Sunday, 5 February 2012

What is Conscious Living

What is Beautiful

Conscious living is a relatively new expression that has recently become a popular buzz word and trend, promoted through media and magazines. Its interesting that the phrase clearly implies some sort of ‘deeper awareness’ of ones life, and what impact we are all having on each other and the environment. Many approach this topic from different perspectives, and thus, have varying opinions on what is actually implied by ‘Living Consciously’. So, in order to give ourselves a little deeper insight, we can look at it from three main perspectives.

1. Environment – It is all too evident, the impact we are having on our world, and many of us are saddened by what we are seeing. So we are beginning to realize that there is a sense of responsibility there that we did not understand before. How could we have let the world come to such and extent that it is currently existing as? Why do we not stop harming the earth and ourselves? Why are governments powerless to do anything? Why do we allow corporations to destroy the planet for profit?

So seeing the environment and what is really happening is a bit of a wake up call for us all. We are realizing that our children are inheriting our mess, so it is natural that we feel something, at the very least. We are starting to implement programs that curb our wasteful and profit driven activities, yet it is clearly nowhere near enough at this point. Many see this as the primary reason behind the move toward ‘Conscious Living’.

2. Health – We are also becoming more aware of the impact food has on our bodies. Many bewildering methods of modifying and processing our food are constantly being invented as a means of manipulating the food industry for profit, power and control. We as consumers just gobble it all up, because we are so inconsiderate of our own actions and how they are manifesting our reality. We use excuses like ‘Well, everyone else is doing it.” or “There’s nothing I can do about it, that’s just the way it is.” These are examples of excuses that are of no use whatsoever. There is no excuse for killing our world and we are all accountable for it, with our lives.

3. Business – Inevitably, wherever there is an opportunity to make a profit, we will find businesses, corporations and bankers all misty eyed and drooling with anticipation. Not to place blame on them specifically, as we all have accepted and allowed this system to exist as it currently does. The trend of conscious living has become the ‘worm on the hook’ for many organizations that are seeking to prey on those who are really looking to understand more about themselves and their world… Looking to see beyond the big lie.

Businesses and corporations will seek to bend the meaning of conscious living in order to make people believe that it is in their best interest to purchase a product, because it is the popular trend at the moment. So it is quite interesting that businesses who are promoting conscious living for their own profit, are actually promoting the opposite of what the words would imply as ‘seeking a deeper understanding of oneself’. It is the hidden greed that has for so long appeared to be inapprehensible... No more.

I will here like to frankly offer a fresh perspective on what is meant by ‘Conscious Living’. Although on the surface it appears somewhat harmless, it is not what it appears. The time is now here to expose the abuse in our world.

Conscious Living is a term that has been created to justify deception in our world through allowing people to ‘hide’ behind an organization or group or title promoting a cause that seeks to ‘do good’ in some form or another. However it is only the ‘appearance of goodness’, meanwhile it does nothing to address the real issue within our world. It is as ridiculous as if one would put a tiny band-aid on a severed arm or leg. It will not help, in fact it only adds insult to injury.

It is this false appearance... self-interest in disguise - as the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Who is willing really look at what is going on in our world of deception and abuse? Who is willing to look at the source of the problem, as in, face themselves on the inside, where the real evil exists? Why are we afraid to admit to everyone what’s going on in the back of our minds? Why are we afraid of losing our puffed up, vain, self-intoxicated false image? Obviously it would be rather embarrassing for us to be exposed to the world as a fraud. But at what cost are we not doing so? The cost is terrifying and unacceptable.

Yet that's exactly what Destonians are doing. We are exposing ourselves in learning how to be honest with ourselves. We are working together as a group. ONE group, not a religion, not a corporation, not a cult, just a group of people under the principle of what is best for all. We are aimed at the real heart of the issue in this world - the money system. We are absolutely committed to implementing and Equal Money System so that money is given the value of life, rather than humans being tortured and slaughtered for the sake of money. We understand how we have all been CON(ned) by consciousness, falling after false beliefs in gods and masters that have led us astray from who we really are. We are facing the shame of our existence for real, because we cannot continue to run forever, there is nowhere left to run, this is it.

So if you perchance would really like to understand yourself, rather than just all the media and corporate ideas of conscious living, then you should investigate for yourself. What do you stand for in your life? I can guarantee if its not best for all, then its of no use to you whatsoever. Help us support an Equal Money System and stop the abuse and deception of image and ideas like conscious living.