Saturday, 28 January 2017

Day 352

Jan 18

Part 3

Problem - Money
Solution - Get work

Problem - Discouragement
Solution - Realign with Goals (Visualization and exploring options)

Problem - Abandonment
Solution - Blame

Problem - Hopeless
Solution - Set a Small Goal

Problem - Dogma
Solution - Let go of knowledge, apply in the physical

Problem - Doubt
Solution - Learn to Trust the Process

Problem - Shame
Solution - Laughter

Problem - Over eating
Solution - Busy

Problem - Lust
Solution - Slow down, Alignment

Problem - Uncertainty
Solution - Alignment

Problem - Misunderstanding
Solution - Act from the correct understanding

Problem - Will Power
Solution - Simplify

Problem - Anguish
Solution -

Part 2


I was with a large group of family. There were horses and camels owned by our family. I took a camel out swimming in the water. Once I got the camel out into deeper water, I let it go and it swam away. When I got back to shore, I saw it walking up on the other shore with the saddle on its back. I felt terrible about letting the camel go. Others knew that I had let the camel go as well. Part 2 of the dream. I was at a large rodeo barbecue again with family. There were races and I had numbers taped onto me, on my back, front, legs, arms, and feet. There was a race to get back to the cars, and everyone was excited to get back. I took a wrong path and was stopped by some kid who was standing at a gate with a fairly large crowd in the rafters behind him. He told me I had to remove all of my numbers before I could pass through the area. I took off all the numbers and put them in my cart. I eventually ended up in a car. There was a woman in the car with me who seemed happy to see me. I saw myself in the mirror - I had a big grin on my face, yet I seemed distorted and one eye was dark. The woman said she had something for me and proceeded to kiss me. Her lips felt very full, round, and it was exciting to kiss her.

The camel represents carrying too many burdens and problems on your shoulders.

Stop judging physical

Modern day Shaman Theme

Abandonment construct

Solution acting or pretending I have the solution as practice. Theater.

Djembe Networking Video.

Storytelling - Develop a story. Virtues. Awareness. Create Confidence. Trust issues.

Not understanding the scope of existence, how time works.

Problems to Solutions.

Part 1

Judgment is a result of the inferiority/superiority standpoint.

Oppression >> Dogma, hopelessness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be influenced by the dogma, mannerisms, personality types, and tenets of my ancestors.  

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