Friday, 30 September 2011

Capitalism is for Bullies

Our capitalistic money system is terrifyingly abusive, there is no doubt about it. Just like a bully in a schoolyard throwing his weight around. The lust for power, to appear better than others. Hard to imagine anyone who would argue that point, although some do...Only concerned their own little bubble...

As long as I'm happy, fuck everyone else. Isn't that how it goes? I'm a good person because I care and have a family and people that I love. Really? Is that your excuse?

If you look at the common sense of a human being born into a poverty stricken family, that person has very little chance of a 'happy' life. It is actually very likely they will endure a very hard life of condescending slavery and extreme abuse, if they get a chance to live at all. On the other hand, a being born into a rich family has all the necessary support and luxuries in this world that enables them to live a comfortable and happy life.

How can we... and how do we justify this absolute horrifying reproach and denial of ourselves as human beings? If one take a moment to consider others in our world...This existence we portray is an absolute shameful atrocity. There are no words to describe the suffering we allow because of our ignorance.

From my experience observing and talking to people about it... Most people will pass it off, as if to say "there's nothing I can do about it". Too consumed by their own selfish indulgences and ideas of love and family to care about others in the world. Many won't see past their petty programming as "that's just the way it is and has always been..." passing the responsibility on to some "invisible god somewhere" that created this system. Trusting or blaming an apathetic imaginary god is the epitome of irresponsibility.

The most revolting form of ignorance, I find mostly in males with vengeful ego's, where they coldly act as if they are so tough as if to say "that's just a part of life... deal with it". Others just deny it completely, as if its not their problem. That as if to say, "the poor must have bad karma", or "they just have to learn how to be a good loving person like me". Amazing how easily the mind can justify so little regard for the suffering of others, rather disgusting actually. Easy as squashing a bug isn't it.

Are we really that shallow?

This money system aught to make us all sick to our stomach and worse. How can people participate in this life, and not consider the absolute scam going on with the money system? And on top of that, partake in it, and then deny any responsibility for it! We ALL participate in the money system every day! I mean, if you participate, does that not automatically imply that you are supporting it? Yes it does. And yet, if we all demanded a system whereby every being was valued equally as life, then the suffering, slavery, terror and abuse would inevitably stop.

Why do we prefer terror and abuse? Why are we so afraid to face ourselves as who we really are? Is it really that scary? The reality is that most are afraid of being caught red handed, that we will have to own up our dishonest personal beliefs and luxuries.

A lot of people will claim its impossible. Like raping the loophole in existence by stating " I'm not going to give up my specialness because I know no-one else is going to" or "let them do it first, then I will do it". People really do fall for the belief that they are special "I'm a hero in my mind, I like being treated like one"...or "I'm really a princess!" Wicked delusion.

The sad reality is that it is delusional... and there is a cost accumulating that very few have taken into consideration. That cost factor has to be paid in full. Just like a mathematical equation has to be balanced. Deny it all you want, we cannot escape it. It is the inevitability of who we are. Either we stand and support and equal money system, or we suffer the extreme consequences of what we allow. Do you understand the cost? If you did, you would support equal money for all.

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