocations that merely deceive and enslave us all.

In taking responsibility for our food, we will support our bodies eating deliciously prepared meals that will be available to all in a practical fashion. Food will be prepared by those who equally consider your health as opposed to making a profit off of foods that create disease in your body.

Those types of food which are considered delicacies are often attained through cruel and wasteful killing of animals for certain "special" parts such as bear gall bladders or shark fins. Often these foods are consumed for novelty or superstition that one believes it will make them healthier. If it causes unnecessary harm to any being on your planet, then such superstition is abusive and unacceptable.

We can also take the example of Alaskan king crab, where people risk their lives to catch these animals that sell for a handsome profit. It is likely that people will be less willing to risk their lives for such a delicacy within an EMS, as one will not be forced to do so because of an abusive money system and there will be less profit in it. It is likely that some will still wish to continue this profession merely for enjoyment, which is fine, but there will be less rush to do so, and therefore less danger, as it will not be for profit, but rather for equal, practical consumption.

Food will become a practical common sense tool for supporting our bodies, as it should be. So lets take responsibility for all aspects of ourselves and the food we eat by supporting an Equal Money System.

How can I get sex in EMS if I cannot find a girl to form an agreement and there are no hookers?

Hookers will not exist in an Equal Money System. In prostitution, women and children often find themselves in situations where they are forced to become a sex slave to those in positions of power who have access to money. So sex is not an expression of self, but rather having to sacrifice ones body in order to survive - unacceptable.

Removing money from the equation of relationships, we can see that the possibility for coercion is eliminated, as the 'fear of survival' factor is removed. So we can see that any act of intimacy desired by a person, can only be negotiated within an agreement with another person, based on communication and mutual, equal consent of the participants.

Rape is clearly not an option, and will not exist in an Equal Money System, as it is obviously abuse. The point of the Equal Money System is to replace abusive behavior with that of allowing each being to take responsibility for themselves in order to honor life rather than abuse it.

So how does a person get sex if one cannot find a girl to form an agreement?

We first look at the starting point of an individuals desire(s) to determine if the desire is in fact aligned with the principle of 'whats best for all'.

Therefore, if ones desire for sex is purely based self-interest or belief ex. "I feel horny" or "Im afraid of being alone", then one must take responsibility for these feelings and first learn how to "be intimate with oneself" alleviating the false belief/desire that one is dependent on another to express self-intimacy. Intimacy and happiness are not something separate from self, therefore if one desire intimacy/happiness, one must take responsibility within oneself to express self-intimacy and/or happiness, regardless of ones situation. In this, there is no opportunity to blame another, as each is self-responsible. It is necessary to understand that within this transitional EMS, we still have consequences that we must face, in facing ourselves as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as, until we all stand equal in every way.

If one desire sex with a partner, then one will have opportunity to pursue the necessary steps to understand and facilitate all the aspects of participating in an agreement that would support all life, within the principle of equality and whats best for all, as education for these topics will be made widely available to all, for free.

Additionally, many aspects of our lives will change dramatically, to the extent that we will be interacting with eachother a lot more, hence we will be meeting new people all the time through various social interactions where all are invited to participate and share themselves unconditionally.

Another factor that causes people to fear themselves is the current beauty system. How we worship those that appear beautiful based on our Hollywood programmed beliefs of what beauty is. This will greatly change in an Equal Money System as beauty will not be so heavily based in appearance, but more on pure self-expression. Thus removing the fear that "I am not beautiful enough" which is delusion.

The ratio of men to women is roughly equal on this planet, therefore finding an agreement will be rather simple for the most part. Those that desire an agreement will be assisted and supported through practical understanding of oneself. Once one has come to self-realization as the unconditional expression of life here, it is most likely that women will be breaking down your door just to be with you and share with you.

Heaven on Earth...

Thursday, 17 November 2011

What Are You Afraid Of?

Fear... the single biggest underlying motivational factor of our current existence. I should not even need to go on any further.

Stop right here.

This is shocking to the core, and seriously BEYOND ABSURD! The fact that we, as co-creators of our existence, can manipulate, and be manipulated by cruelty, whether subtle or explicit, to cause each other immense suffering for personal gain, is a complete and utter disgrace to life itself.

We do not live... we are manifesting the opposite - evil.

Lets put it this way. If the whole world goes to hell as in complete destruction so that life cannot be supported on this planet, Do we not all suffer the consequences equally? What will we say then? We tried to be good? Think that will fly??? Seriously? Where the fuck will we be to say that bullshit? Nowhere. We wont have a fucking voice, because the physical earth gives us a voice.

Are we afraid to face the shit we are all in?

Are we afraid to stand up for life?

What are we afraid of? Specifically. Afraid that people will judge us? Afraid we will lose money or status? Afraid to speak? All of these are extremely lame excuses, none of which have any merit whatsoever and no excuse is valid in fact.

This is so retarded. How can we stand idly by watching the rape of life because of our petty fears.

Do we only give a shit about ourselves, our family and friends?

We wont have a family or friends if we don't stop this shit now. Whether we have a family or not, we are ALONE. All-one with our existence.

Interesting how our minds tell us we are a 'good person' so that we don't have to take responsibility for all this. If the world is full of cruelty and ignorance, guess what, we are equal to our existence, so while we claim to be good, we are still equal to an existence of cruelty and ignorance because WE DON'T STOP IT AND CHANGE IT!

We are already facing some horrifying consequences of what we have accepted and allowed to exist as ourselves. Things will only get worse if we don't stop the fears.

It important to understand that any fear we have of ourselves, can be stopped through self-forgiveness and walking equality. This is required to be done by everyone.

I could use the absolute most profuse, horrifying and terrifyingly brutal words that I can think of to illustrate my point, but words have a very limited capacity to describe our experiences.

Please stop the fears for real, stand up and support equality and an equal money system while we are here. It is the only solution.