Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Day 40 - Context and Definitions of Love

Love is destructive because it is deliberately taken out of context so people can use and abuse life in the name of Love.

Contexts of Love

1. Epithumia
- a strong desire of many sorts.
- Many times it is associated with lust or to covet
- desire to have or to own.
- controlling

This form of love is self-sabotage because;
- It exists as selfishness within fear of loss
- It is based in jealousy - as the fear of seeing oneself as 'less than'
- has the expression of "I dont care about what others want, I want this for myself, even at the expense of others"

2. Eros
- associated with romance,
- head-over-heals feeling
- feeling you've found your Soul mate
- Your world and mind circles about your loved one and they are always on your mind.

This form of love is self-sabotage because;
- Belief based on programmed idea of "love"
- It is the fear of being alone which energizes the feeling of Eros

3. Agape
- expect nothing in return
- self sacrifice but is not unconditional
- by choice
- You can elect to love your spouse this way because it is what is best for your family and marriage.

This form of love is self-sabotage because;
- Self suppression, often based on fear of survival, fear of loneliness, or fear of facing yourself
- Rather than standing Equal to our world and reality,

4. Phileo:
- This love cherishes and has tender affection for the beloved but it expects a response.
- a love of relationship, comradeship, sharing, communication and friendship.
- a close companionship that is all trusting

- Relationship love - Based in Self-interest within the starting point of selfishness because it is not based in the starting point of standing for life as what is best for all.
- Often abused through creating personalities and imposing them on children.

5. Storge:
- Storge love is often described as a comfortable old shoe relationship comprised of natural affection and a sense of belonging to each other.
-  represents a safe haven for couples as it is a place of acceptance, mutual respect and shelter.

 This form of love is self-sabotage because;
- Fear of not belonging, not being accepted
- often comes from childhood experiences where we feared being left out
- Desire for safety - as the desire for validation and justification as to why we are not being honest with ourselves. 
- Self-compromise

All of these forms of love exist within fear and limitation by not understanding ourselves, believing ourselves to be separate from our world and reality.   Any love that is based on fear is self-deception and therefore not standing equal to life.

The only love that is real in fact, is that which is absolutely unconditional, and not limited to personal ideas or beliefs.  Living or having an agreement within the starting point of supporting all life Equally, as the principle of what is best for all is the only real, self-honest starting point for having an agreement or relationship.  Love has not helped our world in any way, in fact, our world is is a virtual hell for many, because of dishonesty and the belief in Love.

If we stop love and decided to live as Equals and support life, we could have heaven on Earth.

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