Friday, 4 January 2013

Day 146 - Secret Art

I just finished writing a giant blog for today, my blog writer application crashed and I lost it all, so this will be the short version.

I have spent the entire day today attempting to get this art technique I have been trying to get for a very long time now (which I still have not gotten lol).  I have spent countless hours staring at the paintings, trying to figure out how to do it.  It looks so simple and likely is, at least this one part I am trying to get, yet I have tried absolutely everything I can think of to no avail.

I have emailed the company that makes the paint but their suggestions did not work.  I asked various people at the art store and they did not know either.  I even emailed the artist, but no response. After all, I was not offering any large sums of money.  Her art is a money maker, and for her to give away her secrets would threaten her status as an artist, not to mention possibly cause her to lose income.  I'm certain that the artist would love to share with me how she does her artwork, yet she prefers not to, because we live in a system where sharing is not 'profitable', and so people prefer to keep secrets in fear of losing status and/or income.

The question being, why do we exist within and support a system where fear and greed are regarded as 'the best option' and actually considered to be of more value than sharing?  Why do we not see how sharing ourselves is fun and helpful for everyone?  Why is it that we do not see that competition is the cause of endless war and unnecessary suffering?  Its obvious that the current money system is abusive to life and absolutely unacceptable.  We can change this... the solution is simple - as simple as sharing...  it is the only solution.  Join the Journey to Life and support the Equal Money System.  

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