Thursday, 28 June 2012

Day 61 - The Theory of Everything

Einstein searched for the illusive formula that would solve existence, but to no avail.  Yet interestingly, anyone can discover it for themselves because it is right here, as each one is able to realize self.  We have always been here, but the problem is that we have been constantly searching for ourselves - out there.  The other aspect of the problem is that, through that constant searching for ourselves, we have created a big mess.  So in order to get out of that mess, we have to walk a process of self-realization through time.

Time is merely a measurement.  Time only exists in the mind, it is not a physical object.  The universe does not keep time - humans keep time, and hold it as an imaginary value to try and cope with and understand our universe.  Think about it - What purpose does time serve, other than to tell us when we HAVE to be at work?  If all humans simply lived for the collective good, as what is best for all, then time would be absolutely unnecessary, and everything would be common sense in supporting life.  But no, because we humans invented fear, and are thus irresponsible and spiteful to life, as the physical, we have created this false idea of time in which we have enslaved ourselves - through consciousness.

To try and understand the universe using a limited, one dimensional tool such as time, is like trying to catch a fish with your nose.  So why do scientists constantly use the factor of time in equations?  Sometimes it is, or can be for practical purposes, however, the fact that this simple realization is not widely understood by everyone is evidence of widespread deception. 

Why does science constantly promote their "intelligence" through propagating information, such as the idea that the universe is 13 billion years old?  Of what practical use is that information - in a world full of abuse and suffering?  None whatsoever.  Are humans are dumb enough to think that our technology is going to enable us to colonize the universe?  Seriously?  For what, so we can consume and trash other planets as we have done to earth, as the abomination to life that we are?  Yet still, humans are mystified by knowledge, and it sells many books and magazines.

If we look at quantum entanglement, where a jug of water is divided into 2 jugs and one jug is placed a far distance away from the other.  When the water molecules are structured in one jug, the other jugs water molecules INSTANTLY reflect the the change.  This phenomena proves that space - as distance and time - is not at all what we have been taught to believe.  Particles are in direct relationship to eachother, regardless of 'time' or 'spacial distance'. It is thus assumed that the entire universe is entirely entangled.

From a physics perspective, we must also take into consideration 'the measurement problem' - Where an atom only appears in a particular place, if you measure it.  An atom is spread out all over the place, until a conscious observer decides to look at it.  In other words, the act of observation creates the entire universe.   The actual problem is that of perception, as seeing self as separate from ones reality.

So what?  Well, if this is in fact the case, then the choices that are made by each being, which are based on relationships as false perceptions of reality - DIRECTLY affect everyone else, and in so create severe and horrible consequences that impact everyone.  The hitch, is that some are aware of this system of perceptions that dictates our reality, and so, spitefully use the system to manipulate the conscious mind of the masses into submission to the idea that - fear and spite is the inherent nature of existence, and thus cannot be changed.

This is absolutely not true, because we can see within ourselves that we can change and transcend fear through self-forgiveness, and understanding of the starting point of how the fear was created in the first place.  The problem is, most people are so consumed with fear, they just want to exist in their blissful ignorance, willing to accept the lie, as long as they can keep their temporary comfort - even at the expense of others.  This in ignorance of the fact that the universe is 'entangled', and so the choices that are created through ignorance are impacting not only others, but themselves as well, to grave consequence.  This self-compromise, or false contentment, is the evil of our existence, which must be exposed and stopped.

We are told in the Law of Thermal dynamics that Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  This 'law' is a limited idea, which quite typically does not take into account the inherent problem that energy feeds on the physical - converting matter into heat energy through friction.  Energy cannot exist without the physical as its source.  If all of the physical universe burns itself out, the heat would simply dissipate.

The problem with science, is that it tries to understand and define the universe in separation from self as the source of existence - hence no responsibility is necessary.  Scientists postulate ideas as if self is of no relevance whatsoever, thereby justifying free choice as 'do whatever you want, it doesn't matter anyway'.  Complete negligence.

For any formula or theory to be accurate, it must take into account all variables - Nothing can be omitted.  That is why the Equality equation - 1+1=2 - is the only trustworthy formula where we can 1 by 1 accumulate that which is best for all.... Because we have become so lost within ideas of science, separating ourselves from what is here - as selfishness and the desire for personal profit, that we have forgotten common sense.

Intelligence is non-existent, and those that claim to be intelligent, are actually complete fools, because they have not even realized, applied and understood the most basic formula of all - 1+1=2  to solve the most basic problems in our world.  Each person that realizes their responsibility to life, can change themselves, and so help to create a world that is best for all.  There is no excuse for self-denial, especially when the theory of everything is given to you on a golden platter.  Join the Desteni I Process and realize for yourself who you really are.

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