Saturday, 26 May 2012

Day 29 - Raccoon Rescue pt 2

So to continue my raccoon story from yesterday, an interesting thing happened.  I bought some formula for the baby raccoons I found by the side of the road and fed them.  After doing some research online, it turns out that it would be highly unlikely that I would be able to keep them.  I don't have enough space in my house, and they are 'not the normal' kind of pet, thus frowned upon by most people in society.  Not to mention they are nocturnal animals and the financial costs to raising such pets is significant.  I would have loved to keep them had I had the resources and been able to give them an enjoyable living. 

So I read online that there is a chance that if you leave the babies outside, the mother will come back for them, and since the raccoons are often in my backyard, that's what I decided to do this evening.

The babies were crying quite loud when I let them out in the early evening in a vivarium I had used for my lizards, and sure enough, within a half hour, a raccoon showed up to scout out all the commotion.  I thought 'awesome', but then the raccoon left.  Another raccoon showed up 20 minutes later, but also left.  The babies continued to cry and I felt kinda bad that perhaps the coons would come and just eat them.

A half hour later, I heard one of the babies crying like crazy really loud and I thought 'ah crap', I sent them to die.  So, feeling awful, I went outside with a flashlight to try and save them.  I went to the edge of my yard, and had to bush-wack through some brush to get to where the baby was screaming.  I got there and the coon had fled, and the baby ran up to me.  I checked it and there was no injuries, strange I thought because he was crying so loud.  I then heard about 20 yards off a strange sort of growl, but it was more like a humming noise.  I thought to myself 'show yourself' as the baby huddled around my feet.  I heard a few more growls and hums, and then some movement.  Sure enough, it was a heavy set raccoon, and it came right up within 10 feet of me.  Instantly I knew this was the mother, she was telling me that this was her pup and to back off!  The baby wanted to follow me because it didn't recognize its mother out of fear and just being too young to realize what was going on.  I said 'its OK its your mother', and went back inside.  

If by chance it was not the mother, it was at least a very willing surrogate.  I don't think any coon would have challenged me like that, had it just wanted a meal.  And if it did want just a meal, it would have most likely killed it on the spot.  Anyway, cool story.

Animals are more aware than we give them credit for.  Far more aware than humans I'd say.  And they feel pain every bit as much as we do.  Its amazing how we see animals as less than ourselves, as pests or just food and some even enjoy killing them for sport or egotistical haughtiness. Animals can teach us a great many things about ourselves, how we have become less than ourselves as physical beings controlled by a mind system of greed and slavery - and we are not even aware of what we are doing - killing our home planet.  The ultimate stupidity of the entire universe without comparison is found within the human being.  There is no question.  And all those who claim to be intelligent - how smart are you really, when you live in a world that is being destroyed by greed and self-interest, and you do nothing to support the only solution - Equal Money for All - but prefer to pad your ego??? All foolishness such as this will end with Equal Money

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