Wednesday, 23 January 2013

164 - Here

Time it has come to reap what we've sewn,
This beauty-filled circus, flesh'd bare to the bone.

Smog-toxic filled air, sun scorches the hotter,
Poison laced food, fed of foul treated water.

The plight of the beast, baring much of the brink,
Locked 'way in dark places, one shudders to think.

Even tho in plain sight, oft the horror is shared,
Few of us humans, who have truly cared.

In fantastical places, found I my delight,
Conspiring in mind, oh how I reveled in spite.

Naught could I see what such consequence bare,
Nor did I conceive, t'explore my own lair.

Far aloft was I, with the dreams of my youth,
In hope I'd waylay, my own inner truth.

But how could it be, that I was amiss?
So seduced by the sounds, deep hypnotical bliss.

Thought I of life's purpose, t'which ougt make me whole,
In mercy believed I, t'unravel my soul.

Yet there was no answer, of all which I sought,
To unlock all this deception, into which I had so bought.

One day in my search, were the answers unraveled,
As the Portal had opened, all dimensions had traveled.

The message was bitter, and there was no yeast,
This pill was quite jagged, to say the least.

As Bernard hath thus said, 'ye are not life',
Thus am I Death, existing in strife?

When suddenly shattering, realization of Self,
There is no escape, no use hiding oneself.

What price of redemption, thus far hath I strayed?
What cost for solution t' this body's decay?

For Life ye must be, as that ye are not,
Thine breath must thou wed, while ye are here caught.

This maze of the mind, contrived by a thought
Let's lay aside fear, find that which we've sought...

That which has always been...



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