Friday, 18 January 2013

160 - Parental Cloning Part 1

We grow up thinking life will be fun.   I recall my parents yelling at my siblings and I, condescendingly saying  'Do you think life is a big joke..?'

As a child, it soon becomes apparent that we are constantly dealing with a constant barrage of problems with friends, family, school and inside ourselves.  It's like we are being dragged in all directions as if to be drawn and quartered - one horse attached to each limb by a rope.  Some would refer to this as growing pains, however that is a gentle cover-up for the real story.

Due to the accepted and allowed nature of how society functions in our world - as being based in self-interest - there is a great deal of confusion and 'mixed messages' being communicated to children and teenagers.  This can make it extremely difficult, for any child or teen to decide which, or how much moral principle should be attributed to a given situation when uncertainty presents itself.  What choice should be allotted the highest value?..  and at what time?.. depending on who one is with?.. and where?

Children are instilled with moral guidelines from a very early age, as their parents train them how to 'react' when they speak, or want them to do/not do something.  Some of these moral guidelines are common sense in order to prevent the child from hurting themselves or others.  Often however, these moral guidelines are based on cultural beliefs or opinions of behavioral idealism's of the parents which are not common to everyone in society, but often based on a 'class' system, for example manners.  This presents a problem.  As the child learns these patterns of behavior, later on in their lives they act out these patterns for themselves, thinking they are 'right' as their parents taught them to believe so - only to find out that they have either offended someone, or made a 'mistake' by using the patterned behavior at an inappropriate way, time, or place.  

This is just a small fraction of the problem, as the entire sociological makeup of the child is absolutely inundated with all kinds of patterns of behavior inherited from the parents.   Everything from feelings, emotions, reactions, coping mechanisms, vices, excuses, habitual patterns, opinions, judgments, classifications, beliefs, personalities, etc etc.  In fact, the entire makeup of the parents character is imprinted on the child literally from birth, making every 'parented' child susceptible to, and a clone of their parents.

I will continue in the next post discussing the inherent problems and solutions of parental cloning.

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