Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 31 - Rednecks guide to Equality

Breaking teh ice is perty easy these days... any oppertunity I git, I like tuh chat wit folks n bring up dis here muney system 'n how its so crupt n abusive 'n all.  Then, when ah git em goin, I like tuh take things a lil further, yeah hehee.. I know, seems ta git folks all worked up inside... kina like firin up an ol rusty tracter, one dat ain't bin started in years woohee!  So, Ah take de oppertunity ta see where folks r standin on dis here matter uh "Eekwul Muney fer Allll"!  Yeehaw, kina fun, yeah I know. 

Mazin tho idnit? Many folks jus wanna challenge me right off de bat dog-gonit! Sayin things lak, uhh 'dat wud never wurk'.... -_-

Uh, Wut?  Right then n there, mah jaw drops rite teh de floor, and it almost knocks me outta ma britches!... How'd yall know it'll never work!!! When I dint even splain it yet???  Ah jus gotta sit dere in awe fer a secnd, scratch'n ma head...  Hmmmm... Mighty strange... Miiighty strange ndeed... that der answer seems laik sum kina Meeraculous, Extra-Ordinary form of En-lighten-ment er sumpin...  clearly b'yond mah understandin.  Maybe I need ta practice dat der Tran-scendental Meditation uh bit more... cept ima need teh kine fer hillbilly redneck folks laik maself, cuz Ah jus don't undetstand it one bit.  I sit dere fer five minutes, an I'ma thinkin "Wuuut in teh Helllll Am I Doin Here!!?  Hole lotta nutin, dats wut!!  I gotta go n plant sum corn, er feed dem cows er sumpn...Transcendental hogwash.... mah ass, I gots ta wurk for a livin!"

So Ah figur if Ah cud jus git em t'understand wut's best fur all, is best fer dem, maybe den dey cud git it, cuz its jus so simple n all, but noooo sir-ee... an den dey say sumpin r'diclous laik... "oh-hoah, so ur wunna dem Comm-u-nists,.. oh-ho-hoah!" 

Awwwe possum feathers, here we go agin... sheesh.  Tho, sum times I jus gotta have a lil chuckle at dat one...Heeeheehee, whoo-eeee, yeah...   Jus laik a robot wud say.  Lisen up now, Comm-u-nizm wuz dsignd ta keep y'all enslaved, an it AINT laik Ekwul Muney 'tall. Naut one dang bit! If ya thank Ekwal Muney is Comm-u-nizm, den y'aint figured nutin out yet an yeh probly wont git it, till ur sarry ass is in teh di-menshuns, an bye den it's too late! Tzif ya'll r on auto-pilot r sumpin.

Maybe Ahm not splainin it right er sumpin, but cmon now... t'aint all dat hard te git! Jus think, if evryone shared everything n stopped all teh greed n killin n spite, we cud all have us a whole lotta good times n fun fer all, n we cud sort out da real problems on deh planit.  We cud solve starvation n slavery n cruption n everythin! Woweee dat 'd be mazin wudnit?  I dunno bout you, but Ah'd kina laik ta take care of ma planit, rather 'n destroy it cuz uh sum silly misunderstandin.  Ah'd laik ta live fer once, staid uh being a slave ta muney and corperations fer ma whole life.

Lets all join dat der Destny group, dem folks know wut der talkin bout, no nonsense folks laik u n me who jus wanna spport life, n do wuts best fer all.  Thats de way't shud be.

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