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Day 18 - Understanding Equality for Christians

Being a former 'born again' Christian of 15 years myself, I would like to take this opportunity to relate some of the points as to how a 'Christian' can understand Equality and what questions to ask oneself to realize the nature of ones belief system.  Firstly, I would like to make a point of saying that I have no pity for those who do not have the courage to question their god and their belief system.  After all, it is your own belief that says hell is for the fearful.

Question #1 - Regarding the Foundational Belief in Hell.

Ask yourself, do I really want some people to go to hell and suffer for eternity?  Because by accepting that belief as 'gods law' you are accepting it yourself as a just punishment for non-believers.  Add to the fact that you don't really know who will go to 'hell', it could be your closest loved one for all you know.  Is this world not already a living hell for many that come into this world just to starve to death or suffer continual abuse?  If God really did love humans, why would he require the fear of hell to persuade people to love him back?

Question #2 - Regarding Knowing God or Jesus

Many Christians will claim they 'know' God or Jesus as a self-confirmation that they are different from 'religious' people who claim to be Christians but do not follow the lifestyle of being a strong believer.  There are 2 definitions of the word 'know' in the bible. One is to have acquaintance as a friend, and the other is to have an intimate sexual relationship.  Many Christians will claim they have an intimate relationship through the 'holy spirit'.  From my observations in the church, I could see many who were having strong 'energetic' experiences claiming it was the spirit of God.  So is God then energy? The word 'know' actually represents knowledge - as in the tree of knowledge as opposed to the tree of Life. So Christians with knowledge of God are merely projecting an image of how they would imagine God to be based on their preprogrammed knowledge.

Question #3 - Regarding Predestination

It is mentioned twice in the new testament that we are in fact predestined.  So what is predestination?  Is it not simply a program?  So therefore you are in fact a living program locked into a future that you cannot change.  What would be the purpose of faith then if it is already predestined?  Most would say it is to learn about God, however, this would be nonsense because you only experience God as energy as the holy spirit.  So are you not in fact a slave to God's destiny as the energy based program?  How do you know God will not run another program for you when you die and go to 'heaven'?

Question #4 - Regarding Heaven

There is very little written in the bible about heaven.  It says that the streets are paved with gold.  Personally, I always thought that was ridiculous and I wouldn't even have an interest in going to a place like that.  I would much rather have rocks and trees and rivers and oceans and mountains... like here on earth in the physical.  What are you going to do in heaven?  Bowing and Singing praise to God all the time?  Would that not get boring after a while?  Why can we not agree to create heaven on earth through living the principle of what is best for all?  Would a real God not want what is best for all as living as Equals instead of a master/slave relationship?  After all, was it not God who confused our languages when building the tower of babel because he said 'nothing would be impossible to them'?  Is that not biblical proof that we could create heaven on earth?

Question #5 - Regarding Gods Forgiveness of Sin

You realize that you are sinning all the time either openly or in your secret mind.  That being the case, being a Christian, you are subject to the 'mercy' of God all the time, and you cannot change yourself because you are predestined and he has to forgive you - you cannot forgive yourself.  You are thus his complete slave and he your master.  Was it not God who hardened the heart of Pharaoh to cause him to sin against God?  Why do you believe he will not do the same to you?  Why do you give your trust and life to a God that you don't actually know as a physical being?

Equality is the ultimate self-realization where we do not have to fear hell or believe in a god or heaven as separate from ourselves, but we realize that we are co-creators in this world and as such, we must stand to take responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed to exist as us here.  It is easy to just give up on yourself and place your trust and life in god, but to trust yourself and to stand for life, that is a real challenge to yourself that has an actual, physical outcome that can be measured by our very breath.  Instead of repeating phrases from a 2000 yr old book, I speak words as me here in self-honesty in standing - not in self interest - but for that which is best for All.

Ask yourself these questions and feel free to respond if you have further questions or comments.

Thanks for reading!

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