Thursday, 26 May 2011

A World Without Trust

Everyone knows the feeling of having trusted someone, and then being let down. This can be a very eye opening experience. Especially when it happens multiple times, with someone you thought you could trust. When we really look at how many times in our lives we have been let down or deceived, one can easily become disheartened. I would like to consider trust here.

Why do people let us down?

We can break it down to a few primary reasons.

1. Self-Deception - We trusted a person and we weren't responsible in our own assesment of the persons character and or motives. We may not have known them for very long, or we were lead astray by our emotions and feelings and let them override our common sense judgement. Sometimes we think we are 'in love' with a person, yet they may not be totally honest with themselves. Perhaps it is just that we did not know ourselves.

2. Money - The foremost reason why people deceive, use and abuse others trust is for money. It is the nature of the system as being based on fear of survival. This is where fear is allowed to contribute to the dealings and relationships of people, thus undermining peoples ability to trust others.

3. Sex - Sexual expression is very suppressed in our society, and sex is often depicted as 'bad' or 'immoral'. This is very damaging to a persons psyche, especially young people. Sexual desire can be in many different forms according to whatever ideas or morals one has regarding sex, typically based on individual upbringing etc. So it can be total abuse, as in rape, or it can be simply desire for affection. Nonetheless it is certainly a factor in undermining trust, as it is given permission 'by free choice' to override our trust.

4. Personal escape - Sometimes people just want to be free from it all, so they allow themselves to undermine someones trust through abandonment of responsibility.

5. Apathy - Some people have become cold, possibly due to failed expectations or other issues within their lives. Frequently people become very disillusioned with their world because it does not turn out the way they thought it would, thus leading to feelings of delusion.

6. Miss Communication - Sometimes it is just a matter of mis-interpreting someone or not hearing correctly, or not explaining something clear enough. All can lead to misunderstandings that can then lead to broken trust.

Understanding these points, and observing my life in particular, many many times have I been let down. I can remember experiences from my childhood, and there were many in my teens and twenties as well. This shaped my character tremendously, as the fear of deception arose, my guard was constantly up, and I was literally not able to trust anyone in my life. Everyone was lying.

And then I began noticing the worst possible thing... I was lying too! And even to myself. Upon realizing this, without really understanding the reason, it caused me to become very angry and sad inside. I contemplated suicide many times, as many teens do. If you are wondering why someone has committed suicide in your life. I can assure you, this is the reason. There is no trust in our world. It is a world without trust.

How have we allowed our world to become so absolutely untrustworthy, to the point that many become deceivers, apathetic, or even choose suicide?

This fundamental sociological failure of humanity is not something that should be taken lightly. It is an extreme, catastrophic disgrace. It is us lying to ourselves. Why are we doing this... Why don't we just stop lying? Answer: We have deceived ourselves into thinking that we need to accumulate fame and fortune to be happy in this world, when in actuality, that is not the case whatsoever. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

So what is the solution?

It is rather simple, although it does require some work, and the courage to face ourselves in what we have allowed. We must become self-honest. We must understand that if we do not change who we are, we do not deserve to exist, because we have not honored life.

How do we do this?

Again simple solution. Equal Money For All. This will allow each person to take responsibility in our world instead of having it run by a few greedy dictators. There is great, great reward in standing up and honoring life. It is to give up all that you thought you were as a pre-programmed personality, and become equal to all life as the physical reality. That is our path. And it is the only way. There is no other way.

So, now you understand that you are responsible, because you are here, part of this world. You must stand up and join us in changing ourselves, so that we may create a trust that will stand into eternity. A Self-trust that cannot be broken. A trust that is Equal in all ways always. That is the only trust that is trustworthy.

Join us, in the greatest adventure mankind has ever known!

It is the journey to Self-Trust...

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