Saturday, 30 July 2011

Atheists Agnostics and Christians - All the Same

What is your belief system? Whatever it is, no matter what... it is just that... a system. You can try and defend it all you want with all your fancy knowledge and information. The truth is, your belief system can be classified into one of these categories, each of which can rather simply be exposed for what they really are. Bogus.

1. IGNORANCE. Found within Atheists and Agnostics. Atheism being the beLIEf that there is no God, and Agnosticism being the beLIEf that you have no beLIEf. Both of which are still beLIEfs. Unfortunately, these belief systems will not help you in any way, rather the opposite, they are harmful as it allows one to abdicate responsibility to self here as equal and one as life in this physical reality, and perpetuates the delusion that one is not responsible to stand for life.

2. EGO. Most Athiests and Agnostics profess their belief system because they want to appear intelligent. They are so wise and brave that they are willing to stand in the face of God and deny that he exists. Nothing but a petty ego trip.

Agnostics have seen this point, and think they can hide behind the no-belief belief system. Unfortunately, that does not work either. What are you doing to stand for life? Nothing. They think they are doing something by attempting to expose the other belief systems, not realizing that they are actually supporting them within their own polarized belief system.

3. ABUSE. Obviously seen within most christian and religious groups. Creating organizations supporting the god belief system. Deluded themselves, they delude others with knowledge garnered from the bible and other religious texts. Unwilling to stand as themselves as life, they prefer to place hope and faith in a god that will save them from what they have accepted and allowed in this world.

4. FEAR. This is the underlying reason many adhere to religion. Fear of hell, pain, the devil... fear of the world, fear of the unknown, fear of god etc etc. It all amounts to fear of self. Fear of accepting self as here. Fear of taking responsibility for life in doing what is best for all. This is then reinforced by fear of losing personal identities. Fears are irresponsible, abdication of self, and cannot be used as an excuse. There is no excuse.

All of these beliefs/delusions can be released through self-forgiveness and and applying oneself in standing for equality. Just look at the state of the world to see the consequences of what we have accepted and allowed. If one truly look, it is absolutely horrendous and totally unacceptable, what we have become by allowing ourselves to be deluded by separation through beliefs.

Everyone is responsible. It's time to stand for whats real. Equality, in this physical reality. There is nothing spiritual about it. It is not a belief. It is what is really here. Join Desteni.

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