Saturday, 28 January 2017

Day 360

Jan 27

What I do (and do not do) is for others as well as myself.

I have been given a tremendous amount of support.

Part 2

Strengths - Supportive, Frank,

Weaknesses - Lack of Self Direction, Inferiority, Aversion, Distraction, Escapism, Dogma, Stagnation, Giving up, Self judgment, Misplaced Trust, Lack of Self Confidence, Uncertainty, Frustration,

Give attention to self creation

Part 1

Activity x last night. During the day I allowed myself to become charged. Looking at the point I see that there is a 'giving up' within myself, giving up on myself with the justification of me not having enough money. Quite lame when I think about it, however this is what I have allowed for a very long time in my life. Fear that I will not be able to be myself, I can remember from childhood. Fear of standing up to the projected reactions of others.

Referring to chess... You can't play if you don't win. Hoping for a good game.

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