Wednesday, 2 May 2012

7yr Journey to Life Day 6 - No Mercy

Here I find myself existing within my own self created system, virtually powerless and enslaved to those who hold the power - as money - to change the world.  It is quite ironic how comparatively little money it would actually take to change the world now that the solution is here.  All we need is for people to understand it.  And it is not hard to understand, it is common sense, even a child could understand. 

So why don't people - adults - understand?  They do not want to change.  Adults are consumed by fear.  The fear of facing themselves as who they really are.  Consumed by their fears they prefer to harbor greed, shame, personal comforts, and desire for power.  It's an inside joke - you are already exposed. Surely many have heard of self-forgiveness by now, Desteni has preached it for years... yet strangely it is feared like some kind of disease.

There is no mercy for those who deliberately refuse self-responsibility
There is no mercy for those who fear themselves
There is no mercy for those who fear self-forgiveness
There is no mercy for those who deliberately choose self interest over life
There is no mercy to be found anywhere in the universe for those who refuse to live as equals

Those that do not desire to support life, desire death, and should one choose to continue on that path, one will have ones desire.  Non-existence.  That is what you chose, that is what you worked for, that is what you wanted, wished and prayed for all your life, as self-dishonesty.

Time to face up.

Time to pay up

Time to get real. 

Time's up. 

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