Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Physical and The Mind

Look at the universe in two separate categories...

The physical - things you can touch

The mind/ego/persona - Thoughts, ideas, beliefs, desires, knowledge, information, symbols, conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious, dimensions, densities, imaginations etc. - things we cannot physically touch

This is how we have created separation, through creation of the mind, because we feared and did not understand who we are. We all currently exist within our separated bubbles of consciousness.

We as individual beings are existing within a physical body, but we also have created a mind/ego/false persona through which we process knowledge and information - the mind being that which is not real in that it separates us, by way of deluding us from seeing the physical as it truly is. Example - You look at a tree and say - "Thats an elm tree" labeling it with a definition as something separate from yourself so that you may process the information and gain knowledge and perceived power over it. This as opposed to seeing the tree as equal to who you are without the limitation of definition.

Observe within your own mind you can do virtually anything... fly, travel, entertain yourself in various ways.. anything is possible. Yet it is not real, because it is not expressed or experienced equally in the physical, but in a separate reality, and thus not shared with all. Everything real in the universe - that which exist as actual tangible outflows, is physical.

Many people believe they can ascend to a higher density or different reality attempting to transcend or bypass the physical. To transcend the physical is to spite the physical. Its like saying " fuck you - I don't want to deal with all this bullshit I created... I'm leaving for a better place". That is irresponsible. There is no "better place" as all the physical is equal. If we look at what is actually happening in our world, its no wonder that people want to "leave" or "ascend" to some "higher place" but there is no excuse as we all collectively allowed this world to exist as it is now. Here is what we have accepted and allowed in our reality and it must be changed by us, here and now through a process of self-honesty, self-forgiveness, common sense, and practical application.

It is the mind of dimensions that must be transcended and stopped, so that we stand equal and one with what we create in the physical here. It is to be present in every moment in the breath, taking responsibility for who we are and what we allow. Why must one go to another density to do this? Where are you going to go? What are you hoping to find? Why can we not take responsibility for ourselves here and bring about equality and heaven on earth?

When we are truly self-honest with ourselves, not being enslaved to fears or systems or false perceptions of who we are, we will then be able to express and share ourselves unconditionally and equally with all.

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