Monday, 13 June 2011

Ode to 0rdoTempliAurora

Here I submit a response regarding your video, "Desteni Preacher
of Hate, Bernard Poolman".
You sound highly intellectual, however
you have rendered absolutely no evidence worthy of the titles
claim, therefore it is clearly only a facade. What you have managed
is an arrogated assumption of your own debilitated
lack-of-discernment, I am somewhat dismayed
by these false
accusations, replete with petty ego, thoughtless malice, and void of
any coherent relevance whatsoever.

In future, should you ascertain any pointed and/or sagacious findings,
please provide actual citations so they can be dissected and discussed
through pertinent and stimulating discourse.

Your outrageous claims, obviously attempting to appeal to the shallow
judgmental constructs of your audience through attempted aspersion
and mendacious labeling, only serve to magnify your deficiency and
lack of integrity to undergo self-introspection and stand in self-honesty
of what you have accepted and allowed in our world.

"Bernard Poolman's Desteni is a centralized regime, run as a
dictatorship, which advocates strictly regimented economic, industrial,
and social controls."

Your comparison of the Desteni group with that of a regime and
dictatorship is a completely unfounded calumniation, which, not only
makes one want to question the reason, but also the extent of your
pronounced desperation and fear.

"Suppresses free speech and forcibly attempts to censor criticism..."

It is rather unfortunate that your aged and feeble appeal to the
'defense of free speech' simply wins no favor, as those who -
unlike yourself - actually apply themselves have come to the
obvious realization, that as long as we are enslaved, no freedom
actually exists, it is an illusion. Thus free speech is nothing but an
avenue of perpetual abuse.

Your argument of 'Destonians condemning non-Destonians as
less-than-inferior beings', is again devoid of merit or citation and
thus scarcely more than a childish accusation.

"The Desteni philosophy is based entirely on influences of mysticism,
the new age, religion, occultism, and spirituality"

I would strongly recommend, that before stating empty, spiteful
claims that our group is aligned with a borrowed mystical or
occultist philosophy, you would first endeavor to apply yourself
in the fundamental research sufficient to discover that there is
no actual adhering to a philosophy, but rather an alignment to
the simple, common sense principle of 'what is best for all'. This is
the only way in fact, to honor life, if I may so rudely speculate that
you have yet to stumble upon that realization.

Although I have not seen any proposed solutions to the worlds
problems from yourself or your supporters, I sincerely hope that
you will open yourself to the possibility that you can forgive
yourself, and change, for the good of all mankind.
In doing so,
you will learn to be an effective human being ,that stands for a
dignified life for all.

In closing, I would suggest that in order to develop a broader
understanding of the scope of what is happening and what is
necessary to be done in our world, I think it would be of great
assistance to you and everyone if future communications be
subject to the following 2 simple criteria;

Don't talk shit about Desteni
Don't talk shit about Bernard



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