Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 154 – Internet Accountability

Internet Accountability

Consider all the needless suffering that exists on earth, can be virtually narrowed down to one source – Lack of Understanding.

If people actually understood who they really are in this shared physical reality, surely they would not be so quick to destroy life and the planet, as they would realize that they are destroying themselves and their own ability to experience and express life here. 

If people really understood that this is humanity’s last opportunity to ‘get it right’ in this lifetime, and the consequences of putting off the decision to support all life Equally, it’s very likely that they would consider and welcome the prospect of changing themselves and supporting an Equal Money System.

If people only understood that inflicting pain or death on another being does not solve a problem, but only exacerbates it, then we could easily stop all wars within the realization that war is useless, senseless killing for power and control.

The problem with understanding is that a person must either want to understand, or, be forced to understand by means of a re-education system and accountability.  We have the solution, and the revised education system, so how can we actually get people to understand so we can implement the obvious common sense solution?   Simple…

Internet Accountability

Consider we have the perfect tool right in our lap that can be used to assist humans to become accountable and responsible.  Within that, not only assisting us to actually understand our reality, but to participate within how it functions.  The internet is our voice, so we must use it to make sure our voice is heard.  How do we do that?  Simple…

Internet Voting System

I’m certain there are already systems like this in the works, it’s just a matter of time to full implementation.  How simple would it be to actually require, by law, that each individual register a formal account on a worldwide networking site - such as Facebook as it already exists - under their given birth name, so as to show support for which political party/system/principle they would like to see operating and administering society and how it functions.  

Virtually instant accountability, tracking, results, awareness and responsibility all within the one required regulation, which is virtually already in place.  Not to mention, that if any party or system was not widely accepted by the masses, it would be instantly recognized, and rather than have a political leader decide when or if ‘they would like to call an election’. Election consideration would be immediately apparent, and thus change of leadership called for if necessary through the application of the Internet Voting System. 

One Man, One Vote.

Come to think of it, why do we still have humans representing the law makers of society?  Is Obama, or the queen, some kind of gods that deserve to decide the fate of many and rule over everyone?… because they are somehow ‘more intelligent’?  Definately not the case.  Why not have one Principle dictate our behaviour, and everyone live according to that Principle – as a standard of conduct, put more simply –  the Principle of That which is Best for All Life.  That way we live a sustainable, responsible existence.  Common Sense.  Seems rather silly to still have ‘humans’ running around playing god nowadays… with the help of computers, in fact, it is quite asinine.

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  1. Cool and clear!
    yes, this is what I expected to come forth when the internet developed.
    We still need to make it happen.

  2. Yes seems close to happening, and could very well be in effect as we speak! Thanks Martijn de Graaf.