Thursday, 17 January 2013

159 - Unemployment - Equal Money Capitalism Solutions & Rewards

Problem : 

Capitalism High Unemployment Rates

Causes :

Profit Based Labor and Education Systems

- No profit potential for existent jobs required to be done that benefit society as a whole.
- Inefficient and expensive training programs (most often) at considerable expense of the trainee/student which fuels a system of debt and enslavement
- Often these programs are ineffective due to poor training techniques such as too much focus on theory as opposed to actual practical job-site experience.
- Education systems are limited and bound by those same principles of profit, thus reducing overall efficiency and effectiveness
- Responsibility to society is easily abdicated in favor of self-interest and profit to the detriment of society as a whole
- Lack of actual growth, systemic incongruencies lead to fewer job openings and potential
- Oppressed populations increasingly willing to work for lower wages in order to just survive within the system
- Irresponsible family planning leading to abuse, neglect and general overpopulation
- Over exploitation of finite resources for unnecessary consumption/profit
- Wasteful government departments and corporations draining and filtering economic resources into superfluous products and services
- Robotic systems and machinery given higher value than life due to their ability to work longer and harder with less cost and downtime.

Solution : 

Equal Money Capitalism

- Jobs that benefit society as a whole are given Equal consideration and thus performed and taken care of for the benefit of everyone
- On the job training will be more readily accepted as a common sense solution to jobs that are inherently practical and simple to perform
- Education will be considered a basic human right and thus free
- Efficiency and effectiveness overall will increase due to immense stress reduction and therefore increased employee teamwork, co-operation, satisfaction and overall well being of all involved
- Increased participation leads to exponential growth through frequently proposed solutions for overall improvement
- Exponential growth of all through expansion, inclusion, innovation, responsibility, realization and self-enjoyment
- Increased freedoms and relief of the suffering and oppressed - humans, animals, and plants alike
- More effective and specific educational programs leading to realizations of responsibility to life and an improved lifestyle for everyone.
- Responsible, practical and sustainable use of finite resources
- Wasteful systems eliminated in favor of practical functions which improve the well being of all
- Only systems which facilitate and support life as a whole will be considered and constructed in a way that is built to last and easily repaired.

Rewards :

- Increased social interaction especially among those excluded by the current system
- Considerable increase in free time as wasteful and counter-productive systems are eliminated, and efficient and effective systems are put in place
- Early retirement will provide everyone with an opportunity to enjoy life, share and express themselves in a way that they enjoy.
- Exponential increase in overall enjoyment of everyday life
- A clean, pollution free planet will become a distinct possibility, thus increasing the well being of all life - animal plant and human
- Wonderful and amazing new inventions and innovations will be created continuously through increased co-operation and freedom of expression as well as knowledge and information sharing
- Vast increases in the understanding of existence and the universe
- New exploration and travel potential and possibilities through increased cooperation
-  Profound new realizations about life itself through knowledge and information sharing
- Exceeding previous limitations and belief systems
- Transcending fears, and embracing a new era of unconditional self-expression
- End of all undesirable consequences stemming from ignorance and self-interested living

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