Saturday, 28 January 2017

Day 344

Jan 10

What is fueling my desire? Understanding/defining self expression

Is it the feeling that you are controlling someone?

Am I trying to control or manipulate others? On an unconscious level

Desiring an experience? Consciously

Is it necessary?

What is the outcome?

Fulfillment of what? Responsibility, Physical Movement, Exploring the Gift of Expression, Breathing Exercises, Discipline, Physical Directive, Fun, Facing Ego as Suppression.

Getting in shape

Taking my life back

Reversing the Interpretation mechanism
TranceMusicDrummingMixSoundsWolfhowl Nature Crows Music Creation Software
Create a drumming dance circle/group
Art Keep it Loose
The Prophecy and Allegory of JRRTolkiens The Lord of the Rings Blog
Creating Self Worth - Birthing Self in the Physical - Push, Pain

Word: Sloth

Procrastination leading to suppression, abdication of self, regret as fuel for ego/revenge. Fear of taking responsibility, fear of self (Inferiority/Superiority) complexes.

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