Thursday, 17 November 2011

What Are You Afraid Of?

Fear... the single biggest underlying motivational factor of our current existence. I should not even need to go on any further.

Stop right here.

This is shocking to the core, and seriously BEYOND ABSURD! The fact that we, as co-creators of our existence, can manipulate, and be manipulated by cruelty, whether subtle or explicit, to cause each other immense suffering for personal gain, is a complete and utter disgrace to life itself.

We do not live... we are manifesting the opposite - evil.

Lets put it this way. If the whole world goes to hell as in complete destruction so that life cannot be supported on this planet, Do we not all suffer the consequences equally? What will we say then? We tried to be good? Think that will fly??? Seriously? Where the fuck will we be to say that bullshit? Nowhere. We wont have a fucking voice, because the physical earth gives us a voice.

Are we afraid to face the shit we are all in?

Are we afraid to stand up for life?

What are we afraid of? Specifically. Afraid that people will judge us? Afraid we will lose money or status? Afraid to speak? All of these are extremely lame excuses, none of which have any merit whatsoever and no excuse is valid in fact.

This is so retarded. How can we stand idly by watching the rape of life because of our petty fears.

Do we only give a shit about ourselves, our family and friends?

We wont have a family or friends if we don't stop this shit now. Whether we have a family or not, we are ALONE. All-one with our existence.

Interesting how our minds tell us we are a 'good person' so that we don't have to take responsibility for all this. If the world is full of cruelty and ignorance, guess what, we are equal to our existence, so while we claim to be good, we are still equal to an existence of cruelty and ignorance because WE DON'T STOP IT AND CHANGE IT!

We are already facing some horrifying consequences of what we have accepted and allowed to exist as ourselves. Things will only get worse if we don't stop the fears.

It important to understand that any fear we have of ourselves, can be stopped through self-forgiveness and walking equality. This is required to be done by everyone.

I could use the absolute most profuse, horrifying and terrifyingly brutal words that I can think of to illustrate my point, but words have a very limited capacity to describe our experiences.

Please stop the fears for real, stand up and support equality and an equal money system while we are here. It is the only solution.

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