Saturday, 28 January 2017

Day 359

Jan 26

Part 3

In a way, hid from having a 'love' relationship. Wondering if that is preventing me from connecting with myself

Examine things from multiple dimensions.

Time, Conscious, Sub conscious, Unconscious, Impermanence, Samsara (wheel of suffering), Self Interest, Equality,

Part 2

Feeling very Frustrated, Angry, Nihilistic, Doom, Negative... Guilt, Shame, Regret, Embarrassment, etc. Don't take it personally.

Part 1

Side note: When I was younger I told my parents that I wanted to be a rockstar.

There were a bunch of rock stars and I in this parking garage. It was some kind of party and I was singing the song Cryin with Steven Tyler. There was a lot of excitement and I was putting all of my effort into singing. It was a blast - even though neither of us could remember the words properly, for which I was rather embarrassed.

Self Honesty - Our primary relationship with Self - To be One with Self - Thereby enabling Self to see from all perspectives so that one may assist, support, care for, understand, realize, encourage, motivate, inspire, strengthen, and accept the physical Self in all ways. To be physical, as One opposed to physical and mental as duality.

Remove ALL Limitations for investigative purposes

Networking - Enables growth

Perspective on Suffering - it is a gift within the sense that it allows us to become more aware of our mortality, thus we can Appreciate what time we are given, and simultaneously realize that we are not in the physical reality forever - thus use our time effectively.

I tried to see the bigger picture early in my life, and I did so in as much as I had the capacity to do so, hence religion where I assumed god to be the solution, where if all stood with god, then all problems would be easily resolved... which is accurate, yet not the entire story. I did not realize (or did not see, neglected, denied) my responsibility to myself, and that is a point of regret. Will I ever get over regret? I see that I have to accept what is in the past and use it as guidance for myself.

Result of perceived failure, humiliation. Forgive and Let Go of past.

Breathe and Push to Birth Self as Life in the physical.

Frustration is Grasping - Suffering

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