Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 45 - Imagine Yourself as God

Just in case you think God might strike you down with lightning if you think of yourself as God, don't worry.  I have already thought of this, and survived.  Just remember that when you 'think it', just casually move a few feet to the left or right, God couldn't hit a barn door.


What would you think of yourself to have created such a world full of greed?

Would you even CARE about your creation?  

Being all powerful, what would you do with your time? 

What would your laws/commandments be, and how would you enforce them?

What would your plan be and HOW would you execute it? 

Would you permit liars and rapists and abusers of life to do as they please?  

Or, would it be INSTANT KARMA for everyone - One act of rape and go directly to hell?

Does it not sound rather ridiculous, that an all powerful God would sit back and do NOTHING, while tremendous amounts of abuse happen in our world?  How could anyone call themselves GOD and let such a horrifying, disgusting, and disgraceful existence EXIST?  If God has the power to stop it, and does not - is he/she then not Equally responsible as the PERPETRATOR?  What possible excuse would there be to permit such atrocities and disregard for life?  There is NO excuse!

Some would say it is to teach us, however that does not hold water, the only lesson here is dishonesty and suffering!  And seriously, all a person needs is 5 minutes of extreme agony, and one understands quite well the full nature of suffering - it is awful - THAT'S IT! There is no need for a lifetime of pain to understand that it hurts! Absolutely unnecessary!

Surely as God, you could directly experience the agony of all the suffering in this world, thus SURELY, any CARING God would WANT to change it.

Would you only care about yourself and your Godly family?  Rather selfish and inconsiderate for God isn't it? ?

Would you have a plan to bring about total destruction of the planet so everyone could see how great you are?  Isn't that like the biggest EGO TRIP ever?!!?  So is God an egotistical, bullying, big shot then? 

When we imagine ourselves as God, it can help to give us perspective on what the hell is going on in our world - and realize that the idea of God isn't so great after all.  Who would want to be a slave for eternity anyhow?

The reality is, you ARE God, yet you have separated and diminished yourself through spite and lust for power - to the extent that you are now virtually powerless - because we feared who we are as God.  In our desire for power, and thus the fear of powerlessness, we have created false power - as MONEY.  This false power seeks to protect us from taking responsibility for facing the absolute DISGRACE we have created in this world.  We are ALL the vengeful, cruel, abusive, lying and merciless PERPETRATOR GODS living out our own spiteful and barbaric creation.  All because we cannot see how we have done it to ourselves, and that there is a SIMPLE SOLUTION to stop all this cruelty and deceit.

The solution is simply Equality and an Equal Money System that supports everyone.  Living self-honestly, in taking responsibility for life and standing within the principle of what is best for all.  Even a child can understand that!

To fully understand what we have done, we have to walk a process of becoming honest with ourselves and applying self-forgiveness.  This is offered through the Desteni-I-Process course.  It is the only course of such nature where we can learn what it really means to live as Equals in our world.  Equality is the magnificent solution to every problem we have ever faced, to end all abuse of life.  Consider looking into it for yourself... you will be amazed and astounded, to say the least.

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