Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 148 – Facing Self Doubt


Self Doubt


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to doubt myself, in thinking that I cannot transcend a point of selfish desire within myself, when in actuality the point is here for me to investigate for myself within my thoughts and memories. 


Once I see the starting point of the doubt as a thought or memory, I can then consider how I allowed it to manifest into an opinion/belief of myself - out of fear of standing in self-honesty with myself.  I can then deconstruct the point to see how it has enslaved me to an illusion – as a manifested opinion/idea/belief of myself that is not real. 


I realize I am able to forgive myself for the past memory, and simply make the decision to change myself so that I am no longer subject to, moved by, or influenced by the thought or memory as the manifested belief/idea/opinion – I take directive principle of myself to change who I am, push through the resistance with breathing, in the understanding that I must align myself to living what is best for all in all ways, as that is what is best for me.


I realize that doubting myself within this process is fear, which is a future projection and a belief - me not trusting myself here, but being lead by the mind into the idea/belief that I am incapable of standing in self-honesty to change myself.  I created the belief, through my allowance of fear within myself, which is self-dishonesty, therefore I am aware of my responsibility to change myself, to no longer be subject to fear and doubt as ideas and beliefs of the mind.


I commit myself to facing all points of fear and doubt within myself so that I may stand here absolutely Equal to myself as the physical.


I commit myself to face all points of belief and opinion within myself where I have allowed myself to compromise myself in self-dishonesty, so that I may change myself to support all Life, as I would like to be supported, Equally.


I commit myself to realize that as I change myself, I will have more impact in assisting others to change themselves, so that we can all assist and support each other in stopping our enslavement to the mind and the world system, and so create a world that is best for everyone.


I commit myself to understanding how the mind works through researching the material that Desteni provides through, as that is the best support I could possibly ask for… on a golden platter.


Equality is all that matters.

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