Sunday, 31 July 2011

Everyone is a Bully

Observing my life and looking back on
my life there is one major point that,
seems tohave dominated my experience of
myself. Fear of self.

How many examples?... Infinite. If we
really observe ourselves throughout our
day frommoment to moment, there is a
fascinating reality. Every moment,
any moment, there areinfinite possibilities
to what we can do. What makes us decide
or choose? You willtypically find money
or desire for sex mostly. I often find
myself playing outpossibilities within my
mind. For example. I often see or walk
by a girl and imagineto myself that I walk
up to her and start talking to her. I
would say something funnyor ask a question.

That's where we're duped.

We've played out the scene in our minds.
That's what we really want to do. But we
didn't because of the fears that have been
pre-programmed into us by our self-created

Now we feel ashamed of ourselves, because
we gave in to fear of what people would
think of us, or fear of 'not knowing the
outcome'. But the fear is built into the
system. Its in everyone else as well, so
we are subject to others fears and complexes
as well. Looking around at everyone,
we see that everyone seems to be in another world.
Like we don't even notice each other.
Unfazed. Stiff-necked.

Like dead bodies walking.

Right from our childhood, I remember being in
school and being bullied or seeing
someone else bullied or ridiculed, and a few
times I was the bully myself. Why is this
acceptable. Why do adults allow this to go on?
Because parents and adults are bullies
themselves, and that's where we get it from.
The fear of survival, and fear of self,
causing us to fiercely compete for money,
fame and sex.

It is then further compounded by lack of trust.
Now we don't trust ourselves or others
because we see that we have compromised
ourselves. Things dont turn out the way we
expect them to. We are afraid of failure,
because after all, that's what school teaches
us the most... that we can fail at life.
What kind of school system is this that defines
a child as a failure? Unacceptable.
Everyone has something to contribute to life.
Inactuality, there need be no such thing as

Anyone can do anything they set themselves
to do with the proper support, anyone can
do anything!

So the root of the issue, is those who instruct
children into believing failure exists.

Who is responsible? Well, everyone for allowing
it. Everyone for not standing up
and realizing that we are all equal,
and no-one is special.

Until we stop this ridiculous desire to be
'better than' eachother, everyone is a bully.
And because of that...Everyone suffers.

Equal money for all is the solution. What
are you doing to support it... or are you
content just being a bully.

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