Sunday, 31 July 2011

What is a cult

We have to look at the word cult
and break down the definition, because
in thesub-conscious and unconscious mind,
this word has been pre-programmed by the
mediaand the education system and it has
been structured specifically in relationship
to fearin order to trigger a response in the
mind of the listener. One can observe it if
you take for example a dog - Pavlov's dog theory.
The dog knowsits own name and perhaps the word
'walk'. When you say the dogs name and say 'walk'
the dog will get excited because the dog has
created a relationship with the word
'walk' associating it with 'going outside'.

It knows its going outside for a walk. This
is an example of a triggered response.
It is the same with humans. The human hears
the word 'cult' and subconsciously goes
into a state of 'fear' . Why? Because a
past memory thought-relationship comes up,
that was created by media stories and
educational material, which has associated the
word 'cult' with 'fear'. You hear the word
'cult' and your mind says 'fear', and you
immediately, sub-consciously put up all kinds
of defenses.

This also gives one a false sense of comfort,
in that one can have an auto
excuse. When one hears something disturbing
that may cause them to face their own
dishonesty, they have an instant excuse to
dismiss it and not have to take
responsibility for themselves or anyone else...
because its a 'CULT'.

Are you afraid of cults? If so, then isn't
that evidence that you are already
so extensively brainwashed that you are not
able to trust yourself, and that you can
be mislead? Fearing a cult is then actually
abuse, an excuse, a false justification.

Isn't it interesting how we can lie to
ourselves and appear to get away with it?
Thisis why the world is in the chaotic state
that it is in.. with half the world in
absolute poverty, slavery, war, abuse.
We have to face our fears instead of just
running away hiding behind excuses.

The real evil is anything or anyone that
does not stand for equality. Groups such as
religions and corporations who maintain
hierarchy and keep secrets, to the detriment
of all.

Equal Money for All for a dignified life for
all. That is the only solution.

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