Saturday, 27 August 2011

Opportunity For Expansion

Interesting day. Went to a meeting for a group

involved in multi-level marketing. I see the point

of myself no longer being enslaved to the idea that

I must not make money for myself so that I can

remain poor, so that I can believe that I am

"better than" those who earn money because I

believe myself to be 'more humble' - defining

them as self-interested and egotistical. Now

I accept my responsibility to earn a significant

income so that I may support myself and the

equal life foundation.

My primary focus is to network myself so that

I may expand myself and desteni I process in
expanding equality. I see this as an opportunity
for me to direct myself and move myself in
meeting people and sharing my process of
self-realization. Sharing the concept of equal
money for all, in that ALL can be 'wealthy'
through an equal money system.

I see this as an opportunity for all Destonians
to do this as a business. Assuming it is available
in your country, (currently available in roughly
60 countries) this can be a very effective tool
for spreading the message of equality, in assisting
ourselves to make others aware of what we are
accepting and allowing within our world, and to
stop all abuse of life.

Equality is the only solution.

There is no other way.

It is quite simple. I will be dealing with
people who's motivation is that of 'fear of being
poor' or 'success and personal power'. It is clear
that many will not hear or want to hear, as they
are so locked within the system of their minds.
Yet I will persevere nonetheless.. I am certainly
going to have fun putting myself out there, in
the face of those who think they are special.
I will not waste my breath with those who will
not look at themselves honestly. There will be
some who listen. And to those I will make my
points clear and specific, in the breath, not
moved by emotion or feeling when I speak.

In this I will be taking on more responsibility
for myself, therefore It is critical and necessary
that I be more specific and direct with myself,
as more severe consequences could come into
play if I allow myself to participate in the mind.
My starting point is clear. Equality is inevitable..

So lets get it done.

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