Friday, 11 May 2012

Day 15 - Each Moment is New

The Past is Passed - Dead - as no longer existing within the physical reality, but only in our minds as pictures (non physical).  There is only the consequences of the past here, and what we choose to create ourselves as in the future.  If all of humanity simply let go of the past - as knowledge and pre conceived ideas - and lived what is best for all, we could end all enslavement completely.  Self forgiveness is the antidote and Self realization is the cure to the evil or re-cycling the past.

Each moment is new.  New moment... New moment... New moment.   Unlike Christianity, where one is only 'born (rather dead) again' once.  In Equality as Self realization one is able to rebirth oneself in each moment as changing and becoming the living expression of what is best for all. Self realization is to see that we are equal as the physical, yet we only torture ourselves because we fear taking responsibility to face ourselves as who we are and allowed ourselves to become.

Each moment carries with it opportunity to transcend our enslavement to systems/cycles of the past.   And if we choose what is best for all in each moment, we resonate that decision to others and in so assist all humanity and existence, no mater how small or seemingly insignificant the decision. 

For example, today I was very tired and had a headache.  As I was working, thoughts and feelings of frustration came up within me, so I applied self-forgiveness to stop myself from creating them.  I could feel frustration as energy within my physical body, yet I did not yield to it, as to allow it to influence and control me.  If I had done so, I would have resonated that to the customer, and so he too would have resonated a similar emotion in reaction to my frustration.  Additionally, I could have possibly lost work with him in the future as well as the job with the neighbor across the street. 

It is to consider all existence in all of our decision making, because all life is here.  Just because we do not see it with our physical eyes, does not mean that it does not exist.  It is as if we have laid a trap for ourselves, and when we do not consider everything as ourselves, we have fallen into our own trap through only considering what we see with our eyes. 

If everyone considered all life in every decision, all decisions would be made in the best interest of all as opposed to self-interest, fear and greed. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fall for my own trap in believing that I am only responsible for making decisions that support myself as opposed to decisions that support all life.

 I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to deceive myself in thinking that my decisions only affect myself and not others as well. In so, I realize that each decision matters in how I accept and allow myself to exist as someone who supports all life, or someone who only supports fear of facing who I am as the physical.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to take sides as polarized ideas of winning/losing in attempting to gain power over others so I can soothe my fears rather than get to the root of the issue and stop fears and delusions entirely. 

I de-side to stand for all life, in no longer taking sides and giving my fear and self-interest the 'choice' to make decisions, but I always choose what is best for all life in every way so that I no longer have a choice. 

I choose Life.  

The above pictures are the vegetables I am growing this year.  Zucchini, radish, onion, spinach, beans and tomato.

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  1. cool - change can be so simplistic - it is the small things that create the big. thanks for sharing William!