Tuesday, 15 January 2013

157 - One Word Invalidates Every Religion

One word invalidates every single Religion that has ever existed or been conceived, including atheism, agnosticism, and the classic 'I'm not religious...' religion.  Any belief is a religion.  It is a mind created idea, perception, or opinion of yourself or a belief in something outside of yourself.  Everyone on this planet is, in a way religious, because we all are forced to live within the principles of religion as it exists here as the money system - and this has been allowed to exist by us - through our collective acceptance and allowance of self-interest and the delusion of free choice.

The one word that invalidates all Religions is - Responsibility.  Every religion and or belief is the abdication of Responsibility, as the Responsibility to live what is Best for All Life.  To live what is best for All Life, one would inevitably realize that Religion is absolutely not what is Best for All, because it is subject to interpretation, therefore delusion, and conflict.  Religions and beliefs are just grandiose justifications and excuses, none of which are valid or acceptable in any way whatsoever, as the bigger the lie, the harder it falls, or the harder it hits you in the face when you face yourself in self-honesty.    

Many believe that Religion is a matter of faith, yet faith is self-deception, as placing trust (and therefore responsibility) outside of self. Anyone can see this for themselves, as the only reason a person would follow a religion is for the sake of fear or self-interest.  All the love of God is make believe, because it is not here for everyone Equally!  Is God a bigot then?  Jesus suggested to 'love thy neighbor as thyself' and 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' - not to join a religious belief system where you are enslaved to fear and self-doubt.

Is Religion the path to freedom, as the Buddha would claim?  How can anyone believe they are free, while we exist in a physical reality where at any moment, you could encounter any host of tragic circumstances which could change your entire life and make it absolutely miserable, or you could even lose your life altogether!?  So many then exist in Hope, but hope too is another useless religion... an excuse in the desire that someone else will take responsibility to solve all the problems in our world and make you happy, again selfishness.  The very existence of ignorance, greed, and irresponsibility should be proof enough to anyone that freedom is an illusion in this world.

The only real answer is that none are free until All is free.

If your version/opinion of freedom is to be free to be randomly robbed, maimed, or killed at any moment...  Ask yourself this - What value is that freedom, if it can be gone in an instant, without even your own will or consent?  It is worthless!.., as is your whole life, because you allowed yourself to believe in an idea of yourself and/or freedom that was separate from yourself, and therefore never real!

The fact is that we have feared being honest with ourselves, and so we have created BeLIEfs in which we RE-LIED on RE-LIEgion, pRE-tending to be REal we REELed ourselves into our own trap of self-dishonesty, and self-delusion.  All it ever was, was a RE-cycled RE-enACTment of the past...the constant RE-PLAYcement for Self-honesty and Self-responsibility, to live What is Best for All.  What fools we have all been.

Join the Journey to Life and see for yourself, that you are the one that decides to stop this Obsessive Compulsive desire to hide from yourself.  Lets get real for once, and for All.

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