Saturday, 26 November 2011

Will food be varied and available for all? What about rare and presently expensive foods only presently available for the rich?

Within our current greed and profit driven money system, food production and consumption is abused to the extreme. Billions of tonnes of food every year is completely wasted reflecting our selfish greed and failure to take responsibility for ourselves and our bodies.

The Equal Money System is the only solution that would make food available to everyone in a far more practical, efficient, healthy and trustworthy manner, that will virtually eliminate all this waste.

It has been estimated that up to 40-50% of food is wasted. Appalling considering there are approximately 1 BILLION people starving in our world today. I personally estimate the percentage to be quite higher around 60-70%.

Why should anyone starve if we produce enough food to feed our planet 12 times over? Is starvation then not murder? We are ALL murderers, because we allow it to exist in our world.

Take the example of how large corporations such as Monsanto have created a monopoly (abuse through manipulation of the legal system) on seeds within the farming industry. Seeds are now genetically engineered to expire. Ridiculous.

In an EMS, deceptive soda corporations will no longer be able to seduce consumers through mass advertising and selling products that are toxic poisons to our bodies. Food will be prepared in a way that will assist ones body, thus removing much of the harmful sugar, salt and other chemicals.

Factory farms are a living hell. Why do we allow this??? It is an appalling nightmare that we have refused to consider. Animals stuck in cages, unable to see sunlight for their entire lives and frequently tortured and abused by their keepers. Day and night they suffer EXTREME abuse because of a profit driven money system. Factory farming will be totally changed to a responsible respectful way of treating animals in an EMS.

The EMS will inevitably create much far more efficient ways of distributing food so that it is available to all equally. As we look at some of the practical points, example shipping foods to other countries when the foods can be grown and consumed locally is simple common sense. Removing the competition for profit factor will allow this to naturally occur, thus making distribution far more efficient. We can eliminate the marketing of food, so that it become a practical means of supporting what the body needs, thus further reducing unnecessary vocations that merely deceive and enslave us all.

In taking responsibility for our food, we will support our bodies eating deliciously prepared meals that will be available to all in a practical fashion. Food will be prepared by those who equally consider your health as opposed to making a profit off of foods that create disease in your body.

Those types of food which are considered delicacies are often attained through cruel and wasteful killing of animals for certain "special" parts such as bear gall bladders or shark fins. Often these foods are consumed for novelty or superstition that one believes it will make them healthier. If it causes unnecessary harm to any being on your planet, then such superstition is abusive and unacceptable.

We can also take the example of Alaskan king crab, where people risk their lives to catch these animals that sell for a handsome profit. It is likely that people will be less willing to risk their lives for such a delicacy within an EMS, as one will not be forced to do so because of an abusive money system and there will be less profit in it. It is likely that some will still wish to continue this profession merely for enjoyment, which is fine, but there will be less rush to do so, and therefore less danger, as it will not be for profit, but rather for equal, practical consumption.

Food will become a practical common sense tool for supporting our bodies, as it should be. So lets take responsibility for all aspects of ourselves and the food we eat by supporting an Equal Money System.

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