Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 155 - I Do Not Respect Your Beliefs!

Why should anyone have Secret Beliefs?  If someone has a Personal Belief about something, then there should be no fear in allowing open debate on the topic so that we can come to an agreement and remove the exact point of delusion.  This is Common Sense.  If I 'Respect your Beliefs', that is like me saying "I don't care what you think!".   The point is I do care - I care about All Life - That is why I Do Not Respect Anyone's Personal Secret Mind Beliefs, Opinions or Interpretations About physical Life - I Respect Life, as the Equal force that is in All things represented within and as the Physical Reality we all Share.  This can, and must be cross referenced so that we can Agree on what is real and what is not real.

Example being, the Ego/Mind, it is not real in the sense that it does not exist as a physical object that can be touched.  It is composed of made up ideas placed as limitations and definitions of the physical reality so that people may create pictures in their head of all kinds of deluded beliefs and opinions - and use such beliefs to spitefully seek to gain control or take advantage of others through manipulation.  This spitefulness is no longer acceptable, and will not stand as Life.

Why should I place Value as Respect, on your Beliefs?  That is exactly what one is asking when they say - "Please Respect My Beliefs" - Please Value my Secret Ego Mind.

Why should Your 'Beliefs' or 'Opinions' hold any Value?  What is the value anyway, in terms of money, I mean it must be worth something to you?  I'm certain if I offered enough money, anyone would eventually succumb to the temptation and 'spill the beans' for cash.  It happens all the time, as that is how Family and Religion functions, by conquering an individual mind through labeling the 'secret mind' as 'sinful', and then force-feeding a person the fear of Hell.  Then of course comes the Prozac, as the polarized Love of God, or the Parent, that apparently saves the child from their new fear of Hell Belief, so that they can in turn create many other positive beliefs in their mind about heaven, and God, and how they will imagine a perfect, happily-ever-after Life... Just keep the faith by your offering plate donation and continuing to support the family delusion.  Completely Mind fucked, and unable to realize the Equality of Life in the Physical reality.

What exactly makes you Believe you have the 'right' to hold Secret Beliefs about others and the universe in your head - when you exist in a shared physical reality, where thoughts, as energy, produce shared consequences?

I can understand a person not being ready to expose every detail of their life in a short period of time, but it must be dealt with sooner or later, as there is a deadline. It is especially curious when it comes to matters of economics and social policy, strange indeed that one would choose to refrain from open discussion. Why would anyone fear having your Beliefs exposed? What is the point? If they aren't real, then simply drop them and find out what is real.

Interesting how this line is handed out anytime someone feels that their 'beliefs' are being threatened, or they are unable to confront or assess what you are saying, never mind properly formulate an accurate response to what it is you are suggesting.  People, here's a tip... No one is more wise or intelligent than anyone else, so just be honest.  Just say "I don't understand, can you explain in simple terms for me?"

What is overlooked and condescendingly insinuated by someone who claims (in the typical manner) "I Respect your Beliefs...  I wish that you would please Respect mine." ???  As if one were to offer a trade of compromises... lol.

What is a person implying when they say 'Respect my beliefs'?

Respect - 'Stay away' 'do not go there' 'do not challenge my intelligence' or 'how dare you suggest that my beliefs are selfish fantasies of my mind!'

That is exactly what beliefs are - fantasies.  So un-garde, show yourself, and expose your Beliefs so they can all be shattered for the illusions that they are, because we all know that ill-usions, or BeLIEfs, do not serve the Best interest of All Life.

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