Sunday, 6 May 2012

7yr Journey to Life - Day 10 - Cowards

If I were God, the first plan of action in fixing this grand delusional existence of mine and establishing Life as Equality - as any real God would do - would not be to go after the deliberate self-deceivers, no.  I would leave them till the end.  The first item on the agenda would be to flesh out all the cowards.

After all, it is the cowards who secretly support the delusion.  The last thing I would want in the perfection of life is a coward. A coward is someone who is not only riddled with fear, but is so fearful that they are willing to disguise themselves as 'good' at the expense of others.   I would create a plan to trap and expose all cowards in their own shame so they could have a real, close look at themselves.  Once they have seen what they exist as, then it would be plain for all to see whether they are willing to self forgive and stand for Life, or not.

It is simple to spot a coward, as a coward is one who cowers behind something for protection, safety and cover.  They are ruled by fear, and fear is a system just like any machine with buttons, knobs and switches.  Flick the switch and you get a reaction.  So really, one just has to mention Equality or Equal Money for All.  Most cowards will 'cleverly' (a very, very loose term) try to hide their reactions so as not to be exposed.  Not to worry, all is being exposed.  If there is no reaction at all, then the machine is essentially broken.  The person has either found their courage and supports Life as Equality, or is a complete zombie - as the living dead. If there is a strong reaction, then the fear machine is fully in control and needs deprogramming.

Cowards willingly punish themselves.  They learned how to do that from their pay-rents of course.  What more evidence do we need that we do not live when we have pay-rents?  Do we exist simply to pay the rent?  Do we merely rent our existence?

The secret mind of a delusional coward. 

"Oh how I Love and Adore thee oh Great and Powerful Paper God of Existence!!!  How canst I manipulate, and multiply thine digital lights of thine Great, and Powerful Bank Machine??  Canst thou re-calculate for me?  Or shall I endure more pain and suffering in thine honor?  I will magnify thine Great and Holy Deception, if thou but leverage mine comforts with the suffering of others!

Oh Praise be to you, Omnipotent MoneyGod!! Thou savest me from myself!  Thou has brought to me riches and sweet fruits of Irresponsibility, Revenge and Blame!  I serve thee only.  I give my life for thee!!! Thine salvation is as the nectar of blood!  It is because of Thou that I exist!! I cannot live without thee!  Thine system of enslavement is perfection!  Thine hand smiteth all those that do not serve thee with Lies!  Thou uplifteth those who nuzzle and kisseth thine fattened, paper buttocks!"               

Cowards have no place in Life


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