Thursday, 15 December 2011

Art in an Equal Money System

Art is a reflection of us. It can be used as an introspective tool for us to see who we are, and it can show us a great deal about ourselves. Lets pose the question - Why do we judge artwork as 'good/beautiful' or 'bad/ugly', often classifying Art into categories and definitions?

Interestingly, we base our judgements and opinions on how much feeling we derive from the Art... This is purely self-interest and ego, seeing from our limited bubble of reality. But there is another subtle principle to observe. We often secretly judge Art based on how much work or effort went into creating the Art.

What does this show us about ourselves and our values? We apparently give great value to hard work, regardless of our ignorance and inability to see the starting point - what was the motivation behind all the hard work? Does it support or suppress life as a whole?

Consider this. How is a person able to do art, unless they have enough money and support to do so? Is a 'great Artist' really that great if one has all the time they want to just focus on Art? Who supported the artist in daily life, and why do they not get equal credit for the Artwork? And who supported the person who supported that person, and why do they also not get equal credit? This goes on and on infinitely.

The real question is, what right do we have to give any credit whatsoever? Why do we value Artistic expression, as if there is some talent, when the real factors involved are money and time only allotted to us by way of an abusive money system. Not to mention that our values are completely deluded from a point of judging one another based on false beliefs and self-interest.

When we stop judging and giving credit to Artists, we can see Art for what it really is, an expression of self as all. Furthermore, when we implement an Equal Money System, Art will take on a whole new and profound significance. People will see Art in a whole new way, and be able to open up to new expressions, not based in, or motivated by self-interest, but rather unconditional self-expression. Without valuation, everyone will have equal opportunity to express themselves Artistically. This way, the credit system is removed and Art becomes a gift of self available to all.

Lets remove the limitations we put on ourselves in Art and make it something that is equal to ourselves as life without limitation. Check out

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