Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Day 205 - Is Freedom a Human Right?

To understand this, we must place the word Freedom into context. 'Freedom' as the vague and broad term often used is not a Human Right in itself, as many people have different definitions and interpretations of what Freedom actually means - predominantly that of being able to do 'whatever one wants' within the bounds of one's own moral judgement and/or financial capacity.  This is a fallacy and blatant dishonesty to say the least, as personal moralities are easily manipulated, changed, or adapted to suit ones situation or fears.

Example - Is Person A 'Free' to take a walk in the park?

This action would be dependent upon many factors, such as;

- What is the purpose/intent of the walk?  Is it for simple exercise, or perhaps Person A has something more sinister in mind?
- Does this person have responsibilities that must be taken care of before taking a walk?  Is there young children at home?  Was something left cooking on the stove unattended?

We can see that our current system is highly dependent on law enforcement to provide security and come to our rescue when help is needed. Yet this system is highly ineffective and altogether lacking the ability to stop the problem(s) at the source, for a number of reasons;

Primarily, the legal system is subject to a corrupt monetary system, therefore judgement is not based on justice, but rather on how much money one has access to in order to purchase bail, lawyers, witnesses, and/or judges decisions.  Not to mention the ingenuity on the part of wealthy corporations and/or individuals in the act of prevention of legal altercations, as well as the utilization of shady tactics such as bribery, or blackmail in order to fly under the radar of the legal system.

Secondly, our convoluted legal system cannot be traced to any one principle, or even a specific morality for that matter.  It is a dysfunctional conglomeration of ill-rooted protocols that only serves to protect the rich and/or the elite of this world.

Accountability should not be dependent on financial status, but rather absolute self-honesty, responsibility, and integrity.  Why do we abdicate and impose our responsibilities on law enforcement?  The only possible answer is that we desire more than our fair share, and fear for our own survival.  We fear being self-honest, as that would imply sharing the resources of the planet, and taking responsibility for ourselves and those around us.

Another Example - Is Business B 'Free' to conduct business?

What factors are involved in Business B's affairs, and how does it conduct business?

- What products are created, sold, consumed?  Are they best for all, or harmful for all?  (Ahem... Monsanto)
- What byproducts are created?  Does it produce chemicals that are bad for the environment (everyone), thus poisoning the earth?

We can see clearly that 'Freedom' - without specific context or foundational principles that serve the best interest of all - is nothing more than justified abuse by means of a linguistic and/or legal loophole.  This is the reason for tremendous abuse of Life on earth and therefore absolutely unacceptable.

Freedom must be clearly defined so that it can be traced back to determine if it in fact does or does not support the Equal Life Rights of All.  The Equal Life Foundation's Bill of Rights outlines each and every Human Right as being  accountable to actual Life principles, so that each and every person can see, realize and understand what it means to take Equal responsibility to support Life as Equals within our shared physical reality... Because None is Free until All is Free.

Know Your Rights.... And Stand For Them.

Equal Life Foundation page
Equal Life Foundation - Bill of Rights

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