Saturday, 30 July 2011

Middle Class - The Primary Abusers

For the purpose of discussion, I will classify the world into 3 groups.

1. Rich. The few elite who think they are special. These are people with lots of money and thus are able to relax and enjoy many of the things this world has to offer, such as fresh prepared food, good transportation, fine clothes, large houses, and many other luxuries which allow them ample leisure time without having to do much physical labor, typically not any unless for their own personal benefit.

The rich know full well they are abusing and maintain their control through clever leveraging tactics. In fact they live it as an expression, thinking they are doing existence a service by reflecting to us our own abdication to stand for equality.

2. Poor. The majority of the world. Those that are lacking the necessities such as food, water, housing and clothing to support themselves in the world, and thus are forced to endure difficult lives struggling for mere survival.

The poor of the world are kept in a state of poverty through fear, and simply have no 'say' in anything related to media or government or structure. This does not relieve them of responsibility however.

3. Middle class. All the people who have enough to support themselves and live somewhat comfortably, though they are required to work.

Those of us in the middle class are the ones who think we hold the balance. We are the delusional fence sitters. The big fakers and bullshitters. Proclaiming ignorance that everything is just fine the way it is. Content to allow the system to take care of us. Thinking we are doing good making an honest living by working and just living our lives, content that we are getting by, and not suffering as the poor.

What do we think will be the consequence of all this separation? Enslavement to a system that does not regard you as a being. You are expendable, and of no value whatsoever, as the system does not care... it only cares about its own survival. Fearing ourselves we desire safety and security, and thus create the polar opposite which is Terror. What is the end result of all this... Annihilation? Is this an acceptable expression of life as us? No it is not. It is totally unacceptable. It is actually astonishingly horrible and shameful.

Shame on us all.

So who is allowing this. The answer is everyone. However I would particularly point out the middle class. We are the ones who are following the system. We participate it and see it in our everyday life. We are 'living' the delusion and not doing anything about it. Dreaming of becoming free or rich, but doing nothing practical to support the actual solution, which is equality... because we fear lacking and being poor. But the real fear is fear of who we are. Fear of expressing ourselves unconditionally as life.

Everyone sees it. Everyone tries to hide from it. Everyday in your life. We can try and hide from it all we want, but in the end there is no excuse. It is what allows this world to exist as it does, which is a living hell for many in the world. What class are you? Or do you stand for life and equality for all without classification. Abuse or life. You de-side.

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