Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Con of The Education System - Day 59

Take math for an example.  Many people claim that math is difficult.  Why?  All math ever is - is 1+1=2.  It is never more complicated than that. Math, (and all education based on knowledge for that matter) is a system of letters, numbers, and symbols, when combined in different ways and placed together, gives us values - as knowledge and information.  It is simply a matter of following the STEPS and RULES of the system, and, given enough time, you will get the 'correct'/desired answer.

So all one has to do to be good at math, is to MEMORIZE the steps and rules.  It's interesting that our education system judges people on their ability to understand knowledge and information in a predetermined fashion.  Rather than allow people to express for themselves unconditionally, we are graded on how well we can MEMORIZE the steps and rules, and regurgitate what we are force-fed by the education system. 

Why is memory - and the use of memory, through repetition and emulation - then given such high value in the education system?  It is because memory, is used as a tool to force us into submission and enslavement.  The more memory you use, the more knowledge you store in your brain (and body), thus you are attributed more value in the eyes of the system.

Memory is not physical, but energy, based on the past, which keeps us repeating cycles of the past in a continual, infinite loop.  In keeping us enslaved to cycles of the past, we remain trapped in the illusion - believing that all the answers are found in our memories.  But memories are actually the DENIAL of what is here as ourselves as physical beings.  Memories are how we have separated ourselves as - ENERGY vs PHYSICAL.  The energy of memories, CONSUMES the physical, and is the manifestation of fear of facing the totality of ourselves here, in each new moment. Memory is used in direct contradiction to common sense in living what is best for all.

This is just one of the many ways the education system functions to subdue and control humanity.  Another contributing factor to the problem is lack of individual responsibility, as people seeing themselves as separate from their reality.

How are people fooled into thinking and believing they are separate from their world and reality?

The answer to that is, they are trained to think that way - first by their parents, followed by the education system.
People calculate in their minds what will grant themselves the most fulfillment in their life experience, based on the indoctrination of competition by parents within a child's early years. Rather than experiencing and expressing Life for themselves, children are conditioned/tought/programmed and punished, into an imposed IDEA of how life is supposed to be. 

Parents train children in their own fears and limitations of mind, in that, early on in a child's life, many things are strictly forbidden for children.  This inherently creates a strong desire within a child's mind to understand, and experience those things that were forbidden to them, because within this oppression by parents, the child inevitably feels EXCLUDED and 'less than' the parent.  There are also many other emotions and consequences of this parental oppression - such as anger, fear, resentment, rebellion, distrust etc.  All culminating in the child's enslavement to such emotions and ideas of who they are and what life is.

What is interesting is that, by the time a child enters into the education system, they are immediately judged and given VALUES, as grades, marks, or scores, which translate to further inequality, separation, suppression and consequential emotions.  A child then begins to value his/herself 'higher' or 'lower' than ones fellow classmates, and so, competition is fueled through the release of suppressed emotions, reactions, and desire for validation, which is all traced back to the parental oppression in the formative years.

We must then ask ourselves the following;

1.  Why does society give higher value to those who have higher education - When the starting point for these valuations is CLEARLY to based in competition (as fear), and limited ideas (as memories)?

Because society - as the system - as all of the minds (egos) of humanity, seeks to replicate itself, through our collective negligence to take responsibility for life, we have all allowed a system of abuse.

2.  Why does the education system NOT consider ALL factors of life, but merely a small, limited fraction?

The factors which are used are predetermined within the context of the preeminence of society, and therefore based on COMPETITION.  So the education system is not educating children how to live their lives and express themselves, but rather PROGRAMMING children how to function as organic robots within society - as a system.

3.  Why are students graded, and what are the factors for grading?

Grades in the education system are based on three primary factors.

a. One's perceived ability to learn knowledge and information, and solve problems.

b. Ones DESIRE to acquire and assimilate knowledge and information 

c. The SPEED at which one is able to solve the problems.

I have explained how the use of stored knowledge and information is a tool of leverage, and therefore spitefully used to gain power over others as opposed to seeing eachother as physical equals.  One's desire can be attributed to competition.  It is fascinating how speed is a factor - which is also a typical component of competition. 

4.  What are the attributes of competition?

a.  FEAR (energy based and non physical) - As fear of survival

b. GREED (energy based and non physical) - As lust for power and control.

How then are grades judged, and determined, and what are the factors involved in grading students?

If a student is fearful of getting bad grades, this fear could likely cause one to work hard, (assuming they do not give up or drop out) then one may achieve good grades through the motivation of fear.  So we can see here from this example, that the education system can actually REWARD FEAR!  In doing so, it rewards the use of ENERGY to charge the illusion in spite of the physical being.

One may claim that a person is 'naturally talented' in a given subject.  Interestingly though, this argument falls on its face, as the education system does not investigate or consider the starting point of how a student became 'naturally good' or adept in a given subject. 

- Did he/she desire to be seen as better than others?  If so, then that is ego/mind/energy based, as seeing oneself as 'better than' the physical, and thus spiteful.

- Did he/she see the subject as an opportunity to get revenge on others, through leveraging education to get a high value/grade, and thus use this valuation to justify living a life of greed and self interest?  If so, then that is ego/mind/energy based, as seeing oneself as 'better than' the physical, and thus spiteful.

- Did the student simply want to help all of humanity?  If so, then what a great tragedy that this student is still subject to a system of control and bureaucracy, and therefore will not be able to use his/her 'talents' to their full capacity.

How can society and the education system pass out judgements as grades and valuations, without considering the STARTING POINT of why a person is, or is not, adept at a certain subject?  Why is it that society and the education system actually rewards SPITEFULNESS?  The system would defend itself by saying 'there is no way to know a persons intentions'.

That defense is unacceptable, and can only have one possible reason - the system itself, as all of humanity collectively - is irresponsible and spiteful.  That is why society and the education system rewards spite - because it is itself, spiteful by the illusion of free choice.  All choices have consequences that affect everyone.  Therefore Free choice does not support life, but supports SELF-INTEREST and abuse of Life!  Free choice supports FEAR as ENERGY and manipulation.  Free choice is not true freedom, but rather the opposite - complete ENSLAVEMENT to the system.

The only way to solve the oppression by society, the education system and the problems in our world is to stop free choice.  Each person must take self responsibility to support Equality of Life, so that all Life can be honored Equally, and each person can contribute to life in whatever way they are able.  If we do not value all Life as Equal, then we are deceiving ourselves, and there is no way we can stop the inevitable destruction of ourselves and our planet.  We need to all work together, to serve life in doing what is best for all! That is the only way... there is no other way.  Join Desteni, and take self-responsibility to change yourself, so that we can all stand together to change our world into a place worth living. 

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