Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Special Christmas

Happiness, joy, love, peace, family, friends, good food, presents, shopping, relaxing, special feelings, joy joy joy!

Tis the season to be spiteful, Fa la la la la, la la la lah

Why is Christmas centered around consumerism? Is it really necessary for us to buy gifts for eachother so we can fulfill our holiday obligation, or so we can feel 'special' because we gave a gift to someone? Are we really 'special' when the money we use to buy gifts comes from a corrupt system? So the whole reason of why we think we are special is because we have money? Obviously then you cant be special if you don't have money. Hmmm

Do we realize that our temporary 'special' feelings are at the expense the life of the planet and our lives? Isn't fulfilling of Christmas obligations dishonest self-abuse?

There is no denying that the mass consumption of products is destroying the earth. Take a look at all the plastic packaging that ends up in the ocean. Of the gifts you give and receive this year, take an honest look at what percentage you actually need. 1 of 10? 0 of 10?

Christmas is the most elaborate scheme used as a justification for abuse of ourselves and our world. We think of Christmas and we have all kinds of special feelings yet we refuse to see the consequences of what we are doing by not standing up for life. I remember the excitement I used to feel around Christmas, there were fun times of sharing with friends, but the gift giving always felt strange and awkward, though I will not deny I enjoyed getting gifts.

Here I will insert a line of self-forgiveness... I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel special because of giving to or receiving gifts from people

However I have come to realize that I didn't need 'gifts' from people. Why was my life not supported unconditionally? It appears that we are born into debt. Now I need to 'be a good boy' all year long obeying my parents form of morality trying to pay back my debt to them.. .WTF? Like worship Santa and my parents and family for being so kind and loving for giving me stuff. Oh thank you oh great and invisible Santa. Thou art so kind to choose me over the poor... please.

I realized that me being dependent on someone else to make me feel special is dishonest. I am not special, rather I am equal to everyone. No one is better than me, and I am no better than anyone. Its funny that people fear realizing their equality, 'omg... you mean I'm not special!?.. what, that would mean I'm just a nobody?' Equality means standing for life, as what is the best for everyone including yourself... no secrets, living for real instead of existing as robots enslaved in a system full of fake and insincere people.

Christmas is a good opportunity to investigate ourselves in this self-created religious ritual where we sacrifice ourselves for our false beliefs and selfish desires. Notice that while you can lie to yourself and make yourself believe it for a while, you cannot hide from yourself and will inevitably have no choice but to face yourself as who you have allowed yourself to become. Its time to stop the abuse of life by standing for equality and equal money for all. Here is a jingle exposing what Christmas is really all about...

Oh and btw, if anyone that tells you they love you this Christmas, they are doing it either out of obligation, or because they want to manipulate you into fear and false feeling of comfort, or because they fear having to face themselves and who they really are as equal.

Deck the halls to appear less frightful,

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Tis the season to be spiteful,

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Don we now our false appearance,

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Buy more junk because its on clearance,

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

See the raging war before us

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Rape the ocean chop the forest

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Follow god and his delusion

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Media spreading mass confusion

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Fast away the earth it passes,

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Hail the system ye lads and lasses

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Drown yourselves in alcohol,

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Heedless to the death of all,

fa la la la la la, la la la lah!

Monday, 19 December 2011

No more children trained for Mafia

In Mumbai India, doctors are paid to chop off the healthy arms and legs off hundreds of young children, scores of others have been blinded. The mafia gangs also pour acid on to the children’s bodies, leaving them with suppurating wounds. Crippled children generate more money as tourists sympathize with the children.

This practice was vaguely portrayed in the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Yet the situation is far worse that what was depicted in the movie.

"Complaints to the police are pointless. With the beggar mafia making more than £20 million a year in Mumbai alone, corrupt officers ensure that the trade thrives. According to official figures, as many as 44,000 children fall into the clutches of the beggar mafia in India each year and of these, hundreds are deliberately mutilated.

However, some charities say that the figure could be as high as a million. Most of the victims are under ten. ‘They are taught the most appropriate place to beg, the kind of people one should approach, and the kind of mannerisms that would make people sympathize,’ says Mufti Imran, a researcher with Save the Children"

Not all the ‘disappeared’ children are maimed or turned into beggars. But all face a truly grim future. According to human rights groups, some are forced into child pornography and used as sex slaves. Others are killed and have their organs sold to wealthy Indians.

Obviously this practice is savage and cruel, yet we have made it 'acceptable' by allowing a capitalistic system to exist. How is anyone able to say capitalism is acceptable when this is the direct consequence?

Living in self-interest, we are only concerned for our own well being and that of our families. So the root of the problem is us who have money, and in us not standing up to stop it, we are equally responsible as those who perform these acts of violence.

How would you feel if your limbs were amputated as a child so you could make money for gangs? Many will say 'oh its just the way the system works, you can't change it'. That is seditious and unacceptable. The solution is simple, an Equal Money System would stop all abuse and no longer allow such horrifying practices to continue.

Are we aware of these atrocities going on in our world? Multitudes of other disgraceful torture is currently happening that is not seen or reported in our world because of the acceptance of capitalism. This capitalist system is the destroyer of life. How much suffering will we allow before we say Enough already! Stand up and support a dignified life for all. Equal Money for All.

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Art in an Equal Money System

Art is a reflection of us. It can be used as an introspective tool for us to see who we are, and it can show us a great deal about ourselves. Lets pose the question - Why do we judge artwork as 'good/beautiful' or 'bad/ugly', often classifying Art into categories and definitions?

Interestingly, we base our judgements and opinions on how much feeling we derive from the Art... This is purely self-interest and ego, seeing from our limited bubble of reality. But there is another subtle principle to observe. We often secretly judge Art based on how much work or effort went into creating the Art.

What does this show us about ourselves and our values? We apparently give great value to hard work, regardless of our ignorance and inability to see the starting point - what was the motivation behind all the hard work? Does it support or suppress life as a whole?

Consider this. How is a person able to do art, unless they have enough money and support to do so? Is a 'great Artist' really that great if one has all the time they want to just focus on Art? Who supported the artist in daily life, and why do they not get equal credit for the Artwork? And who supported the person who supported that person, and why do they also not get equal credit? This goes on and on infinitely.

The real question is, what right do we have to give any credit whatsoever? Why do we value Artistic expression, as if there is some talent, when the real factors involved are money and time only allotted to us by way of an abusive money system. Not to mention that our values are completely deluded from a point of judging one another based on false beliefs and self-interest.

When we stop judging and giving credit to Artists, we can see Art for what it really is, an expression of self as all. Furthermore, when we implement an Equal Money System, Art will take on a whole new and profound significance. People will see Art in a whole new way, and be able to open up to new expressions, not based in, or motivated by self-interest, but rather unconditional self-expression. Without valuation, everyone will have equal opportunity to express themselves Artistically. This way, the credit system is removed and Art becomes a gift of self available to all.

Lets remove the limitations we put on ourselves in Art and make it something that is equal to ourselves as life without limitation. Check out

Saturday, 26 November 2011

No More Anxiety Attacks in an Equal Money System

Anxiety is the number 1 illness in Canada and the U.S. The amount of people suffering from some form of anxiety disorder in Canada is estimated at an astonishing 12-13%. The actual number is likely much higher than that.

It is I have personally suffered from acute anxiety attacks at various stages in my life. I was very stressed by a host of problems in my life from money, to relationships, to school etc. I began noticing strange feelings of tightness, light pain and 'electrical charges' within my body at times, often after or during experiences of getting high. Its interesting that looking back now, I can see that I did not understand my body and how it worked whatsoever.

This makes me question our education system, social system and parental upbringing. Why was I not educated about the most basic, and most important factor in my life - my body? Really... all those years of education and I had no real idea how my body functions? Extreme oversight... or negligence?

I cannot place blame, as I did not even take it upon myself to understand my body either. This will be a central theme of education in an Equal Money System from a very early age. We should be supporting children in how the body works and how to pay attention to signs our bodies give us.

As anxiety progressed in me, I became so anxious I could not sleep for hours. I had shortness of breath, pain in my limbs and feelings of terror that I cannot describe. I thought I was having a heart attack, as that is what it felt like, but I really didn't know. It was utterly horrible, like a feeling that you are being crushed on the inside. My heart would begin palpitating and I would become very frightened, leading to panic attacks.

I visited a number of doctors who offered virtually no help whatsoever. At one point my heart was racing in my chest in the middle of the night (after too much caffeine) and I was very scared and taken to hospital. An hour drive at the time.. sigh. The doctor told me I was fine and sent me back to work the next day!? Then the very same thing happened the next day. Quite a startling realization that most doctors have very little consideration or understanding of how the body works as well.

This continued for roughly two years until I was prescribed some medication to assist me and the attacks eventually subsided. The doctor informed me not to take the medication for too long or it would harm me in the long run.

With so much high anxiety in our society its no wonder large pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars every year off of anxiety. These drugs only cover up the problem as opposed to getting to the root of the issue and resolving it. The issue is stress, and what is single biggest cause of stress in our society? Money.

If we simply implement an Equal Money System, it would reduce 90% of the stress in our lives and eliminate anxiety disorder completely! It is the complete cure! Big pharmaceutical companies don't want to hear that though, they are making huge profit from anxiety, so having it built into the system is good news for them.

Do we not want to live free from anxiety? Wouldn't that be fantastic to solve the number 1 illness in Canada and the U.S. and then watch all the pharmaceutical corporations disappear?

The Equal Money System is the ultimate solution to end all greed, corruption, war, abuse manipulation, slavery, and utter nonsense we are living as. Only an elitist, or a complete fool would disagree. Support Equal Money for All for a dignified life.

Shocking anxiety disorder statistics;

- 40 million people in the U.S. will experience an impairment because of an anxiety condition this year.

- Those who experience anxiety and stress have a very high propensity for drug abuse and addictions.

- There were over 3.3 Billion prescriptions filled in America in 2002 (12 times the U.S’s population - that’s 12 prescriptions for every man, woman, and child in the U.S. that year).

Descriptions of different types of anxiety as well as symptoms

Why are you not usingT.V and the newspapers as your main source to give this important message across.. all will listen to the ultimate solution

Looking at this point within myself I see that I must take responsibility to post more perspective regarding news stories. Our media, though claiming to offer an unbiased investigation, news production is precisely scripted to give a narrow view of the problems in our world, thereby providing a very one-dimensional picture to news stories. News media is very limited and impractical as it never offers the ultimate solution.

The solution they do offer is always channeled through either our senseless justice system, our corrupt political systems, our inept medical system, or our bullying, abusive military and police systems. All of which pay tribute to the ultimate god of this world... Money. That which reflects to us the extent of our abusive and irresponsible disregard for life. We seem to prefer our selfish bubbles of illusion and fake love to make us feel comfortable in a world full of deception.

Narrator puppets find all their glory in promoting self-righteous morality as a means for us to justify in our mind why we are powerless to do anything. This is outright deception, as we have a voice and we now have internet where we can investigate, blog, vlog, and post our perspective on issues. Not only that, but we have the ULTIMATE SOLUTION on a golden platter right before us....


If this ultimate solution is right here for us... why don't we all stand up and support it? Two primary answers.

1. NEGLECT - Not questioning ourselves deeply enough or willing to investigate what is REALLY going on. Therefore we prefer to blame others as the evil ones so that we don't have to take responsibility for our world. We even take it to the extent that we want to see others suffer horribly as an outflow of our desire for revenge. The extent of evil and self-deception that we allow to continue within ourselves and our world is far beyond description. How easily to just 'change the channel' in the T.V. in our minds... Do we need Death, Hell and Destruction knocking at our door to stop this? They are all here.

2. FEAR - We clearly see ourselves for who we really are within our daily participation. So our minds work feverishly to compartmentalize our experience of ourselves within alternate personality structures so that we (THINK!!!)we can evade ourselves. Quite simply, if you hide from yourself for long enough, the consequences become more extreme for yourself, as the reflection of you as your world attempts to reflect to you who you really are so you may realize yourself. Many choose to spite themselves out of existence entirely through cycles of self-condemnation, unable to forgive themselves as they are too afraid to accept and embrace themselves and change to support all life equally.

And if you think god is the answer... please, we have been enchanted with the stories and illusion of the invisible man for long enough. If he did exist, he is cruel beyond measure, as we currently exist as absolute cruelty, in his image. That would make heaven a living hell indeed. But who needs that when we are already living in pure hell. Maybe you haven't experienced it yet... just look around a little bit, you will.

Its time to stand up and expose the deception in the system and in the news so we can change our world through taking self-responsibility. If we do this, we will create an Equal Money System! And ultimately, a heaven on earth, where it should be... not out there somewhere, but here, as us, as the living expression of life in self-honesty, supporting all life equally with dignity and respect.

Lets face ourselves, and forgive ourselves, so that we do not ever let this happen again.

Will food be varied and available for all? What about rare and presently expensive foods only presently available for the rich?

Within our current greed and profit driven money system, food production and consumption is abused to the extreme. Billions of tonnes of food every year is completely wasted reflecting our selfish greed and failure to take responsibility for ourselves and our bodies.

The Equal Money System is the only solution that would make food available to everyone in a far more practical, efficient, healthy and trustworthy manner, that will virtually eliminate all this waste.

It has been estimated that up to 40-50% of food is wasted. Appalling considering there are approximately 1 BILLION people starving in our world today. I personally estimate the percentage to be quite higher around 60-70%.

Why should anyone starve if we produce enough food to feed our planet 12 times over? Is starvation then not murder? We are ALL murderers, because we allow it to exist in our world.

Take the example of how large corporations such as Monsanto have created a monopoly (abuse through manipulation of the legal system) on seeds within the farming industry. Seeds are now genetically engineered to expire. Ridiculous.

In an EMS, deceptive soda corporations will no longer be able to seduce consumers through mass advertising and selling products that are toxic poisons to our bodies. Food will be prepared in a way that will assist ones body, thus removing much of the harmful sugar, salt and other chemicals.

Factory farms are a living hell. Why do we allow this??? It is an appalling nightmare that we have refused to consider. Animals stuck in cages, unable to see sunlight for their entire lives and frequently tortured and abused by their keepers. Day and night they suffer EXTREME abuse because of a profit driven money system. Factory farming will be totally changed to a responsible respectful way of treating animals in an EMS.

The EMS will inevitably create much far more efficient ways of distributing food so that it is available to all equally. As we look at some of the practical points, example shipping foods to other countries when the foods can be grown and consumed locally is simple common sense. Removing the competition for profit factor will allow this to naturally occur, thus making distribution far more efficient. We can eliminate the marketing of food, so that it become a practical means of supporting what the body needs, thus further reducing unnecessary vocations that merely deceive and enslave us all.

In taking responsibility for our food, we will support our bodies eating deliciously prepared meals that will be available to all in a practical fashion. Food will be prepared by those who equally consider your health as opposed to making a profit off of foods that create disease in your body.

Those types of food which are considered delicacies are often attained through cruel and wasteful killing of animals for certain "special" parts such as bear gall bladders or shark fins. Often these foods are consumed for novelty or superstition that one believes it will make them healthier. If it causes unnecessary harm to any being on your planet, then such superstition is abusive and unacceptable.

We can also take the example of Alaskan king crab, where people risk their lives to catch these animals that sell for a handsome profit. It is likely that people will be less willing to risk their lives for such a delicacy within an EMS, as one will not be forced to do so because of an abusive money system and there will be less profit in it. It is likely that some will still wish to continue this profession merely for enjoyment, which is fine, but there will be less rush to do so, and therefore less danger, as it will not be for profit, but rather for equal, practical consumption.

Food will become a practical common sense tool for supporting our bodies, as it should be. So lets take responsibility for all aspects of ourselves and the food we eat by supporting an Equal Money System.

How can I get sex in EMS if I cannot find a girl to form an agreement and there are no hookers?

Hookers will not exist in an Equal Money System. In prostitution, women and children often find themselves in situations where they are forced to become a sex slave to those in positions of power who have access to money. So sex is not an expression of self, but rather having to sacrifice ones body in order to survive - unacceptable.

Removing money from the equation of relationships, we can see that the possibility for coercion is eliminated, as the 'fear of survival' factor is removed. So we can see that any act of intimacy desired by a person, can only be negotiated within an agreement with another person, based on communication and mutual, equal consent of the participants.

Rape is clearly not an option, and will not exist in an Equal Money System, as it is obviously abuse. The point of the Equal Money System is to replace abusive behavior with that of allowing each being to take responsibility for themselves in order to honor life rather than abuse it.

So how does a person get sex if one cannot find a girl to form an agreement?

We first look at the starting point of an individuals desire(s) to determine if the desire is in fact aligned with the principle of 'whats best for all'.

Therefore, if ones desire for sex is purely based self-interest or belief ex. "I feel horny" or "Im afraid of being alone", then one must take responsibility for these feelings and first learn how to "be intimate with oneself" alleviating the false belief/desire that one is dependent on another to express self-intimacy. Intimacy and happiness are not something separate from self, therefore if one desire intimacy/happiness, one must take responsibility within oneself to express self-intimacy and/or happiness, regardless of ones situation. In this, there is no opportunity to blame another, as each is self-responsible. It is necessary to understand that within this transitional EMS, we still have consequences that we must face, in facing ourselves as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as, until we all stand equal in every way.

If one desire sex with a partner, then one will have opportunity to pursue the necessary steps to understand and facilitate all the aspects of participating in an agreement that would support all life, within the principle of equality and whats best for all, as education for these topics will be made widely available to all, for free.

Additionally, many aspects of our lives will change dramatically, to the extent that we will be interacting with eachother a lot more, hence we will be meeting new people all the time through various social interactions where all are invited to participate and share themselves unconditionally.

Another factor that causes people to fear themselves is the current beauty system. How we worship those that appear beautiful based on our Hollywood programmed beliefs of what beauty is. This will greatly change in an Equal Money System as beauty will not be so heavily based in appearance, but more on pure self-expression. Thus removing the fear that "I am not beautiful enough" which is delusion.

The ratio of men to women is roughly equal on this planet, therefore finding an agreement will be rather simple for the most part. Those that desire an agreement will be assisted and supported through practical understanding of oneself. Once one has come to self-realization as the unconditional expression of life here, it is most likely that women will be breaking down your door just to be with you and share with you.

Heaven on Earth...

Thursday, 17 November 2011

What Are You Afraid Of?

Fear... the single biggest underlying motivational factor of our current existence. I should not even need to go on any further.

Stop right here.

This is shocking to the core, and seriously BEYOND ABSURD! The fact that we, as co-creators of our existence, can manipulate, and be manipulated by cruelty, whether subtle or explicit, to cause each other immense suffering for personal gain, is a complete and utter disgrace to life itself.

We do not live... we are manifesting the opposite - evil.

Lets put it this way. If the whole world goes to hell as in complete destruction so that life cannot be supported on this planet, Do we not all suffer the consequences equally? What will we say then? We tried to be good? Think that will fly??? Seriously? Where the fuck will we be to say that bullshit? Nowhere. We wont have a fucking voice, because the physical earth gives us a voice.

Are we afraid to face the shit we are all in?

Are we afraid to stand up for life?

What are we afraid of? Specifically. Afraid that people will judge us? Afraid we will lose money or status? Afraid to speak? All of these are extremely lame excuses, none of which have any merit whatsoever and no excuse is valid in fact.

This is so retarded. How can we stand idly by watching the rape of life because of our petty fears.

Do we only give a shit about ourselves, our family and friends?

We wont have a family or friends if we don't stop this shit now. Whether we have a family or not, we are ALONE. All-one with our existence.

Interesting how our minds tell us we are a 'good person' so that we don't have to take responsibility for all this. If the world is full of cruelty and ignorance, guess what, we are equal to our existence, so while we claim to be good, we are still equal to an existence of cruelty and ignorance because WE DON'T STOP IT AND CHANGE IT!

We are already facing some horrifying consequences of what we have accepted and allowed to exist as ourselves. Things will only get worse if we don't stop the fears.

It important to understand that any fear we have of ourselves, can be stopped through self-forgiveness and walking equality. This is required to be done by everyone.

I could use the absolute most profuse, horrifying and terrifyingly brutal words that I can think of to illustrate my point, but words have a very limited capacity to describe our experiences.

Please stop the fears for real, stand up and support equality and an equal money system while we are here. It is the only solution.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Capitalism is for Bullies

Our capitalistic money system is terrifyingly abusive, there is no doubt about it. Just like a bully in a schoolyard throwing his weight around. The lust for power, to appear better than others. Hard to imagine anyone who would argue that point, although some do...Only concerned their own little bubble...

As long as I'm happy, fuck everyone else. Isn't that how it goes? I'm a good person because I care and have a family and people that I love. Really? Is that your excuse?

If you look at the common sense of a human being born into a poverty stricken family, that person has very little chance of a 'happy' life. It is actually very likely they will endure a very hard life of condescending slavery and extreme abuse, if they get a chance to live at all. On the other hand, a being born into a rich family has all the necessary support and luxuries in this world that enables them to live a comfortable and happy life.

How can we... and how do we justify this absolute horrifying reproach and denial of ourselves as human beings? If one take a moment to consider others in our world...This existence we portray is an absolute shameful atrocity. There are no words to describe the suffering we allow because of our ignorance.

From my experience observing and talking to people about it... Most people will pass it off, as if to say "there's nothing I can do about it". Too consumed by their own selfish indulgences and ideas of love and family to care about others in the world. Many won't see past their petty programming as "that's just the way it is and has always been..." passing the responsibility on to some "invisible god somewhere" that created this system. Trusting or blaming an apathetic imaginary god is the epitome of irresponsibility.

The most revolting form of ignorance, I find mostly in males with vengeful ego's, where they coldly act as if they are so tough as if to say "that's just a part of life... deal with it". Others just deny it completely, as if its not their problem. That as if to say, "the poor must have bad karma", or "they just have to learn how to be a good loving person like me". Amazing how easily the mind can justify so little regard for the suffering of others, rather disgusting actually. Easy as squashing a bug isn't it.

Are we really that shallow?

This money system aught to make us all sick to our stomach and worse. How can people participate in this life, and not consider the absolute scam going on with the money system? And on top of that, partake in it, and then deny any responsibility for it! We ALL participate in the money system every day! I mean, if you participate, does that not automatically imply that you are supporting it? Yes it does. And yet, if we all demanded a system whereby every being was valued equally as life, then the suffering, slavery, terror and abuse would inevitably stop.

Why do we prefer terror and abuse? Why are we so afraid to face ourselves as who we really are? Is it really that scary? The reality is that most are afraid of being caught red handed, that we will have to own up our dishonest personal beliefs and luxuries.

A lot of people will claim its impossible. Like raping the loophole in existence by stating " I'm not going to give up my specialness because I know no-one else is going to" or "let them do it first, then I will do it". People really do fall for the belief that they are special "I'm a hero in my mind, I like being treated like one"...or "I'm really a princess!" Wicked delusion.

The sad reality is that it is delusional... and there is a cost accumulating that very few have taken into consideration. That cost factor has to be paid in full. Just like a mathematical equation has to be balanced. Deny it all you want, we cannot escape it. It is the inevitability of who we are. Either we stand and support and equal money system, or we suffer the extreme consequences of what we allow. Do you understand the cost? If you did, you would support equal money for all.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Will you look into the Mirror?

When I was a child, I recall there was much anxiety and conflict within me, but I did not know how to express it, nor understand it. This continued throughout my childhood experience with interactions with friends, family, teachers and so on. So I ended up suppressing myself for a number of years. I could describe it now as a kind of despair combined with many fears and angers of all kinds. It was as if I was screaming inside and no-one could hear me or even wanted to listen, let alone help.

Then in my early teens, I began having strong desires, expecting that one day I would be free from all the oppressive despair and fear I felt. I fantasized of meeting the girl of my dreams and getting married, of being a hero whom everyone admired, dreams of having lots of fun with friends. I longed to be free, to be able to make decisions for myself... that I thought was real freedom, as I carried a deep hatred for the world. Yet my idea of freedom was not real.

One thing that I really longed for, was adventure. I remember having the book 'The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe' by C.S.Lewis read to me. This book totally captivated me to the extent that I actually wanted to trade my life to live in such a fantasy world. I admittedly walked into a closet one day, hoping I would be transported to that world. Lol.

In my early 20's, I read 'The Lord of The Rings' by J.R.Tolkien. That book completely enchanted me. It was so magical and wondrous... full of adventure and things to explore. There was a quest, a purpose. The difference between good and evil was clear, as was what had to be done. This highlighted the desires, and conflicts within me. I used the characters of this book as an allegory or parallel for my life. Which character was I?... And at what part in the story? Sometimes I was Frodo, sometimes Gandalf, and sometimes Aragorn. Interestingly, I never saw the Gollum, Saruman, or Sauron within me... until recently.

As I began to get older and followed religion, I thought heaven could be the escape I was looking for. Sadly and naively, I was just hoping and wishing, tossing myself like a coin into a fountain.

As the system of the world began to take over my life, the enchantment began to fade, as I slowly began to realize that there is no magical land, no enchanting place to escape, no heaven out there somewhere. No Gandalf to guide me. No friend like Aragorn. No true companion like Sam. The reality of the cruel, mundane, slave-world I existed in overpowered me.

Sure there were temporary escapes, like camping, music and playing games like 'World of Warcraft' and movies like 'Legend' and 'The Never Ending Story' to pacify my imagination while playing in the Shire. But there was nothing that was in any way a real experience even mildly comparable to what I had imagined. Friends became distant and unreliable, family, it became obvious, was a big lie.

Long and hard i pondered... why was the world like this? Why are we so dead, when we could have so easily created a world like middle-earth, full of fun, awe and adventure? Why did I allow myself to exist like this? To live in a world of mind-numbing drudgery, slave-labor, cold-hard roads leading only to bland rectangle office buildings and cookie-cutter square houses as jails, built to hide from ourselves, because we fear what others think of us.

Just like in our minds, where we hide in our definitions, degrees, titles and personalities. I guess we just give up on ourselves and figure there is no choice, but bow to all this nonsense. We might as well be comfortable if we are going to die anyway? Seems somewhat pathetic and ironic that we try to be comfortable in a dog-eat-dog world full of greed, spite and cruelty.

As I sit here typing this, it has occurred to me that I have allowed my dreams to be crushed. Anger, resentment and sadness... all useless... none of which are going to change who we are. It is all spiteful. Those who claim to be 'happy'... just as with those who claim to be in love. Please. The biggest farce in the universe. Go ahead and put on that big SM-LIE, you will see your own revolting disguise eventually, but likely by then it will be too late. You have never lived! You have never been real! You have never even seen yourself for who you really are! How can you be so ignorant as to claim to be happy or in love?

There is some relief in expressing this to myself and whomever. At least I have finally realized who I am as equality, and at least I am applying myself in learning to take responsibility for what I have allowed. This machine-driven world is a joke... a cruel joke at that, and one which has to be stopped, without question. One which I will no longer accept. It is empty of life... an absolute sickening, disgusting lie, founded in deception.

So I have looked into the mirror of Galadriel, I have seen the 'I' and therefore, I must face the long, dark halls of Moria, and take the road to Mordor. The ring of power and control has to be destroyed in the face of our mount-ing doom. Have you looked into the mirror? Have you seen it?

The Destonians shall be the fellowship.

Our mission is clear, as we have but one choice... that all rings of power as relationships of spitefulness, deception and abuse be un-made forever, so that life may become real and true and unconditional for all, here, in equality.

What will you do with the one ring?

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What is Insanity

In Equality, supporting others is also supporting yourself, as you share perspective, you see points come up within yourself. I understand that people think I am crazy or brainwashed or belong in an insane asylum... I really have no problem with that. In fact, I rather enjoy being an Equality whore.

Take a moment to look at the world we live in. Do we not all belong in an insane asylum? Are we not all together insane? We are killing eachother for no reason, selling children as sex and labor slaves, torturing animals through factory farming, hoarding and stealing money from eachother, polluting our planet, making animals extinct, believing in an invisible man/god that will come and save us all, pretending to be that which we are not, meanwhile abdicating that which we are. I can think of countless more examples....

Is it any wonder it is considered insane to stand for life?

All the while, the most profoundly simple solution to it all is here right in front of us, that being equal money for all. How simple is that? Yet we are unable at this point to collectively stand and support such a system, because of our separation and beliefs. We are programmed to believe that this is "just the way it is" and we follow that belief like lost puppy dogs. Pathetic.

Who has the guts to stand for life and be considered insane by all their friends and family? Who has the guts to tell it like it is amidst the total denial and criticism of virtually everyone? Is it guts? Or is it through research, self-honesty and self-introspection that one truly grasps and realizes the dire state that we are all in.

What is the real evil in this world? Denial. Fear of facing self as who we really are.

The fascinating thing is that there really is nothing to fear, and actually facing ourselves would bring heaven on earth. Yet who wants that?

The span of our lifetime is virtually irrelevant upon taking into account eternity. Are we prepared to face that? Obviously no, we are not prepared.

This does not excuse us from our responsibility here... this is our opportunity to stop the systems and become life. I am taking up the challenge. There is really no alternative as this life is a virtual hell... claiming to be heaven for the few. Unacceptable.

There is only one option, Equality and life, or the system and hell.

It's time to wake the fuck up

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Physical and The Mind

Look at the universe in two separate categories...

The physical - things you can touch

The mind/ego/persona - Thoughts, ideas, beliefs, desires, knowledge, information, symbols, conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious, dimensions, densities, imaginations etc. - things we cannot physically touch

This is how we have created separation, through creation of the mind, because we feared and did not understand who we are. We all currently exist within our separated bubbles of consciousness.

We as individual beings are existing within a physical body, but we also have created a mind/ego/false persona through which we process knowledge and information - the mind being that which is not real in that it separates us, by way of deluding us from seeing the physical as it truly is. Example - You look at a tree and say - "Thats an elm tree" labeling it with a definition as something separate from yourself so that you may process the information and gain knowledge and perceived power over it. This as opposed to seeing the tree as equal to who you are without the limitation of definition.

Observe within your own mind you can do virtually anything... fly, travel, entertain yourself in various ways.. anything is possible. Yet it is not real, because it is not expressed or experienced equally in the physical, but in a separate reality, and thus not shared with all. Everything real in the universe - that which exist as actual tangible outflows, is physical.

Many people believe they can ascend to a higher density or different reality attempting to transcend or bypass the physical. To transcend the physical is to spite the physical. Its like saying " fuck you - I don't want to deal with all this bullshit I created... I'm leaving for a better place". That is irresponsible. There is no "better place" as all the physical is equal. If we look at what is actually happening in our world, its no wonder that people want to "leave" or "ascend" to some "higher place" but there is no excuse as we all collectively allowed this world to exist as it is now. Here is what we have accepted and allowed in our reality and it must be changed by us, here and now through a process of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, common sense, and practical application.

It is the mind of dimensions that must be transcended and stopped, so that we stand equal and one with what we create in the physical here. It is to be present in every moment in the breath, taking responsibility for who we are and what we allow. Why must one go to another density to do this? Where are you going to go? What are you hoping to find? Why can we not take responsibility for ourselves here and bring about equality and heaven on earth?

When we are truly self-honest with ourselves, not being enslaved to fears or systems or false perceptions of who we are, we will then be able to express and share ourselves unconditionally and equally with all.

For more perspective, visit

Don't Underestimate Equality

When I first got myself involved in and understood Equality, I was so excited and intrigued. I found it so fascinating and captivating all I wanted to do all day was watch Desteni videos. I was also equally excited to share what I understood with other people in person and help them understand it. For me, it answered so many questions, and it was an absolutely solid foundation for which I could base my life, it was a principal I could live by that was completely undeniable.

So I began showing the videos to some people and sharing with friends and family. I very enthusiastically shared with everyone I knew about it. I knew there would be lots of questions and resistances, but I truly thought that everyone would love it and become excited as I was. This however was not the case, and I found it quite strange.

Why don't people get it? It really is so simple. Why arent people begging for more information about Equality and how and why we exist as we do? Why don't people want to LIVE instead of being enslaved to a system of absolute cruelty and spitefulness? WTH???

looking at the point, I see that there is much more to grasping equality than what I had thought. The reason I had understood it and was so overtaken by it was because I had done my own personal research into myself and "why things exist as they do". I had studied most religions in depth for myself because I wanted to know the real truth of my existence for myself. But to try and show or explain that to someone else is somewhat futile.

There is also the point of being able to trust oneself in realization of the cold and hard reality. People dont want to understand equality for a few primary reasons.

1. They are afraid of what people will think of them - Seriously people. That is a lame and pathetic excuse for not wanting to understand yourself. Isn't knowing yourself for real more important than that? Come on... are you really that selfish that you cant even change your 'image' of yourself, because you are afraid of what others will think? If you cant get over than then you truly dont deserve life.

2. People think they know it all already. - I would suggest that becoming very aware of what you don't understand and having the humility to admit that fact to yourself. Many are so full of themselves they automatically assume equality is just some kind of new gimmik like all the other gimmiks in this world. The question is what price are you willing to pay based on this assumption?

3. People think equality is a cult. - How can equality be a cult? The very word equality suggests just that - no hidden agenda, no secrets, no hierarchy, but simply accepting who we are and changing ourselves into something that honors life. Is that so bad? No! Its awesome!

4. People dont want to have to take responsibility for themselves. - Many people enjoy being controlled and told what to do and who to be and how to act and what to say. Why would you choose that instead of youself allowing yourself to express yourself in whatever way you really wanted to express yourself?? Seems ridiculous to want anything else.

5. People think they will have to give up their lives or their ideas or their dreams or their idea of love. You are not losing those things but realizing equality, you actually gain them in a far more profound way!! People don't ever consider their misplaced starting point. That those things which they think are real, are not. They are based in spitefulness, and thus only exist within their minds, temporarily as a passive comfort in their reality to keep them enslaved. Those are the things which will actually lead one to losing oneself. Hefty price for not taking the time to understand.

6. People actually fear equality because they do realize it is the truth of who we are. - If this is the case, then why let a fear stop you from at least understanding it? Fear is not real. Within this fear, people think that they will not be able to do it. That is lack of self-trust, and there is no excuse for that because you are here, aware of yourself. Learn to trust yourself that you will not be 'mind controlled' if you learn about something and you will actually be quite surprised at what you find.

7. People think they understand, but they dont. Do not underestimate equality. Do not assume that you get it until you are actually standing as life, here, as the breath. If you understand equality, then you will be standing with Desteni, assisting everyone unconditionally in standing for life and stopping abuse within our world.

There are other reasons, all of which are based on pre-programming by parents and teachers and friends in the early stages of ones life.

Interestingly enough, my efforts have largely gone in vain, as not one person has come to understand equality since I began. People have to understand. I am no better than any of you because I understand and walk equality. I want to assist you as I would like to be assisted equally. That is the whole point of equality. There is no better than/less than. We have to stop our egos and learn to walk as equals assisting eachother in doing what is best for all. Common sense.

Once you grasp equality, there is no turning back. It is very profound and actually quite simple really. However, people let things like ideas, fears and personal desires stand in the way of life. This cannot continue like this. Either you will stand for equality or you and all your falseness will fall.

I see that many people are very moved by money as money is a big fear... I myself had much fear of money in the past, but no longer. An opportunity has arisen for me to make money. Will this allow me to get the point across more profoundly? Whatever works... I will use it, and we shall see.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Opportunity For Expansion

Interesting day. Went to a meeting for a group

involved in multi-level marketing. I see the point

of myself no longer being enslaved to the idea that

I must not make money for myself so that I can

remain poor, so that I can believe that I am

"better than" those who earn money because I

believe myself to be 'more humble' - defining

them as self-interested and egotistical. Now

I accept my responsibility to earn a significant

income so that I may support myself and the

equal life foundation.

My primary focus is to network myself so that

I may expand myself and desteni I process in
expanding equality. I see this as an opportunity
for me to direct myself and move myself in
meeting people and sharing my process of
self-realization. Sharing the concept of equal
money for all, in that ALL can be 'wealthy'
through an equal money system.

I see this as an opportunity for all Destonians
to do this as a business. Assuming it is available
in your country, (currently available in roughly
60 countries) this can be a very effective tool
for spreading the message of equality, in assisting
ourselves to make others aware of what we are
accepting and allowing within our world, and to
stop all abuse of life.

Equality is the only solution.

There is no other way.

It is quite simple. I will be dealing with
people who's motivation is that of 'fear of being
poor' or 'success and personal power'. It is clear
that many will not hear or want to hear, as they
are so locked within the system of their minds.
Yet I will persevere nonetheless.. I am certainly
going to have fun putting myself out there, in
the face of those who think they are special.
I will not waste my breath with those who will
not look at themselves honestly. There will be
some who listen. And to those I will make my
points clear and specific, in the breath, not
moved by emotion or feeling when I speak.

In this I will be taking on more responsibility
for myself, therefore It is critical and necessary
that I be more specific and direct with myself,
as more severe consequences could come into
play if I allow myself to participate in the mind.
My starting point is clear. Equality is inevitable..

So lets get it done.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

What is a cult

We have to look at the word cult
and break down the definition, because
in thesub-conscious and unconscious mind,
this word has been pre-programmed by the
mediaand the education system and it has
been structured specifically in relationship
to fearin order to trigger a response in the
mind of the listener. One can observe it if
you take for example a dog - Pavlov's dog theory.
The dog knowsits own name and perhaps the word
'walk'. When you say the dogs name and say 'walk'
the dog will get excited because the dog has
created a relationship with the word
'walk' associating it with 'going outside'.

It knows its going outside for a walk. This
is an example of a triggered response.
It is the same with humans. The human hears
the word 'cult' and subconsciously goes
into a state of 'fear' . Why? Because a
past memory thought-relationship comes up,
that was created by media stories and
educational material, which has associated the
word 'cult' with 'fear'. You hear the word
'cult' and your mind says 'fear', and you
immediately, sub-consciously put up all kinds
of defenses.

This also gives one a false sense of comfort,
in that one can have an auto
excuse. When one hears something disturbing
that may cause them to face their own
dishonesty, they have an instant excuse to
dismiss it and not have to take
responsibility for themselves or anyone else...
because its a 'CULT'.

Are you afraid of cults? If so, then isn't
that evidence that you are already
so extensively brainwashed that you are not
able to trust yourself, and that you can
be mislead? Fearing a cult is then actually
abuse, an excuse, a false justification.

Isn't it interesting how we can lie to
ourselves and appear to get away with it?
Thisis why the world is in the chaotic state
that it is in.. with half the world in
absolute poverty, slavery, war, abuse.
We have to face our fears instead of just
running away hiding behind excuses.

The real evil is anything or anyone that
does not stand for equality. Groups such as
religions and corporations who maintain
hierarchy and keep secrets, to the detriment
of all.

Equal Money for All for a dignified life for
all. That is the only solution.

Everyone is a Bully

Observing my life and looking back on
my life there is one major point that,
seems tohave dominated my experience of
myself. Fear of self.

How many examples?... Infinite. If we
really observe ourselves throughout our
day frommoment to moment, there is a
fascinating reality. Every moment,
any moment, there areinfinite possibilities
to what we can do. What makes us decide
or choose? You willtypically find money
or desire for sex mostly. I often find
myself playing outpossibilities within my
mind. For example. I often see or walk
by a girl and imagineto myself that I walk
up to her and start talking to her. I
would say something funnyor ask a question.

That's where we're duped.

We've played out the scene in our minds.
That's what we really want to do. But we
didn't because of the fears that have been
pre-programmed into us by our self-created

Now we feel ashamed of ourselves, because
we gave in to fear of what people would
think of us, or fear of 'not knowing the
outcome'. But the fear is built into the
system. Its in everyone else as well, so
we are subject to others fears and complexes
as well. Looking around at everyone,
we see that everyone seems to be in another world.
Like we don't even notice each other.
Unfazed. Stiff-necked.

Like dead bodies walking.

Right from our childhood, I remember being in
school and being bullied or seeing
someone else bullied or ridiculed, and a few
times I was the bully myself. Why is this
acceptable. Why do adults allow this to go on?
Because parents and adults are bullies
themselves, and that's where we get it from.
The fear of survival, and fear of self,
causing us to fiercely compete for money,
fame and sex.

It is then further compounded by lack of trust.
Now we don't trust ourselves or others
because we see that we have compromised
ourselves. Things dont turn out the way we
expect them to. We are afraid of failure,
because after all, that's what school teaches
us the most... that we can fail at life.
What kind of school system is this that defines
a child as a failure? Unacceptable.
Everyone has something to contribute to life.
Inactuality, there need be no such thing as

Anyone can do anything they set themselves
to do with the proper support, anyone can
do anything!

So the root of the issue, is those who instruct
children into believing failure exists.

Who is responsible? Well, everyone for allowing
it. Everyone for not standing up
and realizing that we are all equal,
and no-one is special.

Until we stop this ridiculous desire to be
'better than' eachother, everyone is a bully.
And because of that...Everyone suffers.

Equal money for all is the solution. What
are you doing to support it... or are you
content just being a bully.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Middle Class - The Primary Abusers

For the purpose of discussion, I will classify the world into 3 groups.

1. Rich. The few elite who think they are special. These are people with lots of money and thus are able to relax and enjoy many of the things this world has to offer, such as fresh prepared food, good transportation, fine clothes, large houses, and many other luxuries which allow them ample leisure time without having to do much physical labor, typically not any unless for their own personal benefit.

The rich know full well they are abusing and maintain their control through clever leveraging tactics. In fact they live it as an expression, thinking they are doing existence a service by reflecting to us our own abdication to stand for equality.

2. Poor. The majority of the world. Those that are lacking the necessities such as food, water, housing and clothing to support themselves in the world, and thus are forced to endure difficult lives struggling for mere survival.

The poor of the world are kept in a state of poverty through fear, and simply have no 'say' in anything related to media or government or structure. This does not relieve them of responsibility however.

3. Middle class. All the people who have enough to support themselves and live somewhat comfortably, though they are required to work.

Those of us in the middle class are the ones who think we hold the balance. We are the delusional fence sitters. The big fakers and bullshitters. Proclaiming ignorance that everything is just fine the way it is. Content to allow the system to take care of us. Thinking we are doing good making an honest living by working and just living our lives, content that we are getting by, and not suffering as the poor.

What do we think will be the consequence of all this separation? Enslavement to a system that does not regard you as a being. You are expendable, and of no value whatsoever, as the system does not care... it only cares about its own survival. Fearing ourselves we desire safety and security, and thus create the polar opposite which is Terror. What is the end result of all this... Annihilation? Is this an acceptable expression of life as us? No it is not. It is totally unacceptable. It is actually astonishingly horrible and shameful.

Shame on us all.

So who is allowing this. The answer is everyone. However I would particularly point out the middle class. We are the ones who are following the system. We participate it and see it in our everyday life. We are 'living' the delusion and not doing anything about it. Dreaming of becoming free or rich, but doing nothing practical to support the actual solution, which is equality... because we fear lacking and being poor. But the real fear is fear of who we are. Fear of expressing ourselves unconditionally as life.

Everyone sees it. Everyone tries to hide from it. Everyday in your life. We can try and hide from it all we want, but in the end there is no excuse. It is what allows this world to exist as it does, which is a living hell for many in the world. What class are you? Or do you stand for life and equality for all without classification. Abuse or life. You de-side.

Atheists Agnostics and Christians - All the Same

What is your belief system? Whatever it is, no matter what... it is just that... a system. You can try and defend it all you want with all your fancy knowledge and information. The truth is, your belief system can be classified into one of these categories, each of which can rather simply be exposed for what they really are. Bogus.

1. IGNORANCE. Found within Atheists and Agnostics. Atheism being the beLIEf that there is no God, and Agnosticism being the beLIEf that you have no beLIEf. Both of which are still beLIEfs. Unfortunately, these belief systems will not help you in any way, rather the opposite, they are harmful as it allows one to abdicate responsibility to self here as equal and one as life in this physical reality, and perpetuates the delusion that one is not responsible to stand for life.

2. EGO. Most Athiests and Agnostics profess their belief system because they want to appear intelligent. They are so wise and brave that they are willing to stand in the face of God and deny that he exists. Nothing but a petty ego trip.

Agnostics have seen this point, and think they can hide behind the no-belief belief system. Unfortunately, that does not work either. What are you doing to stand for life? Nothing. They think they are doing something by attempting to expose the other belief systems, not realizing that they are actually supporting them within their own polarized belief system.

3. ABUSE. Obviously seen within most christian and religious groups. Creating organizations supporting the god belief system. Deluded themselves, they delude others with knowledge garnered from the bible and other religious texts. Unwilling to stand as themselves as life, they prefer to place hope and faith in a god that will save them from what they have accepted and allowed in this world.

4. FEAR. This is the underlying reason many adhere to religion. Fear of hell, pain, the devil... fear of the world, fear of the unknown, fear of god etc etc. It all amounts to fear of self. Fear of accepting self as here. Fear of taking responsibility for life in doing what is best for all. This is then reinforced by fear of losing personal identities. Fears are irresponsible, abdication of self, and cannot be used as an excuse. There is no excuse.

All of these beliefs/delusions can be released through self-forgiveness and and applying oneself in standing for equality. Just look at the state of the world to see the consequences of what we have accepted and allowed. If one truly look, it is absolutely horrendous and totally unacceptable, what we have become by allowing ourselves to be deluded by separation through beliefs.

Everyone is responsible. It's time to stand for whats real. Equality, in this physical reality. There is nothing spiritual about it. It is not a belief. It is what is really here. Join Desteni.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Ode to 0rdoTempliAurora

Here I submit a response regarding your video, "Desteni Preacher
of Hate, Bernard Poolman".
You sound highly intellectual, however
you have rendered absolutely no evidence worthy of the titles
claim, therefore it is clearly only a facade. What you have managed
is an arrogated assumption of your own debilitated
lack-of-discernment, I am somewhat dismayed
by these false
accusations, replete with petty ego, thoughtless malice, and void of
any coherent relevance whatsoever.

In future, should you ascertain any pointed and/or sagacious findings,
please provide actual citations so they can be dissected and discussed
through pertinent and stimulating discourse.

Your outrageous claims, obviously attempting to appeal to the shallow
judgmental constructs of your audience through attempted aspersion
and mendacious labeling, only serve to magnify your deficiency and
lack of integrity to undergo self-introspection and stand in self-honesty
of what you have accepted and allowed in our world.

"Bernard Poolman's Desteni is a centralized regime, run as a
dictatorship, which advocates strictly regimented economic, industrial,
and social controls."

Your comparison of the Desteni group with that of a regime and
dictatorship is a completely unfounded calumniation, which, not only
makes one want to question the reason, but also the extent of your
pronounced desperation and fear.

"Suppresses free speech and forcibly attempts to censor criticism..."

It is rather unfortunate that your aged and feeble appeal to the
'defense of free speech' simply wins no favor, as those who -
unlike yourself - actually apply themselves have come to the
obvious realization, that as long as we are enslaved, no freedom
actually exists, it is an illusion. Thus free speech is nothing but an
avenue of perpetual abuse.

Your argument of 'Destonians condemning non-Destonians as
less-than-inferior beings', is again devoid of merit or citation and
thus scarcely more than a childish accusation.

"The Desteni philosophy is based entirely on influences of mysticism,
the new age, religion, occultism, and spirituality"

I would strongly recommend, that before stating empty, spiteful
claims that our group is aligned with a borrowed mystical or
occultist philosophy, you would first endeavor to apply yourself
in the fundamental research sufficient to discover that there is
no actual adhering to a philosophy, but rather an alignment to
the simple, common sense principle of 'what is best for all'. This is
the only way in fact, to honor life, if I may so rudely speculate that
you have yet to stumble upon that realization.

Although I have not seen any proposed solutions to the worlds
problems from yourself or your supporters, I sincerely hope that
you will open yourself to the possibility that you can forgive
yourself, and change, for the good of all mankind.
In doing so,
you will learn to be an effective human being ,that stands for a
dignified life for all.

In closing, I would suggest that in order to develop a broader
understanding of the scope of what is happening and what is
necessary to be done in our world, I think it would be of great
assistance to you and everyone if future communications be
subject to the following 2 simple criteria;

Don't talk shit about Desteni
Don't talk shit about Bernard



Thursday, 9 June 2011

Enlightenment is Spitefulness

To place Enlightenment within the context of Equality, here is a brief description of the process of becoming 'Enlightened'. Enlightenment is nothing more than a realization of self, or no-self as some would prefer - a term designed to describe a state of being based on a unique perspective of ones reality. Furthermore, it is the letting go of the beliefs, ideas, perceptions and judgements which barricade the path of the practitioner. All of which prevent one from achieving the attainment, and are based on the outflows of 'samsara' (wheel of birth and death) and/or 'karma' one has acquired throughout various lifetimes.

A practitioner who is seeking enlightenment follows fundamental principles in order to assist oneself to realization. Typically, these are;

1. Understanding of the 4 noble truths
  1. Suffering
  2. The Origin of Suffering
  3. The Cessation of Suffering
  4. The Path that leads to the Cessation of Suffering

2. Following the Eightfold path

  1. Right Understanding
  2. Right Intention
  3. Right Speech
  4. Right Action
  5. Right Livelihood
  6. Right Effort
  7. Right Mindfulness
  8. Right Concentration

3. The practice of Meditation in order to develop a clear state of mind unclouded by thoughts and anxiety.

Anyone can investigate these simple principles and take up the practice of Buddhism. Buddhism recognizes that the origin of the cycle of suffering can be observed by working with ones own mind and thoughts. Meditation is used in order to clear and focus ones mind so one can stop grasping and chasing after these thoughts. Once the mind has become still, it becomes clear, and one is able to more easily see into the nature of ones reality. In general, it is helpful to have a teacher that can direct and assist one to 'stick to the path' so to speak.

The primary Buddhist perspective is that of seeing all of existence as suffering. From that, a practitioner seeks to extract oneself from this suffering in order to attain the highest state of bliss (no-self). There is a major problem with that ideology however.

The problem is that the final realization or awakening - as that of placing self as separate from ones physical reality - is not the case in actuality. To think that one is separate, and/or can extract oneself from the totality of existence as a whole (wheel of samsara), is SPITEFULNESS towards all of existence as self as the physical reality. To give a practical example. A Buddhist monk achieves the highest state of nirvana/enlightenment where he/she no longer requires rebirth and is no longer existing within a human physical body. This being would thus (in theory) enjoy a blissful existence, free from suffering. How does that assist those who continue to endure torture and suffering here on Earth? Answer - it does not.

From the perspective of Equality, this is abdication of responsibility and therefore totally unacceptable. This is nothing more than a form of ascension, thus claiming one is 'special' for having achieved this state of being. Seeing self as separate, as opposed to seeing all as self, and thus honoring all life as self. When one sees all as equal as self, then it is clear common sense that we must all assist each-other to stop the suffering caused by delusional fear of facing self, as what we have accepted and allowed in our world. Only then can we put an absolute end to the extensive abuse and suffering existent within our world.

One can believe one is 'Enlightened' and attempt to extract oneself from the wheel of samsara, yet one can not escape the reality of self as 'one with' and 'connected to' all of existence. There is actually no escape from yourself. Therefore all Buddhist practitioners and those seeking enlightenment are subjecting themselves to a very rude awakening. It is suggested that each one investigate Equality extensively, in order that we may all take responsibility for ourselves in our world, and make this a place where all are given equal opportunity for a dignified life. The most practical solution is Equal Money for All. This is the platform which will give rise to heaven on earth, for everyone. Join Desteni!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Summer Bikeride

Its a nice summer evening, and I just finished a bike ride around my neighborhood. Refreshing. And then, I saw it.

3 People standing in their driveway. A couple and a neighbor I guess. They were talking, and... smiling. You know that smile... That fake, phony smile people hide behind, to make it seem like they are enjoying each others company? Well there it was, glaring.

I see this often. I cannot express to you in words, how much it sickens me to see this. Here is the reflection of me in my world. Billions are suffering, and our entire lives are wasted working in vain, only to bring us to the brink of annihilation. People cram the highways to get to work in the morning, as if to say "bring death quickly please!"

And here I see a fake smile, a taunting reminder of the totality of what I have become. Fake.

Sadly, I have hid behind the fake smile myself. I'm sure someone has looked at me and been as disgusted as I myself have been.

I also saw an amazing butterfly on my bike ride. It was lying at the side of the road, unable to move. Probably hit by a car. I picked it up in my hands. "Someone will think I'm gay if they see me" the thought crossed my mind. I forgive myself for thinking that. I wonder how the butterfly was feeling. Was it in total excruciating pain... as I have felt at times in my life? There was nothing I could do for it if it was. I cannot even tell if it was in pain, I am so detached from myself as all life in my reality. I placed it back on the grass and continued on.

I then came up behind a young boy walking on the road. I sensed he was a little frightened. I nodded to him as he smiled at me and gave a little wave. Was his smile real? It appeared so, but perhaps he was only smiling out of fear. There is so much fear in our world. Being a somewhat larger male, I often get the distinct impression people are afraid when I pass them on the street. It is another sad reminder of my world.

How can we continue living in absolute despair and denial like this? The only reason I am suffering this fakeness, is because I have found an answer to it all. The undeniable truth of our reality, which is that we are all responsible for what this world has become. I have allowed the world to exist like this... because I did not stand up. I have just let it happen! I didn't realize it was me all along. How could I?

Well, I was afraid of myself...of facing myself. It appeared overwhelming to me. So I just took the easiest path. I didn't realize that all of existence is a reflection of me. This is a hard realization. But there is no other way. I simply must forgive myself. Or go mad and die. This is the bitter truth. There is no escape. So I walk in self forgiveness and self honesty so that I can change myself, and thus change my world. So that all life is honored. So that we may create heaven on earth. Without fear.

Our process, thanks to Desteni, is specific. We must purify and perfect ourselves from all forms of abuse of the mind/ego. This is done through the Desteni I process program where we are taught how to remove our pre-programmed beliefs, judgements, fears and opinions etc about life, so that we can truly live in this reality as equals. All must take responsibility to do this. There is no other way. Its time we take responsibility to do what is really necessary to be done to end the madness we exist as. In doing this, we will create heaven on earth, for everyone.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Oh hello Death...

Oh hello Death...
what are you doing here?
you are always here?
I guess I just haven't noticed
or Ive forgotten or something...
that happens a lot you know

So you're just hanging around
like an old picture...
Guess Ive gotten used to you over the years
I don't even notice you anymore

Everyone else just ignores you
"That's just the way it is" some say
Guess I just have to accept you
Even though I don't really know you
no, you don't...

I mean, I know you, as in
I know that there's nothing I can do about you
And nobody else seems to care
So whats the point...
The point is...
Anyway I have tonnes of stuff to do

I'm so busy!
I'm having so much fun!
I'm going to enjoy my life
I'm entitled to that you know...
Its my life, I do what I want

Im not hurting anyone
And if I am well, too bad for them I guess
Survival of the fittest!
I'll deal with you when I have to
can't wait...

Why are you bothering me anyway
Always in the back of my mind...
Would you just buzz off or something

You are getting so annoying
I wish you would just go away and die!

I have lots of people who love me you know
And love is forever...
you sure about that?
Yes I'm sure!

Im bored, whats on TV...
I'm hungry...
me too...
blah blah nothing better to do

My body is so sore...
And I'm getting tired
I need to get some sleep
So tired...

So why are you bothering me anyway?
You're like some kind of lost puppy or something...

Are you listening to me...?

Many people live their lives with this perspective. Never understanding the meaning of Death, why it is here, and what is its purpose. There are many, many beliefs about Death, but the beliefs do not change the fact that everyone must face Death, and see what it really is for themselves first-hand.

Some have faith that a god will be there waiting for them. Others think they can be re-incarnated. Some just accept it as an end. Then there are those who, out of pure spite, ignore the existence of death, to the extent that they are willing live their lives in total ignorance of it. Many even abuse and harm the lives of others. Little do they know, the end of all spitefulness is at hand. Therefore it is the end of them as well. This is your last life. If you do not stop your selfish, spiteful behavior, you will cease to exist.

One must be aware of death as our own creation. It is a manifestation, a reflection of our dishonesty towards ourselves. Now is the window of opportunity, for all to face Death in this life, and understand why it exists.

Join the Desteni i process at so we can face ourselves in what we have created, and re-create ourselves, in full responsibility to life. Till here no further, we say. Till we stop Death as what it exists as, within us.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A World Without Trust

Everyone knows the feeling of having trusted someone, and then being let down. This can be a very eye opening experience. Especially when it happens multiple times, with someone you thought you could trust. When we really look at how many times in our lives we have been let down or deceived, one can easily become disheartened. I would like to consider trust here.

Why do people let us down?

We can break it down to a few primary reasons.

1. Self-Deception - We trusted a person and we weren't responsible in our own assesment of the persons character and or motives. We may not have known them for very long, or we were lead astray by our emotions and feelings and let them override our common sense judgement. Sometimes we think we are 'in love' with a person, yet they may not be totally honest with themselves. Perhaps it is just that we did not know ourselves.

2. Money - The foremost reason why people deceive, use and abuse others trust is for money. It is the nature of the system as being based on fear of survival. This is where fear is allowed to contribute to the dealings and relationships of people, thus undermining peoples ability to trust others.

3. Sex - Sexual expression is very suppressed in our society, and sex is often depicted as 'bad' or 'immoral'. This is very damaging to a persons psyche, especially young people. Sexual desire can be in many different forms according to whatever ideas or morals one has regarding sex, typically based on individual upbringing etc. So it can be total abuse, as in rape, or it can be simply desire for affection. Nonetheless it is certainly a factor in undermining trust, as it is given permission 'by free choice' to override our trust.

4. Personal escape - Sometimes people just want to be free from it all, so they allow themselves to undermine someones trust through abandonment of responsibility.

5. Apathy - Some people have become cold, possibly due to failed expectations or other issues within their lives. Frequently people become very disillusioned with their world because it does not turn out the way they thought it would, thus leading to feelings of delusion.

6. Miss Communication - Sometimes it is just a matter of mis-interpreting someone or not hearing correctly, or not explaining something clear enough. All can lead to misunderstandings that can then lead to broken trust.

Understanding these points, and observing my life in particular, many many times have I been let down. I can remember experiences from my childhood, and there were many in my teens and twenties as well. This shaped my character tremendously, as the fear of deception arose, my guard was constantly up, and I was literally not able to trust anyone in my life. Everyone was lying.

And then I began noticing the worst possible thing... I was lying too! And even to myself. Upon realizing this, without really understanding the reason, it caused me to become very angry and sad inside. I contemplated suicide many times, as many teens do. If you are wondering why someone has committed suicide in your life. I can assure you, this is the reason. There is no trust in our world. It is a world without trust.

How have we allowed our world to become so absolutely untrustworthy, to the point that many become deceivers, apathetic, or even choose suicide?

This fundamental sociological failure of humanity is not something that should be taken lightly. It is an extreme, catastrophic disgrace. It is us lying to ourselves. Why are we doing this... Why don't we just stop lying? Answer: We have deceived ourselves into thinking that we need to accumulate fame and fortune to be happy in this world, when in actuality, that is not the case whatsoever. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

So what is the solution?

It is rather simple, although it does require some work, and the courage to face ourselves in what we have allowed. We must become self-honest. We must understand that if we do not change who we are, we do not deserve to exist, because we have not honored life.

How do we do this?

Again simple solution. Equal Money For All. This will allow each person to take responsibility in our world instead of having it run by a few greedy dictators. There is great, great reward in standing up and honoring life. It is to give up all that you thought you were as a pre-programmed personality, and become equal to all life as the physical reality. That is our path. And it is the only way. There is no other way.

So, now you understand that you are responsible, because you are here, part of this world. You must stand up and join us in changing ourselves, so that we may create a trust that will stand into eternity. A Self-trust that cannot be broken. A trust that is Equal in all ways always. That is the only trust that is trustworthy.

Join us, in the greatest adventure mankind has ever known!

It is the journey to Self-Trust...

Monday, 23 May 2011

The word Fuck

The only reason Fuck is a fun word is because people have reactions to it. Fascinating. Its just a word... composed of four letters F,U,C and K - which individually cause no reactions in people. However when you put them together, it is apparently a 'bad word'.

So who the 'fuck' decided this rule in the first place? And more importantly, why do you support the rule? And when I say support, I mean, if you don't clearly stand in opposition to this moralistic idea that fuck is a bad word, and should only be uttered in secret, among friends, or by accident. If it exists in your world, you are aware of it and allow it to exist, that is supporting the rule. Just like having a leach on your leg. You see it there, if you do not remove it, you are allowing it to suck your blood, thus you are supporting the leach.

If you allow this 'fuck is a bad word' morality rule (rules are the basis for laws btw) anywhere in your world - on the news, tv shows, dinner parties, when around children, at important business meetings or anywhere in your reality, you are now subject to that morality rule. Meaning. You have created a false belief system within yourself, whereas you JUDGE yourself as 'better than' - if you abide by the rule - or 'less than' - if you fuck up. You then also JUDGE others who may or may not have this same belief system. You may have aquired it through parents, or school, or friends, or tv or whatever. Doesn't matter. It's your baby now. It's your leach. Your responsibility. Judge not lest ye be judged...

You're either the fuck up, or the king of fucking France. You are fucked either way. You have made yourself less than your words by your own judgement. Your now living in total fear of not only your own morality rules, but the countless morality rules others may have to judge you with! Now you have to 'watch what you say', because you can't even trust yourself! What a fucking joke. You are subconsciously so afraid to 'say the wrong thing' that it has limited you to what people you socialize with. You don't feel comfortable around people who may seem 'of lesser upbringing' or let the odd swear word slip. You are afraid they will influence you and that will cause you to lose favor with your elite friends and co-workers.

The reality of the situation is the 'fuck word morality rule' is just the very top layer of the icing on a very very large cake. If you are not even able to grasp this simple point, well then, you are fucked. I could go on and on about this point. Deeper into the nature of how we enslaved ourselves to words instead of being equal and one with our words. No wonder nobody can be trusted in this world. Its a goddam lie fest and a panic.

Imagine a world where anyone can say whatever they want whenever they want and no-one would be judged for it. That's called unconditional self-expression. It is not only possible, but its coming. The Equal Money System will be the start of this new world. It is inevitable and unstoppable. So you best get cracking on deconstructing your fuck'dness. I would drop everything and start right now if I were you. Because unless you actually make a whole-hearted effort to investigate and resolve this mess you have created for yourself, you are in for one hell of a nasty surprise. You have really fucked yourself. There is no escape, so might as well face it and fix it while you still have a chance, because there will come a time, where you have no more chances.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Heaven Camping?

I was a Christian for about 15 years. I remember all the feelings and emotions that went with it. The being born again, praising God and all the music and everything. What did I know? For all I knew this is what God wanted me to do! So I just did it. Why? Because I felt terrible inside about how I had mistreated others. I felt horrible that I wasn't myself in life, I was double-minded. So I was easily manipulated by religion because I felt so broken inside.

When I discovered Desteni, I had somewhat recovered from the brokenness, but not completely of course. I had figured out quite a few things through personal introspection and observing others within Christianity. I had broadened my research of what was going on in the universe and on earth as opposed to just accepting the limited view the bible (christian interpretation) presented.

A couple of major points came up from that. Firstly, I could never figure out why the bible had mentioned 2x in the NT that we were PRE-DESTINED. How could that be? How could God have figured out every eventuality in all its complex infinite possibilities? That I could not understand, yet there it was. We were pre-programmed. So that was explained by Desteni and made sense when I heard it from them.

The next point I came to ultimately consider was that - if this world was so completely messed up, full of liars, then who's the biggest liar of all? HIM!!!!!

That was the big realization. Yes. God the big F***'ing liar. How could it be any other way? He who creates liars is thus a liar... no better. So I figured it out. Equality was the answer and I was bent on fixing all the crap I had allowed in my life. It was extensive.

Now I look back and just shake my head. I'm thankful all that is over, because it wasn't real. There may have been some good feelings and happy feelings, some emotional feelings. But it wasn't real, because the big fat lie of existence had been exposed for what it was. A lie.

So this rapture that's supposed to come. I know what they all feel like. Praying and hoping. Waiting for a savior... that's not coming. Sad. But I'm not sad for them and I don't pity them. Sorry, there's hell on earth that has to be fixed. That's the agenda according to the principle of loving thy neighbor as thyself. I stand by that as equal with me as my words as who I am.

I don't fully understand why I was able to figure it out to this point where I see the big lie, but I know that I had to have looked within myself considerably to do it. There's no other way. Authentic self-honesty. Killer self-honesty. That's what it takes. And it has to be effective and powerful enough to kill your own giant ego... and I mean giant... its massive. So best get busy sorting yourself out. Because if you don't, well then you don't matter to existence. Bye.