Saturday, 26 November 2011

Why are you not usingT.V and the newspapers as your main source to give this important message across.. all will listen to the ultimate solution

Looking at this point within myself I see that I must take responsibility to post more perspective regarding news stories. Our media, though claiming to offer an unbiased investigation, news production is precisely scripted to give a narrow view of the problems in our world, thereby providing a very one-dimensional picture to news stories. News media is very limited and impractical as it never offers the ultimate solution.

The solution they do offer is always channeled through either our senseless justice system, our corrupt political systems, our inept medical system, or our bullying, abusive military and police systems. All of which pay tribute to the ultimate god of this world... Money. That which reflects to us the extent of our abusive and irresponsible disregard for life. We seem to prefer our selfish bubbles of illusion and fake love to make us feel comfortable in a world full of deception.

Narrator puppets find all their glory in promoting self-righteous morality as a means for us to justify in our mind why we are powerless to do anything. This is outright deception, as we have a voice and we now have internet where we can investigate, blog, vlog, and post our perspective on issues. Not only that, but we have the ULTIMATE SOLUTION on a golden platter right before us....


If this ultimate solution is right here for us... why don't we all stand up and support it? Two primary answers.

1. NEGLECT - Not questioning ourselves deeply enough or willing to investigate what is REALLY going on. Therefore we prefer to blame others as the evil ones so that we don't have to take responsibility for our world. We even take it to the extent that we want to see others suffer horribly as an outflow of our desire for revenge. The extent of evil and self-deception that we allow to continue within ourselves and our world is far beyond description. How easily to just 'change the channel' in the T.V. in our minds... Do we need Death, Hell and Destruction knocking at our door to stop this? They are all here.

2. FEAR - We clearly see ourselves for who we really are within our daily participation. So our minds work feverishly to compartmentalize our experience of ourselves within alternate personality structures so that we (THINK!!!)we can evade ourselves. Quite simply, if you hide from yourself for long enough, the consequences become more extreme for yourself, as the reflection of you as your world attempts to reflect to you who you really are so you may realize yourself. Many choose to spite themselves out of existence entirely through cycles of self-condemnation, unable to forgive themselves as they are too afraid to accept and embrace themselves and change to support all life equally.

And if you think god is the answer... please, we have been enchanted with the stories and illusion of the invisible man for long enough. If he did exist, he is cruel beyond measure, as we currently exist as absolute cruelty, in his image. That would make heaven a living hell indeed. But who needs that when we are already living in pure hell. Maybe you haven't experienced it yet... just look around a little bit, you will.

Its time to stand up and expose the deception in the system and in the news so we can change our world through taking self-responsibility. If we do this, we will create an Equal Money System! And ultimately, a heaven on earth, where it should be... not out there somewhere, but here, as us, as the living expression of life in self-honesty, supporting all life equally with dignity and respect.

Lets face ourselves, and forgive ourselves, so that we do not ever let this happen again.

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