Saturday, 28 January 2017

Day 337

Jan 3

Dream 1

I was in some sort of university and there was great excitement as something major was happening. Then it was all dark as I was walking the hallways, I saw a large black man in a corner and he was carrying a dead baby. I avoided him, but then saw him again and he handed me the baby full of wounds and blood as he was telling me all the problems with the baby. It felt very real, and I did not want to take it so I gave it back and walked on. I recall he was explaining to a younger boy how the baby had so many problems with it and the younger boy was agreeing with him. I then came to an open area and met with the portal. We were talking and I put my arm around her and she felt uncomfortable as she explained that she bruised easily.

University - seeing myself as the whole, larger than just my physical, everyone in process, excitement

Large Black man - My past, Self abuse, taking advantage, justifying, self judgment, suppressing and killing the innocent child (life) within myself.

Younger black man - My future, listening to the LBM as my past, agreeing with him.

Dream 2

I was again in a university. There were a bunch of guys and we were exploring an underground parking lot which had been partially destroyed by flooding. It was still full of water, so everyone decided to jump in to go swimming and jumping off of the concrete bulkheads. I noticed that the water was tainted with chemicals and likely hazardous.

Tainted water - fearing consequences, state of consciousness

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