Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What is Insanity

In Equality, supporting others is also supporting yourself, as you share perspective, you see points come up within yourself. I understand that people think I am crazy or brainwashed or belong in an insane asylum... I really have no problem with that. In fact, I rather enjoy being an Equality whore.

Take a moment to look at the world we live in. Do we not all belong in an insane asylum? Are we not all together insane? We are killing eachother for no reason, selling children as sex and labor slaves, torturing animals through factory farming, hoarding and stealing money from eachother, polluting our planet, making animals extinct, believing in an invisible man/god that will come and save us all, pretending to be that which we are not, meanwhile abdicating that which we are. I can think of countless more examples....

Is it any wonder it is considered insane to stand for life?

All the while, the most profoundly simple solution to it all is here right in front of us, that being equal money for all. How simple is that? Yet we are unable at this point to collectively stand and support such a system, because of our separation and beliefs. We are programmed to believe that this is "just the way it is" and we follow that belief like lost puppy dogs. Pathetic.

Who has the guts to stand for life and be considered insane by all their friends and family? Who has the guts to tell it like it is amidst the total denial and criticism of virtually everyone? Is it guts? Or is it through research, self-honesty and self-introspection that one truly grasps and realizes the dire state that we are all in.

What is the real evil in this world? Denial. Fear of facing self as who we really are.

The fascinating thing is that there really is nothing to fear, and actually facing ourselves would bring heaven on earth. Yet who wants that?

The span of our lifetime is virtually irrelevant upon taking into account eternity. Are we prepared to face that? Obviously no, we are not prepared.

This does not excuse us from our responsibility here... this is our opportunity to stop the systems and become life. I am taking up the challenge. There is really no alternative as this life is a virtual hell... claiming to be heaven for the few. Unacceptable.

There is only one option, Equality and life, or the system and hell.

It's time to wake the fuck up

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