Saturday, 26 November 2011

How can I get sex in EMS if I cannot find a girl to form an agreement and there are no hookers?

Hookers will not exist in an Equal Money System. In prostitution, women and children often find themselves in situations where they are forced to become a sex slave to those in positions of power who have access to money. So sex is not an expression of self, but rather having to sacrifice ones body in order to survive - unacceptable.

Removing money from the equation of relationships, we can see that the possibility for coercion is eliminated, as the 'fear of survival' factor is removed. So we can see that any act of intimacy desired by a person, can only be negotiated within an agreement with another person, based on communication and mutual, equal consent of the participants.

Rape is clearly not an option, and will not exist in an Equal Money System, as it is obviously abuse. The point of the Equal Money System is to replace abusive behavior with that of allowing each being to take responsibility for themselves in order to honor life rather than abuse it.

So how does a person get sex if one cannot find a girl to form an agreement?

We first look at the starting point of an individuals desire(s) to determine if the desire is in fact aligned with the principle of 'whats best for all'.

Therefore, if ones desire for sex is purely based self-interest or belief ex. "I feel horny" or "Im afraid of being alone", then one must take responsibility for these feelings and first learn how to "be intimate with oneself" alleviating the false belief/desire that one is dependent on another to express self-intimacy. Intimacy and happiness are not something separate from self, therefore if one desire intimacy/happiness, one must take responsibility within oneself to express self-intimacy and/or happiness, regardless of ones situation. In this, there is no opportunity to blame another, as each is self-responsible. It is necessary to understand that within this transitional EMS, we still have consequences that we must face, in facing ourselves as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as, until we all stand equal in every way.

If one desire sex with a partner, then one will have opportunity to pursue the necessary steps to understand and facilitate all the aspects of participating in an agreement that would support all life, within the principle of equality and whats best for all, as education for these topics will be made widely available to all, for free.

Additionally, many aspects of our lives will change dramatically, to the extent that we will be interacting with eachother a lot more, hence we will be meeting new people all the time through various social interactions where all are invited to participate and share themselves unconditionally.

Another factor that causes people to fear themselves is the current beauty system. How we worship those that appear beautiful based on our Hollywood programmed beliefs of what beauty is. This will greatly change in an Equal Money System as beauty will not be so heavily based in appearance, but more on pure self-expression. Thus removing the fear that "I am not beautiful enough" which is delusion.

The ratio of men to women is roughly equal on this planet, therefore finding an agreement will be rather simple for the most part. Those that desire an agreement will be assisted and supported through practical understanding of oneself. Once one has come to self-realization as the unconditional expression of life here, it is most likely that women will be breaking down your door just to be with you and share with you.

Heaven on Earth...

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  1. I hope you won't mind me asking if you have any references to peer reviewed articles corroborating your idea that, "if one desire [sic] intimacy/happiness, one must take responsibility within oneself to express self-intimacy and/or happiness, regardless of ones [sic] situation." I respect your right to your perspective, but question whether, social animals with real biological imperatives, humans significantly "express self-intimacy and/or happiness" in ourselves. Mindset contributes to one's sense of contentedness or happiness, but abundant research across the globe in different cultural settings involving a host of validated methodologies suggests the type and quality of our social interactions--in particular regarding the establishment of emotional and physical intimacy--bear directly on human morbidity and mortality. Moreover, the availability of critical quality interaction, copious studies also demonstrate, is independently affiliated, as in other social animals, with the group's evaluation of the particular individual--including, notably, assessment of physical aesthetics. So while I applaud general counsel to become more aware of and to care for ourselves, to think positively, and to nurture self-intimacy, convergent models of human evolution and the mechanics of social life strongly support a competitive model of socialization, including procuring what biomedical science divulges to be highly salubrious physical intimacy.

    I don't at all mean to appear disrespectful or contentious, but assertions like those in your final paragraph don't appear supported by the research literature, but instead seem to be expressions of opinion, not fact. Humans, again like many other social mammals, are competitive animals. Many high quality reproducible studies show we are socially vertically mobile--in the common parlance, that we are attracted to others higher up the social ladder. Moral arguments about this human social characteristic do not eliminate it and therefore serious doubt is cast on the veracity of arguments like, among others made here, because the numbers of women and men on the planet are roughly equal "finding an agreement will be rather simple for the most part."