Saturday, 28 January 2017

Day 353

Jan 20

The Goal must always remain within Awareness.

Feeling down. I feel grateful for having a productive day and a good meal, a nice walk, a chance to relax by myself.

I must stop defining and associating my feelings and emotions (as good or bad) in self interest. Stop the positive/negative charge associated with inner feelings so that I may move myself in the way that is best. Who knows what is good or bad? False definitions. Self Interest. Deception.

Bernard Quotes

Although process seem to be forever–it is in fact always one breath away from total change.

In the virus free mind I did statement as the ‘I am’ statements– I did that as me in the living flesh –creating me as the statements– no feelings, no faith, no belief — the total dedication to become those words as the living flesh.

This is the living word that is god — where you are the creator of yourself and not the creator of an illusion of energy and polarity of feelings and experiences.

The living flesh shows clearly what is best for all flesh.

Part 2

LETTING GO is a large part of dealing with energy... I realized that a LONG LONG time ago, yet I have not applied that technique within the application of thoughts/energy! That is like the umbilical cord to the mind. Realizing the Grasping, Attachment, Desire, birth/death rise/fall principle, ALL IS SUFFERING.

Let Go of Attachment to Illusion
Embrace Self in Forgiveness
Purifying Self so that We may Create what is Best For All Life

Part 1

Tiled my bathroom floor today. Had to push myself to create physical energy to do the work. I seem to be developing some belly fat. Need to work it off somehow.

Wake myself up.

Pull myself together

Find some kind of enjoyment.

Work towards goals.

Re Affirm goals

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear relationship so much that I prevented myself from facing the point, and instead chose isolation, where I chased after endless thoughts in hopes that one day it would be real.


The True Spirit of Life can only be Realized through Equality

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