Monday, 23 May 2011

The word Fuck

The only reason Fuck is a fun word is because people have reactions to it. Fascinating. Its just a word... composed of four letters F,U,C and K - which individually cause no reactions in people. However when you put them together, it is apparently a 'bad word'.

So who the 'fuck' decided this rule in the first place? And more importantly, why do you support the rule? And when I say support, I mean, if you don't clearly stand in opposition to this moralistic idea that fuck is a bad word, and should only be uttered in secret, among friends, or by accident. If it exists in your world, you are aware of it and allow it to exist, that is supporting the rule. Just like having a leach on your leg. You see it there, if you do not remove it, you are allowing it to suck your blood, thus you are supporting the leach.

If you allow this 'fuck is a bad word' morality rule (rules are the basis for laws btw) anywhere in your world - on the news, tv shows, dinner parties, when around children, at important business meetings or anywhere in your reality, you are now subject to that morality rule. Meaning. You have created a false belief system within yourself, whereas you JUDGE yourself as 'better than' - if you abide by the rule - or 'less than' - if you fuck up. You then also JUDGE others who may or may not have this same belief system. You may have aquired it through parents, or school, or friends, or tv or whatever. Doesn't matter. It's your baby now. It's your leach. Your responsibility. Judge not lest ye be judged...

You're either the fuck up, or the king of fucking France. You are fucked either way. You have made yourself less than your words by your own judgement. Your now living in total fear of not only your own morality rules, but the countless morality rules others may have to judge you with! Now you have to 'watch what you say', because you can't even trust yourself! What a fucking joke. You are subconsciously so afraid to 'say the wrong thing' that it has limited you to what people you socialize with. You don't feel comfortable around people who may seem 'of lesser upbringing' or let the odd swear word slip. You are afraid they will influence you and that will cause you to lose favor with your elite friends and co-workers.

The reality of the situation is the 'fuck word morality rule' is just the very top layer of the icing on a very very large cake. If you are not even able to grasp this simple point, well then, you are fucked. I could go on and on about this point. Deeper into the nature of how we enslaved ourselves to words instead of being equal and one with our words. No wonder nobody can be trusted in this world. Its a goddam lie fest and a panic.

Imagine a world where anyone can say whatever they want whenever they want and no-one would be judged for it. That's called unconditional self-expression. It is not only possible, but its coming. The Equal Money System will be the start of this new world. It is inevitable and unstoppable. So you best get cracking on deconstructing your fuck'dness. I would drop everything and start right now if I were you. Because unless you actually make a whole-hearted effort to investigate and resolve this mess you have created for yourself, you are in for one hell of a nasty surprise. You have really fucked yourself. There is no escape, so might as well face it and fix it while you still have a chance, because there will come a time, where you have no more chances.

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