Thursday, 19 May 2011


All your life you have been Afraid. Afraid of the dark. Afraid of monsters. Afraid of the boogeyman. Afraid of pain. Afraid of death. Afraid of living. Afraid of dying. Afraid of the unknown. Afraid of suffocation. Afraid of elevators. Afraid of embarrassment. Afraid of not getting what you want. Afraid of getting what you want. Afraid of failing. Afraid of not being good enough. Afraid no-one will want you. Maybe you're Afraid of going to hell.

Maybe you are Afraid you will condemn yourself the same way you have condemned others? Then that creates more fear because now you are Afraid you will go into depression, or Afraid you will want to kill yourself, or do something harmful to yourself. God dammit hurry up and make up another fear so you don't do anything stupid like that. Now you need to create another really big ass fear so that nobody sees that you're Afraid that someone might find out you are Afraid!!!

So now remember... an extra heavy layer of fear that makes you look all happy all the time is a good disguise to all this fear. Kinda like icing on a big fat fear cake. Hmmm.. This is kinda becoming a problem.

Have you ever considered wearing a disguise? Lets see... Maybe you would like the funny man disguise. Thats a real good one. Everyone likes a funny man. This is how that one goes. You ALWAYS have a hilarious joke ready. Its a bit tricky cuz you ALWAYS have to be ready with a joke. Takes a lot of practice, but its ok, cuz you're Afraid anyway, so all this fear energy helps you be ready with a good joke. And the best part is... people will laugh at your joke, and you don't have to talk about anything that may expose your fears!!! Cuz its so freakin HILARIOUS!!! WAAAAHAHAHAHAAAA... !!!!

Maybe you like the serious, educated man disguise. That's a good one too. All you have to do is constantly think that 'you're the best' and talk all serious about important things. Almost everyone uses this one, so you really have to work at it to win. Helps to get some kind of higher education so you have a paper to show people how smart you are. Then you can use the disguise to get friends that can help you get money, so you can make your disguise even more awesome looking!! The more money you get, the better the disguise will be!

Here's a real clever disguise for you. Oh this one is sooo good you even fool yourself! No-one will ever know... Its the ultimate ... its the 'I'm so humble and caring' disguise. Haaaaaahaha Ya its awesome! You can wear it a number of different ways. You can pretend to be caring about something like uhhh.. the earth, just say a few things here and there... or recycle some stuff and you're in... really, simple eh.

Or you can act like you care about the animals, just join a club or something, may have to give a couple bucks to a charity or something like that... no biggy. Or you can pretend that you just live a simple life, you're so humble, and you know you cant do much..., so you just do what you can... little acts of kindness... to help someone... here and there, because you are so humble and wise. Its kinda like a double-layer disguise. Many people use this one, I'd say its by far the most used disguise of all. So good for hiding that one, like a total camouflage!

Oh and of course there's the religious disguise. That's an old one, but a goody. Ol' faithful, just throw it on and head out to church on Sunday once in a while. Toss in a few prayers here and there and you're good to go. The best part about this one is, you can make yourself believe you're special! So you get to go to heaven in your head sometimes!! Bon-us!

There's tonnes of other disguises... all kinds of belief disguises, career disguises, family disguises, addiction disguises, group disguises, beautiful and ugly disguises, talented disguises, strong and weak disguises... you name it, their out there.

So just F***The World and choose your favorite disguise!!!! Everybody's doin it!!

I mean, I don't think there's any problem with it. Ya ya, I know bout the billion starvin people, an the plastic garbage in the ocean, an the corruption, an wars an animal abuse, an chemicals, an factory farms, an slave labor an all that stuff... I dont worry bout that... that's not my problem. I didn't do it!! Its not me!!! Its not like 'Total Annihilation' or something lol. Someone will figure it out... some day.

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