Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 20 - What would you do with a Million Dollars?

What images flashed in your head?

Would you explore the world, entertain and be entertained, buy expensive gifts for yourself and others? Would you use all your free time doing things that you enjoy, and so leverage your time to gain fame, recognition, or even more wealth!?  

Most people desire money, because in this current world system, money can buy virtually any desire we have... even love!  Look at the point - If you have money, not only can you survive, but you will have access to all the necessities and luxuries to support your life.  Additionally, you can live a clean, rich and healthy lifestyle, with lots of free time, free from life threatening stresses many without money face in our world daily.  Many people will want to be around you (especially members of the opposite sex) because you have lots of money, even if you are an ass, its really not that hard to put on a fake face and act out a likeable personality - just look around you, everyone is doing it, everyone is a faker for money.  Rather disgusting isn't it.

Oh but you're not a faker you say?   Really?  Take a moment to ask yourself if you have any personal desires such as money, happiness, friends, career, home, travel.

Do you realize that every one of your desires is actually a FEAR in disguise?

Yes, interestingly your desires are not real in fact, because you are living in denial of yourself and supporting your fears, and fear is not real - it is self-deception. 

Money not only changes who you are, but actually DICTATES who you are.  In fact, you are not true to who you really are because of money.  Money - as the manifestation of greed and self-interest - rules this world. It is utterly corrupt and abused, and since we are all subject to money, we too are greedy and corrupted, and so it ruins our lives.  Only we do not see to what extent it does so, because we have been programmed to accept the system as 'just the way it is' and 'unchangeable'.  The truth is, we only accept it as unchangeable because we do not desire to change ourselves - because we see no money in it for us!!

And so the program runs in a loop.  We program our children to be better than others so they can win and get money.  Our children then succumb to personal desires and abuse money in self-interest and fear for their survival.  Through those desires they then accept the system as unchangeable and so fear changing themselves... and so the cycle of abuse continues.  

There is only ONE desire that is not fear based, and that is EQUALITY.  Within Equality and an Equal Money System where everyone's needs are met, we can stop fear and self-interest entirely. We can change ourselves to stop abuse and corruption, and live in the best interest of all.

There is no excuse to live in fear and denial of ourselves.  No excuse for being a faker.  We all reap the consequences if we allow greed and selfish desires to persist.  This leaves only one question: 

Will you stand for all Life within Equality, and support an Equal Money System, or will you try to hide in your selfishness.   My challenge to you is to see past your ego and fears, to stop being a faker and investigate Desteni and Equal Money

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