Saturday, 5 May 2012

7yr Journey to Life - Day 9 - The Final War

War is here.  Like it or not. 

There are countless wars currently going on in our world, however, there is only one war worthy to be fought.  That is the war for life - As Equality.  It is to completely eliminate all that does not stand for life as what is best for all.  All other wars are fought for selfishness, greed and fear.

It is a proven fact throughout history.  Humans cannot be trusted.   All we have ever sought is self-interest, and the desire for power and control.  Even those who appeared to be 'good' were fighting secret wars within themselves and so deceived.  We have never had a solution to the problem - until now.  The only thing that can be trusted is the principle of Equality as what is best for all, because that is the only way life can and will come into being in a way that will end all wars, self-interest, and the illusion of separation forever.

So who then stands worthy to fight this war?  Who has seen into the heart of themselves and discovered the resident evil as consciousness and self-interest there?  Who has gone so far as to remove it entirely so what remains is only the desire for life as absolute Equality?  Due to the separation we have all created, the only way to tell if a man or woman is true is by their words, their writing, their work and their actions as a living example.

So ask yourself, have you seen the utmost inner nature of existence and cleansed yourself of all evil desires as self interest?  Are you able to direct yourself as life here as what is best for all in all ways?  The actuality of the situation is that we all need help at some point in getting to the truth of ourselves and dislodging the delusions.  No one can do it alone, after all, that's what Equality is - a group effort in the birthing of life for the first time ever in the history of existence.  Life has not yet ever existed. Quite the adventure I must say.

So who then will stand when the truth of Equality gains inevitable widespread acceptance?  Who will stand equal to and as life, as the absolute principle of what is best for all? Who will have the courage to face their inner demons, expose them, and subject themselves to unconditional self-forgiveness until it is done?   Who will succumb to the will of evil as selfish desire and fear of self?  Will be interesting to see.

It is time for the fight of your life. 

Choose your side, because only cowards sit on the fence or hide in the shadows.

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